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RUSH: Have you seen all the praise that the Drive-Bys are heaping upon Michelle Obama for her incredibly rude response to that poor lesbo Democrat donor? Even the paid liar, that’s what Darrell Issa called the spokeskid, Jay Carney. And, by the way, in true Republican form, “Shortly after Darrell Issa dubbed Jay Carney a ‘paid liar’ on CNN last Sunday, House Republican leadership staffers called the California RepublicanÂ’s aides with a message: Cool it. IssaÂ’s aides promptly responded: The remark was over the top, they agreed, according to sources familiar with the interaction.”

So staff members, I guess of Boehner and whoever else is in the leadership, called staff members of Issa, and they said, “You know, your guy calling this guy at the White House a paid liar, that’s a little bit over the top. That’s not kosher. That’s not who we are.” And the staffers went to Issa and said, “You know, you’re over the top. You shouldn’t be calling the spokeskid a paid liar.” It was not Boehner that called Issa and said, “Hey, cool it, buddy.” It was Boehner’s or whoever’s staff members called Issa’s staff members, and Issa’s aides agreed that the paid liar remark was over the top. This is why the Republicans are in the situation. I mean they’re basically apologizing for inhaling, and they apologize for exhaling and whatever words are formed in the process.

Anyway, the media is just heaping praise all over Michelle Obama. I think it was rude. Others of you may not. But you had this lesbo donor, who I think paid $700 bucks to get in there. And the president had promised her and other gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender people that he would come up with legislation or executive order, something, to make things totally fair, equal, and whatever, and it hasn’t happened. Whatever he promised them, they don’t think that it’s happened. So the protester shows up and wants to know why it hasn’t happened. And Michelle Obama said (paraphrasing), “All right, look, it’s either her or it’s me. You take this microphone, and I’m splitting.”

I’m gonna handle the next seminar caller we get that way because I want the mainstream media calling me brilliant, which is what the spokeskid did. Oh, yeah, Michelle’s response was actually brilliant.

By the way, Michelle is snubbing the first lady of the ChiComs. There apparently is a two-day summit this weekend in California between Obama and Xi Jinping, whatever the new Chinese communist premiere. Apparently this guy’s wife, the ChiCom leader’s wife, is hot, she’s hot. I’m looking for the word, what would be the Washington diplomatic way of describing her hotness. She’s hot. I mean, they’ve got publicity photos of this babe as though she were a model or something. And she’s coming with her husband, Xi Jinping, because they’re hoping that the publicity that would be surrounding her and her hotness would change world opinion of ChiCom leadership.

But Michelle isn’t going. Michelle’s gonna stay in Washington because her daughters are ending their academic year. The story does not say that there are graduation ceremonies or any of that, just that Michelle’s daughters are ending their academic year and Michelle’s not going, and therefore the ChiComs are considering it a snub because it will limit the visibility of the ChiCom first lady. The ChiCom first lady just can’t go out and run around on her own. She’s gotta have Michelle with her, I guess, according to protocol.


Ha-ha. Dust off Hillary? Well, I hadn’t thought of that. Hillary is not looking bad after the… you know, everybody thought Hillary was taking time off because of Benghazi. They couldn’t find Hillary for a while. Where is she? Nobody knew where she was. And everybody said she’s outta sight because of Benghazi. It wasn’t plastic surgery; just a little touch-up: a little Botox here, a new hairdo there, ironing of the face here, getting rid of some wrinkles. It was a good press job. Probably went to a Chinese laundry, get it done. But it wasn’t major. Wasn’t major. And of course it’s in advance of the Democrat primary between her and Governor Christie, and I think probably Rahm Emanuel, he’ll be in that primary. And who else besides Rahm? Oh, Andrew Cuomo, son of Mario “The Pious.”


The governor of Maryland, that’s right. He wants to throw his hat in the ring, too. So it could be an interesting Democrat primary. Anyway, the spokeskid said that Michelle (My Belle) was brilliant, “My personal opinion is that she handled it brilliantly.”

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