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RUSH: We have the NSA. We have the IRS. We got Benghazi. We got Syria. We got all kinds of stuff. And let me tell you what’s really important in the mainstream news. Audio sound bite number one. This is it. We have a montage of CBS, Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, all kinds of talk shows all day yesterday. This is the big news in America yesterday and last night.

JULIE CHEN: Are Kim and Kanye in crisis? A curvy model claims KimÂ’s baby daddy Kanye West cheated on Kim.

MARIO LOPEZ: Kanye caught cheating on Kim?

NANCY O’DELL: Did Kanye cheat on pregnant Kim?

THEA ANDREWS: Did Kanye cheat on pregnant Kim?

SHAUN ROBINSON: Did Kanye cheat on Kim?

BILLY BUSH: Did Kanye cheat on Kim?

WHOOPI GOLDBERG: A 24-year-old model is claiming she had an affair with Kanye West while Kim Kardashian was pregnant.

WENDY WILLIAMS: Her name is Leyla. She’s swirly and good though, right? (laughter) Okay, so Leyla is claiming that she had sex with Kanye…


WILLIAMS: …while Kim was pregnant.


WILLIAMS: Allegedly they had sex on two different occasions.


WILLIAMS: And Kanye even tried to meet up with her as recent as last week.

RUSH: Yeah. That’s it, folks, Kanye cheating on Kimmy while Kimmy is carrying Kanye’s sperm. That was the big news all over American television yesterday and last night. That was what mattered to low-information America. But it wasn’t just those cheesy shows. Let’s go to ABC’s World News Tonight. You want to hear the lead story on ABC’s World News Tonight last night?

SAWYER: Good evening. We begin with a severe storm rolling across the nation right now. Weather experts putting out a kind of all points bulletin. One in five Americans in the path of what could become a weather phenomenon called a derecho, a 240-mile stretch of wicked wind.

RUSH: That was what led the ABC World News Tonight last night, and then, after reporting on a line of thunderstorms, the ABC reporter then demonstrates to Diane Sawyer how to duck-and-cover in your car if you are caught in a thunderstorm.

SAWYER: Ginger, I know you said that people should stay indoors, but what’s your defense if you’re caught and you’re caught outside?

GINGER ZEE: Right. Well, we want everyone to be in shelter always, but if you’re outside, if you’re in your car, say, you want to be inside the car, put yourself there, and seat belt, of course, put that on. We want to put the head down, the flashers on, and cover your head from debris. So that’s the best. But, again if you can get to shelter, please do.

RUSH: We’re talking here, folks, the lead story on ABC’s World News Tonight, what in the name of Sam Hill to do if you’re in your car and it starts raining. Not even a blizzard. Now it’s a thunderstorm that creates the lead news item on ABC’s World News Tonight, and, lo and behold, the danger you face if you’re in your car when it starts raining. Make sure you turn on those flashers. Make sure you cover your head. The roof might not provide enough protection. And the windshield might not provide enough protection. Make sure you cover your head from the debris. And make sure before you do this you pull off to the side of the road so you don’t drive where you can’t see where you’re going. The lead item on ABC’s World News Tonight.

So, as far as who knows how many millions of Americans are concerned, Kanye West is cheating on Kimmy. Kimmy’s father, Bruce Jenner, is upset that Kanye isn’t around much. Now we know why. He’s out riding dirty, in the words of Reverend Wright. And now it’s raining over 240 square miles of America, and it’s the lead story on ABC’s World News Tonight. Let’s go to NBC. The NBC Nightly News, a portion of chief foreign affairs correspondent Andrea Mitchell, NBC News, Washington, reporting about Senator Mikulski, who responded to a Twitter post during a Senate Appropriations Committee hearing.

MITCHELL: In a social media first for any Senate hearing, Committee chair Barbara Mikulski denied she was cutting off questioning, in response to a tweet from BuzzFeed’s Rosie Gray sitting across the room.

MIKULSKI: I want to respond to a tweet about me from Rosie Gray. There is no attempt here to muzzle, stifle any Senator. So, Rosie, it’s an open hearing. Hi. Look forward to keeping in touch.

MITCHELL: That’s @SenatorBarb.

RUSH: They had a hearing on the NSA listening to your phone calls and reading your e-mails. That is what made the NBC Nightly News. Mikulski pausing the hearing to deal with a tweet that she got from somebody named Rosie Gray at BuzzFeed.

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