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RUSH: It’s out there in the news, that Speaker of the House John Boehner was not all that hepped up to a Benghazi investigation by a congressional committee. Now, the way that has manifested itself is the speaker has decided that there will be five House committees that will look into it because there are five committees who have a little jurisdiction here, another committee has a little jurisdiction there, and another committee has some jurisdiction over here.

It’s five, maybe six committees.

You have Intelligence, Foreign Affairs, Judiciary, Armed Services, and Oversight and Government Reform. That’s Issa, and he’s got his hands full with IRS. So instead of one committee to investigate Benghazi, what is rumored is that Boehner is going to have five committees doing it. Now, let me run a little quick test here. Mr. Snerdley is a great guy to bounce things off of just to gauge reaction. What is your initial reaction to hearing that five committees are going to be looking into it?


Who, Boehner?


Okay. Snerdley is saying that what this means is that Boehner really doesn’t want anything done. “Five committees, this is just running out the clock.” Well, maybe. That could be what happens. But if you’re gonna have five committees, why are you gonna have five committees? That’s the question. What’s your answer to that? You’ve got 20 seconds. Why five committees?


Something beyond, “Slow it down.” What is the reason for five committees?


Ohhhh! That’s simple. The reason there are five committees is because there are five egos. Oh, yeah! Five people want television time.


RUSH: The Boehner business. These committees, The Daily Caller is reporting that Speaker Boehner has publicly said that he is against the establishment of a single select committee to look into Benghazi. He thinks that the best course for looking into it is to let the five committees already investigating it to continue to do their work.

Now, you have five committees. That means you have five committee chairmen, and we have House elections coming up next year. That means we have five egos. We have five committee chairmen who want to be on TV, who want to be seen leading their committee’s investigations into Benghazi. So if you have five different committees looking into Benghazi at the same time, with little areas of overlap here, how much can you really get done in terms of uncovering what happened?

Now, you can get a lot done in the world of optics. You have five different sets of hearings. You have C-SPAN out there. All of it at some point will be televised. Some of it you may have to watch on the website, C-SPAN 5, C-SPAN 6, whatever. But it will all be televised, and therefore there will be video that the committee chairman can get and put in commercials for their reelections. But here’s one of the potential downsides of this.

If you’ve got five committees looking into something that Obama has done, can you just see the media and the Democrats screaming about “overkill” and “Obama hatred” and “extremism”? So you have an opportunity here, with five committees looking into this, for the media to stop looking into what happened in Benghazi and instead change their focus into Republican overkill. “Look at these guys! Look at these Republicans! Five committees! This is harassment.

“They’re not trying to get to the bottom of this. This is just Obama hatred. These Republicans are just so despicable. They’re deceitful. All they’re doing is trying to destroy our president. Five committees! One would do it, but they’ve got five committees. All they want to do is just hammer our president. Look at these Republicans and look at what they’re doing! They’re just trying to milk this for their own personal gain, trying to destroy our president.

“They’re not even worried about getting to the bottom of what’s going on, what’s really happening in Benghazi.” I don’t know that that would happen, but it’s set up for ’em. If they wanted to report it that way, it be easy. Republican overkill. “They just want to get Obama! That’s all they care about. They don’t care about what really went down in Benghazi.” You know it and I know it. So that’s one of the potential downsides to having five committees rather than one select committee. Then you’ve got the politics of it where these five committee chairmen (maybe it’s six, I don’t know, whatever; it’s five or six) are all seen facilitating their own reelection efforts.

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