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RUSH: Vice President Bite Me is out there trying to pick up the slack for President Obama. President Obama has abandoned the campaign trail, thereby putting in jeopardy the idea that he is unaware of all these things going on and is campaigning against them. In Washington, the White House South Court Auditorium, Vice President Bite Me delivered remarks on reducing “gun violence.” We have two sound bites. Number one here…

BIDEN: (whispering) Ladies and gentlemen, since Newtown, more people have died at the end of a gun than we have lost in (dramatic pause) Afghanistan — pretty astounding, pretty astounding — and Iraq as a matter of fact. Over 5,000. It’s no way to run a country.

RUSH: (imitating Biden’s whispering) And where are most of these shootings happening, Vice President Biden? Aren’t they in places run by people in your party, like in Chicago and Washington, DC, where you happen to be? Uh, where are, uh, most of these gun, uh, uhhh, acts of violence taking place, uh, that are outnumbering the, uh, combined deaths in, uh, Afghanistan and Iraq that’s “pretty astounding.” Who’s running things where these shootings are taking place, huh?

(speaking normally) And don’t these places have the strictest gun control laws already in the country? It’s a heck of a way to run a city, heck of a way to run a state, heck of a way to run a district. ‘Cause Obama’s not on the campaign trail, so they gotta send Bite Me out there. Gotta send Bite Me out there ’cause, of course, this gun violence can’t be anything to do with them.

(imitating Biden’s whispering) Mr., uh, Vice President, you know, since Newtown, uh, how many — how many existing gun laws are not even being enforced? Have you guys, uh, ever thought about endorsing the laws we already have on guns and gun crimes? It’s may be just me, but just enforcing those laws would help. Kind of like immigration, Mr. Vice President. Maybe we just enforce the laws we’ve got, instead of saying we’ve lost control.

(speaking normally) Here’s the second Bite Me bite.

BIDEN: (whispering) No matter how long it takes, we’re determined to do sumthin’ about it. Let me close by thanking my colleagues in the administration and my friends in the Congress for, uh, not giving up on this. We got a majority, but not the supermajority needed. We will get it. We will be back.

RUSH: (imitating Biden’s whispering) “We’re gonna get your guns. (big sigh) We gotta win in 2014. We gotta pick up the House 2014. Hey, Chuck! Hey, Chuck! Stand up, Chuck, let ’em see you! Oh, God bless you, guy. Chuck can’t stand up. What am I talking about? Poor Chuck. Chuck’s in a wheelchair. Let’s all stand up for Chuck. Chuck, nobody’s gonna pull a gun on you, buddy! We’re gonna make sure doesn’t happen. We’re gonna get that supermajority, 24, we’re gonna get those guns! We’re gonna make it happen. We will be back.”

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