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RUSH: This afternoon on CNN’s Newsroom, this is after Obama’s remarks. In fact, Mike, before that, grab 25. I told you this happened, but I want you to actually hear it. This is the opening of Obama’s presser or whatever it was. I guess this is San Jose, it says. He walked to the podium… Well, here. You listen.

OBAMA: There’s only one problem, and that is that my remarks are not sitting here.

FOLLOWERS: (guffawing)

OBAMA: People! Y’know, things — by — by — on — by Friday, uh, afternoon, things get a little, uh — a little challenged. Uh… I’m gonna have a, uh, uh, uh… I’m gonna answer a question, ummm, at the end of the remarks, but I want to make sure, um, that we get the remarks up. People! Oh, goodness.

FOLLOWERS: (laughing)

LACKEY: (sound of a pratfall)

OBAMA: Oh! Somebody’s trippin’!

FOLLOWERS: (laughing)

OBAMA: I mean… Folks are — folks are sweating back there right now.

FOLLOWERS: (laughing)

RUSH: He didn’t know what to do. He didn’t know what to do! He didn’t have a prompter and he didn’t have his speech in front of him. He didn’t know what to do. Do you realize how many people make speeches with no notes whatsoever? All you have to do is know what you’re talking about. All you have to do is know your subject. All you have to do is know what it is you’re gonna say. Why can’t you just go out and speak extemporaneously?

Because you might make a mistake.

The reason everything is scripted is to make sure Obama doesn’t become Obama, is to make sure Obama stays inside of himself, to make sure that Obama doesn’t default to Saul Alinsky up on that pedestal. That’s why if it isn’t written down, he’s not gonna say it. They’re not gonna take that chance. So that’s what happens when it’s not there. He’s totally lost.

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