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RUSH: Let’s go to the audio sound bites, ladies and gentlemen. The George Zimmerman trial. (interruption) Don’t roll your eyes in there, Snerdley. Not yet. There will be plenty of time to roll your eyes here coming up. We’re gonna go to the audio sound bites. This is the United States of America in 2013. This is probably an Obama voter. This is a classic example of a low-information citizen. Her name is Rachel Jeantel.

She’s a friend of Trayvon Martin’s. This is the murder trial of George Zimmerman. And Rachel Jeantel is who Trayvon Martin was talking to the night he was killed. She testified yesterday and is testifying again today. During the cross-examination, while asking what she knew about a possible arrest in the case, defense attorney Don West asked her this: “There wasn’t any talk at school? There wasn’t any talk at the wake?”

JEANTEL: Everybody was trying to forget about it.

(ATTORNEY) WEST: Nothing in the news that you heard?

(WITNESS) JEANTEL: I don’t watch the news. The only time I watch the news is for weather.

WEST: Had you seen any press conferences or any news whatsoever —

JEANTEL: I had told you, I don’t watch news!

WEST: — where his attorney spoke?

JEANTEL: I do not watch news!

RUSH: And we can believe it! We can certainly believe it. That’s a pretty convincing admission. “I had told you, I don’t watch the news,” except the weather. So this next sound bite, this is when Rachel Jeantel claims that Trayvon called Zimmerman a “creepy ass cracker.” During the cross-examination, Rachel Jeantel and Don West had this exchange…

JEANTEL: I had asked him how the man looked like. He looked like “a creepy-ass cracker.”

WEST: Okay. Let me make sure we got that. “Creepy…”

JEANTEL: … “ass cracker.”

WEST: … ass cracker.


WEST: Okay. Is that what you recall him saying?


WEST: Okay. And that to you mean like a — a white individual?


RUSH: The attorney said okay, “Let’s make sure we got that: ‘Creepy ass cracker.'” “That’s right.” “Okay. And that to you mean like a — a white individual?” “Yes.” So, “creepy ass cracker.” But she didn’t think it was “racial.” She didn’t think it was offensive. Don West and Rachel Jeantel continued after she admitted that Trayvon Martin referred to Zimmerman as a “creapy ass cracker.”

WEST: I don’t think that’s a racial comment?


WEST: You don’t think that “creepy ass cracker” is a racial comment?


WEST: You may not consider it a racial comment —


WEST: — but it’s essential offensive, isn’t it?


WEST: You don’t think calling someone a creepy ass cracker is offensive?


RUSH: No, of course not! It’s common parlance and statement of fact. Zimmerman was and is a “creepy ass cracker.” It’s a statement of fact. It’s not racial. It’s not offensive. Creepy ass cracker. She knows that she can’t say anything that’s offensive. It’s not gonna ever be judged as offensive. She’s permitted to say whatever she wants! Now, if Trayvon Martin had been referred to as a “crazy-ass” something else, that would have been big.

This may end up being big, I don’t know about the jury, but it’s a statement of fact. “He’s a creepy ass cracker! What do you mean, lawyer? Ain’t any big deal. It’s not racial. It’s not offensive. It’s a statement of fact. He’s a creepy ass cracker! Look at him. Look at you! You’re a creepy ass cracker, you lawyer! You’re a creepy ass cracker, asking me all these questions, you creepy ass!

“All of you are creepy ass crackers. Everybody in here is creepy ass crackers. The only reason I’m in here is ’cause you are all creepy ass crackers!” This is the prosecution’s star witness, folks. This is it. Rachel Jeantel. The exchange then continued. This is about a letter that she wrote. By the way, she’s 19 years old, and she can’t read cursive on a letter that she supposedly wrote herself. She can’t read it. That’s what this is about.

WEST: Are you unable to read that at all?

JEANTEL: Some I do not.

WEST: Can you read any of the words on it?

JEANTEL: I don’t understand cursive. I don’t read cursive.

WEST: Did you sign it at the bottom?


RUSH: She signed what she can’t read because she doesn’t understand cursive. Is there any more here? No, that’s it. That’s it from the Trayvon Martin trial. That’s all I have. “Creepy ass cracker” and can’t read “cursive,” but you signed it? “Yes.” Does the lawyer…? I’m just asking you, now: Does the lawyer sound like he’s putting pressure on her? Does the lawyer sound like he’s intimidating her? Does the lawyer sound like he is trying dominate her?

Does the lawyer sound like he’s lauding it over her? Does the lawyer sound like a “creepy ass cracker” that won’t leave her alone? (interruption) Yeah. They’re gonna call this guy a bully. Before this is all said and done, this lawyer — who is desperately trying to not to say anything. He desperately wants the witness’s testimony to speaks for itself, but he’s making sure. He’s asking her to repeat and he’s gonna end up being the bully. You wait and see. “Creepy ass cracker bully.” That’s what the lawyer is gonna be end up being here.


RUSH: We don’t have the bite right now, folks, but the star witness in the George Zimmerman trial, Rachel Jeantel, said on the stand yesterday that she thought… I think it was yesterday it happened, but it might have been this morning. I’m not sure. But she said that she thought that the “creepy ass cracker” was going to rape Trayvon Martin. That’s what she thought when this happened. She said, “That creepy ass cracker was gonna rape Trayvon Martin.”

She’s really having some problems with the truth on the witness stand. But it’s impossible, folks, to say anymore with juries after the OJ trial and so forth. In normal circumstances, you’d have to say that if this is the best the prosecution has, it really isn’t gonna be much of a case here. But you can’t say that. You can’t say that because all this is taking place in a low-information courtroom.


RUSH: Wait a minute. You have got to be pulling my chain. Who asked her that? Are you kidding me? One of the lawyers is asking Rachel Jeantel, who is the star witness for the prosecution in the Zimmerman trial, if she speaks English at home? What does that mean? She’s not speaking English in court? (interruption) They’re giving the what hi…? (interruption) Oh. Okay. (interruption) There’s Creole. Well, then why didn’t you tell me? Okay, there’s Creole spoken at home.

She can’t read cursive. Even though she signed her letter, she can’t read cursive. So she doesn’t know what it says, but she signed it. There’s Creole spoken in her house. She was born in Miami. So they just asked her on the stand if she speaks English in her home. Now, if all you knew is the sound bites that we had played for you today where he was George Zimmerman was “a crazy ass cracker,” and, “Do you speak English in your home?”

What the hell?

Okay, so it’s a question that Creole is spoken and they’re asking this.

Well, I still want to get the context for that.

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