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RUSH: Dana in Columbus, Ohio, great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: (background noise) Thank you so very much. I am calling because you mentioned earlier that no liberal would dare call and say that you’re right or give any sort of credence to any conservative point of view. I want to tell you that — as a soon-to-be-40 African-American woman who has been told my entire life to vote down the Democratic Party line — I appreciate your point of view, and I appreciate you staying firmly behind your beliefs. Because over the past four-plus years that our current administration has been in — and, you know, even before that — you saw the writing on the wall.

RUSH: Now, wait.

CALLER: I was still living in —

RUSH: I want to qualify here for a second. Did you vote for Obama in 2008?

CALLER: I did.

RUSH: Did you vote for Obama 2012?

CALLER: I did not.

RUSH: Okay.

CALLER: Well —

RUSH: So you saw the light somewhere in there?

CALLER: The reason is that I abstained from voting for president before. I couldn’t find the lesser of the two evils. That’s my (sigh) unfortunate dilemma. I have a master’s degree, and I put myself through school — you know, with a ton of student loans. I own my own home, and I have three children, one that’s a second year at OSU.

RUSH: Okay, let me ask you a question: Why did you vote for Obama the first time?

CALLER: Because I believed. I was a believer. I just knew that, “Hey, with my master’s degree, the entire world is going to open up. There are going to be all sorts of marketing-communications jobs, tons of marketing opportunities where companies are going to grow exponentially, and want and need my education and expertise of the career I already had.

RUSH: When did you realize that…?

CALLER: I just knew that that was going to happen with his election.

RUSH: When did you realize that Obama’s policies were doing the exact opposite of what you thought was going to happen, or have you realized that?

CALLER: I tell my children all the time, “Do your best, because you’re gonna be the one that gets you to your next level.” I have been challenged with the whole tax issues of raising taxes, because God willing, I’m gonna be one of those people that will be negatively impacted by those tax hikes, you know? I’m trying to get there, and I feel so much, as you’ve been saying, “Why knock down the people that are doing it for themselves?” No. No one’s gonna tell me that I didn’t get anywhere by myself. I love my family dearly, but if I didn’t have the motivation and initiative to succeed, I wouldn’t have.

RUSH: Okay, wait.

CALLER: (silence)

RUSH: Dana, can you hear me?

CALLER: (silence)

RUSH: Can you hear me?


RUSH: Okay. When did you realize that all those things you believed about Obama weren’t true?

CALLER: Probably the top of this year. It probably just started to hit me, and then I would say with the IRS and Benghazi issues over the past couple of weeks.

RUSH: No kidding? Really? Those things have been the catalyst for you, the icing on the cake, actually?

CALLER: I believe in personal responsibility, and all of the finger pointing at that level — that there is not a single person that’s willing to own anything — is disgusting to me.

RUSH: Well, let me tell you this. By the way, National Review has a story on it, but everybody is reporting it. The IRS chief, this interim head honcho at the IRS, has just said it is absolutely not illegal for the IRS to target these groups. The question: “Do you believe it is illegal for employees of the IRS to create list to target individual groups and citizens in this country?”

Miller said, “I think the Treasury inspector general indicated it might not be that others will be able to tell that.”

Price asked, “What do you believe?”

Miller said, “I don’t believe it is. I don’t believe it should happen –“

Price: “Thank you, Mr. Chairman.”

Miller said, “Please don’t get me wrong. It should not happen,” but it is not illegal.

So this acting IRS chief — this guy that’s being “fired,” ostensibly — doesn’t think that anything that happened is wrong. He doesn’t think that anything that happened is illegal. I’m here to tell you, he’s being serious. Folks, for 25 years I’ve tried to explain liberals. I’ve tried to explain who they are, and I’m gonna keep explaining who they are regardless how difficult it becomes and how maybe incredulous people are when they hear it.

I’m telling you: They are a different breed. You’ve got Janet Napolitano issuing advisories from the Department of Homeland Security demanding that everybody at DHS/TSA, everybody in that department: Make sure that you treat Sharia-believing Islamic extremists with great respect and deference. The same woman who issues a report early on warning the same groups — TSA, Department of Homeland Security — of the militant extremism of American right-wingers.

The only conclusion is the obvious one.

People like Janet Napolitano — and they’re all over the government now. They’re all over the government. In their minds, the real insurgents are us. The real radicals, the real extremists are us. They consider us to be their primary enemy. In a political sense, of course, they’re right. But it goes much, much farther than that with them. We consider them political opponents. You and I, we look at these people as opponents to be defeated in the arena of ideas.

We look at these people as obstacles to what we want to accomplish. They have different ideas; we think they should be defeated. But we want to do that by convincing the vast majority of Americans to vote for us, not for them, pure and simple. They don’t leave it up to that. They don’t want the American people having a say in this at all because the American people might vote and get it wrong.

So they are going to do the eliminating. They are going to take care of the opposition. They are gonna make sure that their opposition doesn’t get a foothold. They’re not gonna have a debate with us. They’re not gonna throw it open. They’re not gonna let the people speak. I mean, they have to undergo elections, but what did they try to do here with the IRS?

This whole thing was an effort to impugn the efforts of conservative groups. Benghazi, all this stuff was oriented toward one thing: Obama’s reelection. That’s at all costs. No matter how, no matter what, that is at all costs. But they do look at us as a serious enemy that has to be dealt with. Not opponents. We are a serious, serious enemy, much, much more than real enemies of the country.

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