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RUSH: Folks, for those of you who are new listeners, my wife Kathryn and I have these sweepstakes every so often for our little company, Two If By Tea. And we really, truly look forward to calling the winners — which we hope is you; we wish everybody could win — to tell you that you’re the latest and greatest winner of one of our Two If By Tea sweepstakes. Because every winner that we speak to, everyone that we meet in person? It’s amazing. They’re all just class acts, just classy people.

It’s a testament to you, it’s a testament to this audience, the people that make this country work, that make it the country that we know and love. I can’t tell you what an honor it is to have people like you, like that, in this audience. And you can see, if you want, pictures of previous winners at our website, TwoIfByTea.com. It’s under the Tea the People tab. (“We, the people,” “Tea the People.”)

Now, honestly, this is one of the reasons that we launched our small business two years ago. In addition to creating jobs here in America, manufacturing in the US, we wanted to be able to have some fun with you, offering prizes, unique vacations, and hopefully create some special memories. At the same time, we’re offering you the best damn iced tea in this country. If you haven’t tried it, you really should. It’s better than anything you’re gonna get.

Now, you could be the next winner that Kathryn and I call. If you’re driving around with a broken air-conditioner and listening to me — or your car could use new tires or you know somebody that really has a clunker and could use a new ride — well, that can be fixed. This could be your lucky day. Because the grand prize winner of our best sweepstakes yet is gonna get a brand-new, luxury Jeep Patriot.

It’s a fully equipped, all-weather drive Jeep Patriot SUV with an eye-catching exterior and very comfortably, beautifully laid out interior. Folks, what better way to celebrate American independence and all the patriots that fought and continue to fight to make this country phenomenal? A brand-new Jeep Patriot SUV. We know that gas and insurance can be expensive, so guess what?

We’re throwing in $1500 in credit toward whatever — gasoline, insurance — because we don’t want what we give away to cost anybody any money. So here’s the deal. Right now, through tomorrow (Friday), at 11:59 p.m. Pacific, simply shop at TwoIfByTea.com to be automatically entered to win. That’s it! You simply shop at TwoIfByTea.com for the best damn tea in this country, and you’re automatically entered to win.

All official rules are clearly posted there.

Now, we don’t slouch, folks. We are known for classy sweepstakes prizes. In addition to the grand prize winner, there will be an additional nine other winners. We call ’em the first place winners. They get $1500 worth of the best, the most tender and delicious steaks and hot dogs and hamburgers in the country from my favorite, Allen Brothers. I’ve raved about Allen Brothers before. I continue to rave about ’em, and you will have the best summer barbecue in town.

Now, in addition to some other cool prizes, you can’t go wrong. We got the best Jeep Patriot in the country, we got the best Allen Brothers in the country, and the best iced tea in the country, and we have the best customer base in the country. And guess what? You probably know (you may not know if you’re a new listener) that Two If By Tea is a proud sponsor of the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation. This is a great group.

They provide scholarships and financial assistance to the kids, to the children of fallen heroes. Many of you in this audience are current and former military, and we remain eternally grateful to all of you. So remember, the new Jeep Patriot is the grand prize, and if you want, you can gift it to the person of your choice, if you have one and don’t need it and you happen to win? I mean, it’s a stretch, but if you want to give it away, you can.

So right now through tomorrow (Friday) at 11:59 p.m. Pacific, just shop at TwoIfByTea.com to be automatically entered to win. And of course, good luck. We hope that you are the one that we call. ‘Cause every time we call and tell ’em who it is, they don’t believe it. Then they ask us to call back and leave a message on their voice mail so that they can prove to people that it was us who called. It’s just fun.

TwoIfByTea.com is the website.

All the rules, all the details are there. Remember, orger by 11:59 Pacific tomorrow (Friday) night. Just shop at TwoIfByTea.com and you’re automatically entered to win.

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