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RUSH: Dr. Mehmet Oz with Piers Morgan last night. James Gandolfini’s last meal did him in!

OZ: What you last ate — ’cause often your last meal is truly the last meal. It turns out that fatty foods spasm, they literally close down the arteries of the heart, ahh, and that’s a problem because if you already have a problem there and they spasm a little bit you don’t have any blood going to the heart. Without that life-sustaining juice, you have a heart attack!

RUSH: Now, the Gandolfini last meal was reported in the New York Post. The eight adult beverages, the pina coladas — while in Italy, by the way. Pina coladas in Italy and the double orders of fried king prawns and foie gras and all that. Then there were stories later saying, “Wait, they didn’t eat all that!” Other people followed those stories saying, “Ah, yes. It is true. They’re just trying to play cover-up now. That is what he had to eat. The hotel is just trying to save its reputation by having whoever reported that be discredited, but it’s true.”

So now it’s accepted that Gandolfini’s last meal killed him, and Dr. Oz wasn’t finished: Now, what happened? He had a big meal. You did something. You strained on the toilet! Something happened that the plaque ruptured. Now you’re starting to build the plaque, you’re literally building up a clot over… A scab! And that… What you just witnessed — BOOM! — is the leading cause of death in America. That’s what we’re talking about with sudden heart attacks, and that plaque that I’m showing in this animation is present in a lot of folks who can hear my voice right now. The question is, “Will it rupture in you? Are you gonna eat the wrong thing tonight?”

OZ: I have a little animation that I think is probably a pretty accurate rendition of what actually happened when he was in had a hotel room. So he goes to the bathroom; his blood pressure drops. There’s his heart. Let’s go to that major vessel inside of the heart that brings life-sustaining blood to the heart. That little plaque. You see that yellowish thing? That starts when you’re 18 years of age! And it ruptured!

RUSH: See? This is how it’s done. “Are you going to eat the wrong thing tonight?” I mean, this is just classic. This is just… (interruption) What do you mean, “We were right?” Who is “we”? Who are you talking about, you vegetarians? (interruption) Oh, yeah, the vegetarians were right. Yeah, right. Well, we learn something new now, that in addition to the last meal Gandolfini had, we all want to know, “He went to the bathroom, to do what?” Nobody reported.

Well, Dr. Oz just took care of that.

He went in the bathroomand started straining. We know what that means. So it wasn’t just his last meal. I can’t believe what they’re doing to this poor guy! His last meal killed him, but it wasn’t just that (groans), which takes us to this sound bite. It’s somewhat related. This was last night on Current TV’s Joy Behar Show. Now, nobody watches this, which is why I’m gonna play this sound bite. This is Algore’s old network. Joy Behar was talking to Jonathan Alter about his new book — The Center Holds: Obama and His Enemies — and they were talking about a “secret meeting” that took place at Roger Ailes’ house with Chris Christie, a meeting that I was at. This is Alter and Joy Behar discussing it…

ALTER: (whispering) In 2011 —

MAUDE: Ah-hah!

ALTER: — they were up at Ailes’ house. Rush Limbaugh flew in. They had a number of other conservatives.

MAUDE: Oh, Rush Limbaugh!

ALTER: The point of the meeting was to talk Chris Christie into running for president. They didn’t like Romney particularly, and they — they wanted Christie, this group. And at a certain point Christie’s explaining his various reasons why he doesn’t want to run: Family reasons, some reasons that relate to state business —

MAUDE: Yeah!

ALTER: — and he says, “Besides, guys, I like going to Burger King, okay?”

MAUDE: What does that mean?

ALTER: And he kind of said it —

MAUDE: That he wants to stay fat?

ALTER: “I’m not gonna lose the weight. I’m not gonna lose the weight.”

MAUDE: Not gonna lose the weight! Aw!

ALTER: So now that he’s running for 2016, he’s gonna lose — he’s gonna lose the weight. He already is.

MAUDE: Mmm-hmm.

ALTER: But you could hear a pin drop at the meeting, because they didn’t think it was funny.

RUSH: I don’t remember it! Now, at this “secret meeting,” there were a number of people. Well, maybe there were two things going on, and I wasn’t included in one of them, but I don’t remember any, “Come on, Chris! Come on, man! Pull the trigger! You gotta run! You gotta run!” I don’t remember that, and I certainly don’t remember Chris Christie saying he didn’t want to run because he wanted to keep eating at Burger King. (laughing) If I woulda heard him say that, I would have already told you about it.

I would have told you about it in the lighthearted, jocular, laughing way that he would have intended it. But at no time do I remember it being so quiet. It’s not possible with me, Ailes, and Christie there. It’s never gonna be quiet enough to hear a pin drop in a meeting like that. So I just wanted to do what I can here to set the record straight. But you see? It flows: Gandolfini, last meal, pina coladas, fried prawns, bathroom, dead! Chris Christie doesn’t want to stop eating at Burger King. This is how it all ties together and works.

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