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RUSH: There’s a blog post here at the Washington Post by a guy named Ed Rogers. And his post basically says that a special prosecutor in the IRS matter is inevitable.

“This administrationÂ’s management of the Obama Internal Revenue Service scandal so far consists of a slow-walking, rolling disclosure of facts; equal parts equivocation, amnesia and indignation from IRS witnesses; deer-in-the-headlights non-responses by the White House press secretary; parsed, lawyerly statements from the president himself; and now one of the central key players is taking the Fifth. And all this comes from what the president claimed would be the ‘most transparent administration everÂ…'” Washington Post.

So this guy, Ed Rogers, claims that a special prosecutor is inevitable. Well, remember, they had a special prosecutor in the Valerie Plame case, too, and that didn’t go the way anybody thought it was gonna go. Folks, I’m beyond the days of getting everybody’s hopes up, and I’m not being cynical, and I’m not trying to be pessimistic. Remember, I’m the mayor of Realville. And, at the end of the day, I just know there are people thinking, “Okay, this is the one. We’re gonna get Obama.” And we’re not.

I’m gonna say this again. There’s a way to go after all this stuff and there’s a very productive way to go after all this stuff and there is a way to make converts on all this stuff, but it isn’t to just focus on Obama. I don’t care if you do. If you want to go after Obama, fine and dandy, but the real target here needs to be liberalism and Big Government. Liberals are a type. They almost are monolithic. You can typecast ’em. They have much in common, from liberal to liberal to liberal. One of the things that all liberals believe in, are animated by, is their absolute dislike for people like you and me. And, in some cases, unbridled hatred. It’s undeniable, and it’s there, and it exists, and it’s what motivates ’em.

So they end up in the IRS or they end up in the EPA or they end up in the Department of Justice or they end up in the Defense Department or they end up at the Department of Agriculture, wherever they end up, fish and game, wildlife, whatever, wherever they end up they’re going to use the power they have to use the force of government against conservatives at every opportunity they get. And it won’t matter if the president is a Bill Clinton or a Teddy Kennedy or a Barack Obama. Obama just happens to be the most radical liberal president ever. He happens to be the most inspiring or inspirational to his acolytes.

You’ve got a lot of people who hero worship this guy, who will do anything to get noticed by him, who will do anything to get his approval. And, if they hear him make a speech talking about how rotten Fox News is, guess what’s gonna happen? There will be some people who will go after Fox News for him. If he makes a speech, goes to a fundraiser, starts ragging on me, there will be some people that will try to please him by making it tough on me, if they can. It doesn’t matter what it is. If he starts talking about conservatives and says, “They bring a knife; we bring a gun.” Then they’ll show up at a town hall meeting and start beating up conservatives in wheelchairs.

This happens because of the ideological mind-set of liberals, liberalism. That, to me, is the most important target. They’re the Big Government types. They’re the ones who believe the purpose of holding office and positions in government is to use that power against their political enemies. That’s the great benefit of getting a gig at the IRS. I saw this Lois Lerner on TV today, and I’ve read about her. She’s the one that was just obsessed with Tea Party groups that were religious in nature. She’s the one demanding to know what their prayers were. She was demanding to know (paraphrasing), “What did Pat Robertson pray for you for?” She asked that of Ollie North. And Ollie North said, “I’m not answering this. It’s none of your business.”

“What did he say on your behalf? What do you mean, he prayed for you?” She was mad. So I saw this woman, and I’m telling you, I can see her with whips and chains. This is not a happy woman. This is a woman that is running around filled with rage, and they all are, folks, they’re angry all the time. They’re never satisfied and no matter what they get, it’s never enough, they always want more. They exist in a permanent stage of being enraged, angry. Because there’s opposition. The fact that there’s opposition alone ticks ’em off, and so they have to eliminate it. Obama does not have to give ’em instructions. They’ll do it anyway, just to please him, just to get noticed.

Now, my only point in this is that there’s a larger target here in terms of future elections, straightening out this country, there’s a larger target than just Obama, and it is the whole concept of liberalism and what it gives us: Big Government, totalitarian-like statism. All this stuff that is happening is easily explainable. If I can take some political neophytes, put ’em in a classroom, give me 30 minutes, I can make ’em understand everything happening here just because it’s liberals doing it. Now, the Republican Party ought to be doing that. The Republican Party ought to right now be taking advantage of this opportunity, but unfortunately the Republican Party doesn’t look at it that way. To them it’s just Democrats versus Republicans and we’re gonna share power and we gotta be convivial when we’re losers so that when we win, they’re not too mean to us.

It’s a game. It’s a game with certain rules. For you and I, it’s far different. It’s our way of life. It’s the future of the country. We don’t live in Washington. We don’t have access to the $4 trillion that comes in there every year. We’re the ones paying it. We don’t have a chance to get our hands on it like the people that live in Washington do via lobbying, policy, you name it. So I think there’s just a golden opportunity. I know, you give me some literal neophyte…

Now, I know a committed liberal is a different challenge. That might take a little bit longer than a half hour.

But you give me 30 minutes with some neophytes, some low-information voters, and I can turn them against what’s happening in this country without ever mentioning Obama’s name — and that is the point. I can show them how this is harmful to their future, their kid’s future, and to the country existing as it does without ever mentioning Obama’s name, in order to persuade them. That’s my only point here. In other words, we don’t have to have Obama removed from office or even indicted or a special counsel.

We don’t need any of that in order to convert this to something to our advantage. That’s my only point. So don’t get depressed if you think there’s no special prosecutor. Don’t get depressed if you hear me or other people say that Obama’s safe and nothing’s gonna happen. Don’t get depressed, because that’s not the only objective here. It’s not mine at all. I mean, look at the Drudge headlines here. “Special Prosecutor Inevitable.” That’s the Washington Post piece.

“IRS internal investigation ended six months before the 2012 election and was hidden from Congress.” Yep. And the media, too, by the way. They used me to hide it. “Democrat Warns of Special Prosecutor. “Administration Clams Up.” “Top Official Takes the Fifth: ‘I won’t answer questions or testify today. I’ve not done anything wrong.'” “Takes Fifth After Trampling the First,” meaning the woman that took the Fifth Amendment today was the one denying other Americans access to the First Amendment, free speech.

Lois Lerner.

She’s the woman giving all these Tea Party groups hassles and obstructing them when they’re applying for tax-exempt status. That’s an infringement of their First Amendment rights. She took the Fifth Amendment after trampling on other people’s First Amendment rights. “Scandal Not Limited to Low-Level Employees.” “Situation Falling Apart.” Those are just the top headlines on the Drudge page. There’s a lot here that is happening, not just because of Barack Obama.

I mean, he’s instrumental in it, he’s fundamental, but there’s a lot happening here because this is who liberals are, whether they’re in the Senate or the House or over at some bureaucracy or some agency. I’ve always said this. You know it. I’ve said it. I’ve always thought that if you could just get people oriented and knowledgeable of the ideological definitions of people — who people are ideologically — man, we would be so far ahead of the game, and it can be done. I have no doubt it can be done.


RUSH: Okay, so, ladies and gentlemen, just to remind you: Lois Lerner, I would say that she is part of Obama’s revenge team. Remember in the campaign last year, he was telling his voters on the stump, “Get your revenge!” Some of these underlings working at the IRS or any other bureaucracy, when they hear their leader — who they idolize — talk about that, what do you think they’re gonna do? They don’t have to be told. They are being told right then.

Lois Lerner helped to target the Christian Coalition all the way back in the nineties when she worked at the Federal Election Commission. Oh, yeah! Oh-ho, yeah! She was at the FEC, and she was helping target Christian Coalition back then, back in the 1990s. And she’s part of the revenge team. How do her words make you feel this afternoon? “I haven’t done anything wrong,” is what she said. “I haven’t done anything wrong. The Fifth Amendment is to protect the innocent.”

No, that’s not the purpose of the Fifth Amendment. She doesn’t even know what it is. To her, it’s just a way of getting out of answering questions. Well, we know that the culture of the current regime has as much to do with this as anything else does — and what is that culture? This is the culture of liberalism, is my point.

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