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RUSH: Chris in Lincoln, Nebraska, welcome to the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Well, hello, Mr. Limbaugh, True American. I’ve listen to you for two years and I’ve never been more educated in my life, and I have never caught you in a misnomer, and you have taught me more about international politics and our constitution than I ever knew. And, in fact, my son went into the Air Force because of you.

RUSH: Well, thank you very much.

CALLER: But that isn’t why I called. I’m gonna end it on a light note. I am a nurse. I had to retire early because of a football injury. Ha-ha!

RUSH: Wait, wait, wait, wait. You’re ending this on a “light note” by talking about a football injury?

CALLER: Yes, but it’s actually a nursing injury, and I just had it in my craw. I am tired of the few NFL players that are suing for their concussions because I was on the floor one night just being a nurse helping people, giving meds to a schizophrenic patient, a very strong man, and he just belted me in the mouth and knocked me out, my head fell on the concrete floor. I had to go to ER, I had a loose tooth, I had a bloody lip.

RUSH: I like these “light moments,” folks, I look forward to ’em. So you had a concussion?

CALLER: Well, yeah, that would be a TBI. Sure it would be. I went out. You know, and I went to the ER, all they did was put some ice on it, sent me back up to the floor, worked my full shift, this and that.

RUSH: Right. And so you’re watching these NFL players who’ve suffered concussions now suing and wanting to be paid for it and being told that they were not made aware of the dangers when they were playing the game, and you think what the hell?

CALLER: That’s right. We have never been trained as nurses to take hits. We did not have pads. We do not have helmets. We didn’t have anything. And the other thing is, two months later, I developed severe, severe pain in my arm and lost use of it, and I developed vertigo and —

RUSH: Wait, wait, wait, wait. How did you end up with pain in your arm?

CALLER: Because I got a whiplash, they think, from the concussion —

RUSH: One schizophrenic did all this to you?

CALLER: Oh, gosh, he was a strong man.

RUSH: Was it Bill Clinton? Because you said they said, “Put some ice on it,” or something.

CALLER: (laughing) Yeah. You’re funny. I’ll tell you, but here’s my point. My point is I now have morphed it from dizziness in six years and I still work, and it’s now morphed into severe chronic headaches I’ve had for 15 years, and I’m disabled, and I was making six bucks an hour, and my lawyer friend says, “Oh, there’s no proof.” And I was going to the doctor’s all the time saying, what’s wrong with me?

RUSH: Okay, so what do you want?

CALLER: I just want to say, these guys that are getting millions of dollars for their concussions, when they know what they’re in for, are a bunch of babies.

RUSH: You have no sympathy for ’em whatsoever.

CALLER: No, not when I’m making six bucks an hour and they don’t care about me, you know, and that’s what I wanted to say. ‘Cause it’s been in my craw.

RUSH: What do you mean, they don’t care about you? Every October they wear pink socks.

CALLER: Well, what it is — they’re making millions of dollars, and they’re just in it for the money. I was in it because I cared about people and I cared about my profession.

RUSH: I hear you. Well, look, I hate that all that happened to you. I really do. But it’s people like you — you still went to work, you did what you had to do, and you hung in there. You’re very strong woman. I’m glad you called. Thanks very much, Chris. I appreciate your nice words, too.

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