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RUSH: Now, here’s the George Will sound bite, by the way, on immigration. I was unaware of this, and again, others may have said this. I missed it. I’m not trying to not credit anybody. This just the first I ran across, and I didn’t even see it. I saw it in a summary last night of the Sunday shows. It was on This Week during the roundtable discussion.

WILL: The question of border security is now tangled up with the IRS and the Justice Department and the general pervasive distrust of the executive branch, because what the bill says is, the executive branch will certify if the border is secure. I don’t believe that the Republicans in Congress are gonna take that. They’re gonna vote for a bill or against a bill whether or not it has Congress shall certify, not the executive branch, ’cause no one trusts the executive branch anymore.

RUSH: I had not heard that line of thinking from anybody, that this immigration bill will be determined by that: who has ultimate authority over border security. Will’s opinion is that the Republicans are not going to approve of something that turns border security over to the executive branch, because they don’t do anything right anymore. If that were the reason for not voting for legislation, I don’t know how the House could be voting for anything, because the executive branch, he’s right, nobody trusts — well, that’s not true. A lot of people do trust. Miss Alabama trusts the executive branch. Miss Utah trusts the executive branch. And a lot of low-information people trust the executive branch. But Will says that Congress doesn’t, and if it doesn’t say in the bill that Congress will certify that the border is secure, then they’re not gonna vote. I just haven’t heard that. It’s interesting.

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