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RUSH: Jacksonville, Florida, and this is James. It’s great to have you on the EIB Network, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Two reasons why it’s critical for America that we go through the impeachment process. First reason is, the IRS profiling of conservatives and Christians was intentional voter suppression, and that’s a constitutional legacy for our kids. It’s something we inherited, and it’s something we owe to our children. But, Rush, the second most important reason is, Obama left two SEALs to die in the dirt in Benghazi. And they were sitting there for six hours. There was military that was ready, willing, and able to rescue them, and they didn’t. And, Rush, if we don’t at least go through this process for America of impeachment, we’re really leaving them to die in the dirt also.

RUSH: Well, let me play devil’s advocate with you for a moment, because I understand what you’re saying. We have got to take action that alerts and advises the American people what’s gone on, and we must plant the flag. You’re essentially asking us to plant the flag and say, “This who we are, this what we stand for, and this what America is,” right?


RUSH: On the other side of this, I want your thoughts on this. I’ll just ask. On the other side of this, out there we have low-information voters. We have white voters laden with guilt who support Obama and will never not support him simply because he’s the first African-American president. In the process, the Democrats see all of this, and they label the Republicans as all these horrible, rotten names, mean-spirited. They can’t win in the arena of ideas so they gotta go out and try to get rid of our poor great young president. What do you think the political ramifications for opposition politicians to Obama and the Democrat Party would be if this were to happen?

CALLER: Well, you know, I would defer to our leadership, the Republican leadership, as to whether they do it, you know, whether this is before or after the reaction, but, Rush, we can’t go quietly into the night here. I mean, what happened to our guys in Benghazi has gotta be answered and to put up with the response of, “What difference does it make?” It makes a huge difference. And, you know, Rush? We may not win this fight. It may be that the House impeaches him and he gets off in the Senate, which is what happened with President Clinton, but we got to go through the process. It’s more about us as Americans than it is about Obama. We’ve got to go through this process.

RUSH: Well, without saying yes or no, up or down, pro or con, I just want to tell you that in terms of a wild guess as to whether or not this would happen, the Republicans think that they are still paying the price for impeaching Clinton. They think they are still paying a political price. And if you want to understand, for example, why — Lindsey Graham, do you remember him? He was one of the House managers who presented one of the cases against Clinton in the trial, in the Senate. And look what’s happened to him as a result? He has done everything he can to erase everybody’s memory of that.

The Republicans think that the budget battle of ’95 and the impeachment of Clinton, because they — now, in fairness, all of the optics in the impeachment of Clinton, the whole thing was misplayed, and the people, the low-information crowd, the voters literally thought that the Republicans sought to impeach Clinton ’cause he had sex with Lewinsky, and that’s not what it was about. It was about a sitting president lying under oath during grand jury testimony. Arguably the nation’s number one law enforcement official. The president of the United States lying under oath, he was disbarred. He was sanctioned for this. But the impeachment was thought to be because he was getting Lewinskyed in the Oval Office. And there aren’t too many Americans who think they should lose their jobs for that, so why should Clinton?

Any impeachment that occurs is gonna have to be correctly stated. It’s an interesting thought. I know what you’re saying. We gotta plant the flag. America and what it stands for and what we’re devoted to has got to be stated, particularly in these times. We can’t just —


No. I know what he’s saying. Look, we can’t just not do this or not do that ’cause the low-information voters aren’t gonna understand it. We can’t do this or can’t do that because of political ramifications. There are certain things that triumph or that rise above politics. That’s what the caller is saying. But remember, he also deferred to the leadership when it comes time to the rubber hitting the road, “Well, leave it up to the leadership to figure out how to do it.” Well, it ain’t happening if you’re doing that. They didn’t call witnesses. They weren’t serious about it at all during the Clinton impeachment. They went through the process for the exact purpose the caller is suggesting, by the way.


RUSH: I mentioned Liz Sidoti, the AP political editor. “With Big Promises Often Come Big Failures.” This is a piece on Obama and the trouble that he’s in. For AP, it is a hard-hitting Obama column. “If he can’t convince the American people that they can trust him, he could end up damaging the legacy he has worked so hard to control and shape — and be remembered, even by those who once supported him, as the very opposite of the different type of leader he promised to be.” That’s a pull quote from the Liz Sidoti piece. But just to show you how out of touch she is, she also wrote this paragraph.

“If the controversies drag on, morale across America could end up taking a huge hit, just when the mood seems to be improving along with an economic uptick. Or, Americans could end up buying Obama’s arguments that safety sometimes trumps privacy, that his administration is taking action on the IRS, and that he’s doing the best he can to forge bipartisan compromise when Republicans are obstructing progress.”

I mean, how outta touch do you have to be to write that? America’s morale could end up taking a huge hit? That happened about four years ago. The morale has not had an uptick yet. There isn’t any real economic uptick. There’s not an economic uptick that everybody senses and feels and thinks, “You know, we’re coming out of this.” That’s not happening. And then they might end up buying Obama’s arguments that he’s taking action on the IRS. He’s gonna get to the bottom of this, as though he’s got nothing to do with it, Limbaugh Theorem, right there.

And then she writes, “Obama has waning opportunities to turn it around. He’s halfway through his fifth year, and with midterm elections next fall, there’s no time to waste.”
See, I think all this is a misapplied focus. And, granted, his acolytes in the media, they’re worried, ’cause they’re looking at this through the prism of conventional wisdom, because they know that were it any other president he would have been in deep doo-doo long ago. They know that it is so bad, that he is living in their world of conventional wisdom on borrowed time. And so they’re actually wondering how in the world he has managed to skate by with all this damage to the economy.

None of his agenda is supported by a majority of the American people. So Liz here is obviously unaware of the — not the existence of the Limbaugh Theorem. She’s unaware of the actual theorem itself. She’s unaware of why Obama’s untouched. But, again, I’m gonna sound like a broken record here, but I think the focus, at least for us folks, needs to be not on Obama. I share this stuff with you only because I think it’s fun and it’s interesting to see the media starting to get worried. But Obama, at this point, is not the focus. Wherever you would say Obama, say liberals or Democrats or whatever, because it’s one and the same.

And going forward, you know, the object here of persuading Americans, it’s not gonna happen. You’re not gonna talk people against Obama. Too many factors that stand in the way of that. But you can persuade people that Democrats are a problem. You can persuade people that liberalism isn’t good for them. You can persuade people to vote against the Democrat Party. You can persuade people to vote against individual Democrats, or the Democrat Party at large. But there’s no point in trying to get people to disavow their support for Obama right now. That isn’t gonna happen.


RUSH: Diane in Austin, Texas, I’m glad you called. Great to have you on the program. Hi.

CALLER: Thanks, Rush. I really appreciate it. I appreciate you.

RUSH: Thank you very much.

CALLER: I just wanted to put in my two cents about the impeachment thing. I think it’s the worst thing we could do as conservatives, to even talk about it. I think we just got to get off the Obama thing because it’s got to be the worst thing we can do. Let’s just get on to the Democrats, let’s just get on —

RUSH: Yeah, I agree. She’s reacting, folks — Diane, thanks very much. We had a caller in the first hour who thinks for the sake of the country, we have to state who we are. We have to plant the flag and tell everybody who we are, what we stand for, and what we will not tolerate. And for that reason we need to begin impeachment proceedings against Obama, and that’s what Diane’s reacting to. Politically it would be disaster because it isn’t gonna happen, ain’t gonna go anywhere. It doesn’t have a chance, and Obama, folks, as much as you don’t want to hear it, he should not be the focus, at least in terms of persuading people.

It’s got to be the Democrat Party and the ideology, liberalism, socialism, because all of this that’s happening can be tied directly to a political party. Obama needs allies for this to happen, and he’s got them. This is what happens, and you can point it out city by city where liberals have run the place unchecked. You see literal ghost towns. You see bulldozed Third World type locations, and this is linked to a particular political party, and that I think is where attention needs to be focused. I agree with you, Diane. I’m glad you called.

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