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RUSH: From TheHill.com: “A new poll finds a trio of controversies raising public concerns about the ‘honesty’ of the Obama administration,” not the president. “A new poll finds a trio of controversies raising public concerns about the ‘honesty’ of the Obama [regime], even as the president maintains his approval rating.” Limbaugh Theorem again. “A Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll released late Tuesday shows 55% believe the IRS targeting of conservative groups raised questions about the administration’s ‘overall honesty and integrity…'”

But Obama had nothing to do with it.

They don’t associate Obama with what the IRS did.

He had nothing to do with it.

“A plurality, 43%, also see the IRS missteps as a part of a ‘widespread effort’ to investigate Tea Party groups to 29% who blame the scandal on a few tax officials who were acting on their own.” Get this, now. Given all the news, and even the congressional hearings on the IRS and the inspector general report and the targeting of Tea Party groups, only 43% — not even half the country — sees that as a purposeful effort to investigate the Tea Party. It just happened, say 43%.

That number ought to be 75, 80%. “Fifty-eight percent say the administration’s handling of the attack on the Benghazi, Libya, diplomatic post also raises questions about the honesty of the White House. The same number say the Justice Department’s subpoenaing of reporter email and phone records in national security leak investigations also raises concerns. But the poll also finds that the controversies have not damaged President ObamaÂ’s personal standing. Obama holds a 48% approval rating with 47% disapproving. Those numbers match his rating in the same poll taken in April.”

Limbaugh Theorem.

So people in increasing numbers don’t like what’s happening in the country. They don’t associate Obama with it at all. He’s not tainted by it. His “administration” has problems. His “administration” may be dishonest. His “administration” is very, very troubling. Not him, according to the polling data. So… (interruption) See? Here’s Snerdley saying, “At some point this has got to stop.” I’ve been saying that for 25 years about the cultural rot. I have, for 25 years. Longer that than that. I’ve been saying about the cultural rot: “At some point it’s gotta stop. At some point it’s gotta bottom out. It’s gotta reverse.”

It hasn’t.

It continues to plunge deeper and deeper, get worse and worse.


RUSH: Immigration bill. You know, The Politico had a story that Dingy Harry said that Mitch McConnell told him they’re not even gonna try to block the vote. They’re not even gonna force cloture on it. McConnell’s office sent an e-mail out and said (paraphrased), “No, no, no, no. Politico got that wrong. We’re not gonna get that immigration vote without cloture, 60 votes.” But there are rumblings that the Republicans in the Senate aren’t going to do all that much to prevent this vote from taking place on immigration.

So, folks, we’re not gonna stop Obama from being Obama. If he wants to gouge us in the eye by appointing Rice and Samantha Power, that’s what he’s gonna do. Show me the evidence where any of the things he’s done — from economic policy to foreign policy, to anything — you name it, has hurt. You can’t find any polling data (which all they care about in Washington) where he’s been damaged by it at all. His approval number still sky-high. Well, not sky-high, but it’s not dropping. It’s not plummeting.

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