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RUSH: No, no, no. I have not forgotten. I mentioned in the first hour of the program that as part of our new plan to have outreach to low-information voters, that we would have the latest on the happy birth of the child of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. And here is the latest news that we have from ABC’s Good Morning America.

REPORTER: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s new daughter was born late Saturday, reportedly five weeks early, but healthy. Kim’s sister Khloe tweeting: “I cannot even begin to describe the miracle that is now a part of our family.” Overnight E News, the TV home of the Kardashians’ reality shows, reported the new bundle of joy weighs under five pounds, has dark hair, and may even have a name beginning with a K. While the 32-year-old has stayed mum about her new daughter so far, on Sunday Kardashian posted this message on her website: “To all the fathers out there, happy Father’s Day, and to all the baby daddies out there, you are loved.”

RUSH: What’s the difference in a father and a baby daddy, Snerdley? Because Kim Kardashian posted messages to both: “To all the fathers out there, happy Father’s Day, to all the baby daddies, you are loved.” The wedding ring. That’s it. You’re right. The difference between a father and a baby daddy is the wedding ring. Exactly right.

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