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RUSH: Not much going on out there today, folks. There really isn’t very much. The big news continues to be the Jodi Arias verdict and the guys in Cleveland, the alternative lifestyle guys. The Benghazi hearings, you may have heard about them. They’re taking place in Washington. You may not have heard about the Benghazi hearings, actually. It’s just the Republicans’ latest attempt to politicize a highly successful Obama administration policy. And once again the Republicans are showing that about all they have is their partisan chops, nothing really to see here. Jay Carney at the White House, the spokesman, says nothing really going on.

In fact, at Yahoo News, which is a favored news site for low-information voters, they have one story on Benghazi. What they do, they basically publish the feeds from ABC and AP and Reuters, that’s what they do in general, not just Benghazi, but that’s Yahoo News, ABC, AP, and Reuters. And the one story on Benghazi at Yahoo News has the headline: “Democrats: GOP Fails to Show Scandal in Benghazi Deaths.”

So if you are a low-information voter and you go get your news at Yahoo, what you know is that the Republicans are just trying to find some scandal there, trip up our poor president, and they failed. There is no scandal in the deaths there. The White House is still claiming the Republicans are trying to politicize the tragedy in Benghazi. Of course, you see, the White House never politicizes anything. Straightforward, right down the middle, trying to help people, from the Tucson shooting to the Trayvon Martin shooting, to super storm Sandy, to the Aurora and Newtown shootings, they don’t politicize anything at the regime.

So, in addition to Jodi Arias — there she is right there on Fox. There she is right there on CNN. The verdict was yesterday and the news is still Jodi Arias. I must tell you, I’m America’s Anchorman, I never heard of Jodi Arias ’til about five days ago. I still don’t know what she did. No, I really don’t. I know this is not good for my low-information outreach.


What? What, Snerdley? They found her guilty for that? She stabbed her boyfriend 27 times. What else? Shot him. Hold it. Now, wait, she shot her boyfriend. She stabbed him 27 times. What else? Slit his throat and shot him. Was the throat slit one of the 27 stabbings? So, 27 stabbings and slit the throat and then shot him. And they found her guilty for that? See, there’s a War on Women in America.


RUSH: Let’s go to the audio sound bites. This is the Headline News special coverage of the Jodi Arias trial verdict last night.

NANCY GRACE: There is a verdict: Guilty on murder one. Five voted for premeditated murder. Seven both premeditated and felony murder. Everyone a verdict, a verdict of murder one, guilty has been rendered by this Arizona jury. Repeat: guilty, guilty of murder one in the death, the slaughter of unarmed Travis Alexander.

RUSH: That’s what America heard all night on Headline News last night. That’s Nancy Grace letting the world know that Jodi Arias was found guilty. This is it, folks, this is low-information news. Soap operas are even losing out to this. Yesterday afternoon on Neil Cavuto, Your World With Neil Cavuto, we had Greta Van Susteren on there, and Cavuto, at four o’clock in the afternoon, while the Benghazi hearings are taking place, Neil Cavuto said to Greta Van Susteren, “What happened with this case? I remember when it started but then I remember how quickly it also cascaded into — for another news channel — just a mesmerizing ratings magnet. And everybody just started talking about. What happened here, Greta?”

VAN SUSTEREN: It became a little bit of a freak show. We also wanted to tune in to see, you know, “What’s Jodi doing today?” and it became so bizarre. It just kept growing on all of us, much like Days of Our Lives or — or One Life to Live or some other soap opera. It just kept growing and growing, and it’s terrible it’s become such a spectacle in some ways, but it’s also fascinating.

RUSH: Oh, I’m telling you: The American people are eating it up. They still are, after the verdict, and now we found out in Cleveland that the hero… Have you heard about this, the sad story of the hero in Cleveland? It turns out that this guy is a repeat domestic abuser. This is from the smoking gun. “The Cleveland man credited with helping free female captives…” By the way, the brothers of this Castro guy? Zip, zero, nada.

Cleveland law enforcement said, “They have nothing to do with it. We don’t have any evidence linking them at all. If we could put ’em in jail because of the way they look, we would, but we can’t.” They didn’t say that. That’s just my mind, in an undisciplined way, running away with me here. The two brothers had nothing to do with this. They found a note… Is this guy’s name Ariel? Did you notice that it’s Jodi Arias, and Ariel Castro?

This has many low-information Americans confused as to which story is which. That’s why we’re gonna work hard today to keep people focused on which is which. Ariel Castro is the evil man in Cleveland that kidnapped those girls. When the cops went in there, they found a note this guy had written in which he called himself a sexual pervert and asked for help. He said he needed help of some kind. He was sexual predator and he was not right. (interruption)

Well, yeah, he wrote the note to himself but I guess it was intended to be discovered, you know, in the cornerstone. What do you call it when you put a…? (interruption) No, it’s not a headstone. That’s for later. When you put stuff that you want to open up a hundred years from now…? (interruption) Time capsule! He wrote it for the time capsule in the cornerstone of the house. Anyway, he’s not the story yet.

“Charles Ramsey, whose 911 call and subsequent TV interviews have made him a microcelebrity, was once a repeat spousal abuser whose marriage ended in divorce following a 2003 felony conviction for battering his wife. Ramsey, 43, has said that when he heard captive Amanda Berry screaming and trying to escape from neighbor Ariel CastroÂ’s home on Monday, ‘I figured it’s a domestic violence dispute.'” He would know.

Sorry to say that, but apparently he would know.

“Ramsey has also reportedly said that he went to help Berry because he,” this is quote, “‘was raised to help women in distress.'” He’s a repeat domestic abuser, but “raised to help women in distress.” I saw this guy on TV. He was dumbfounded by what was going on in the Ariel Castro estate. He said, “I barbecued with the dude. We went out, we drank beer, we barbecued. I had no clue what was going on in that house,” until he heard the screams.

That was the trigger.

He’d heard them before.

“Ramsey’s first domestic violence charge came in February 1997. He entered a no contest plea a year later and was found guilty of the count by a Cleveland Municipal Court judge. While waiting to be sentenced, Ramsey was again arrested for domestic violence. At the time of Ramsey’s second collar, in July 1998, he was already the subject of an arrest warrant issued in connection with his failure to appear for a court hearing in the first domestic violence case.

“As a result, Ramsey was jailed for violating terms of his release on bond. Ramsey subsequently entered a no contest plea to the second case and was, again, found guilty by a Cleveland judge. The domestic violence cases apparently were consolidated for sentencing in August 1998, when Ramsey was ordered to serve six months in jail, placed on five years probation, and directed to attend a domestic violence counseling program.”

The hero is getting trashed.

Now, the White House is claiming that the Republicans are trying to “politicize” what happened in Benghazi. They claim that the Republicans are just trying to harm President Obama, who did everything by the book here. There was really nothing to see in this story. It’s a very unfortunate, sad thing, but the Republicans — according to Yahoo News — failed to show any scandal in the Benghazi deaths.

I’m being asked a question about the Jodi Arias trial: “Why was the crowd outside the courtroom chanting, ‘USA! USA!’ when the guilty verdict was announced?” ‘Cause the American people love a victorious America. The American people love it when America wins. The American people love it when America triumphs. What else would it be? Why else would they be cheering, “USA! USA!”


RUSH: George Patton. George Patton said it. He was a great general in World War II. “Americans love a winner. Americans are always gonna love a winner,” and so the American people thought somebody won yesterday with the Jodi Arias verdict. Now, here’s a woman. Her boyfriend told her that he was going to break up with her, and essentially just move on. She got mad. She obviously got mad: 27 stabbings, slit his throat, and shot him. A little overkill, but she was obviously very mad at this guy.

She didn’t want to put up with being left so she did away with him. And the jury got to ask questions in this trial, and the jury was asking her for lurid details about the sex she had had with the guy before the stabbings and the slit throat and the gunshot. I mean, it was lurid. The jury wanted to know details about sexual behavior and escapades, and it apparently had the American people riveted to their TV sets.

There was one day when the jury was asking these lurid questions — and they were lurid, and it happened to be in the afternoon when Shep Smith was on Fox. Shep was appalled at this kind of stuff being asked on TV and he bumped right out of it, but that just sent people right over to Nancy Grace and Headline News where detail was provided.

Now, the Ariel Castro case. I wonder, has anybody in the mainstream media yet decided to condemn Mr. Castro for his alternative lifestyle? He had numerous women shackled and chained, kept against their will. What this guy did, this guy kicked these women in the stomach to force them to abort their babies. That happened at least five times. Will the mainstream media ever ask what would have happened had any of these women had a gun?


RUSH: By the way, Jodi Arias was found guilty yesterday in Phoenix. She stabbed the guy who wanted to break up with her 27 times, then slit his throat, then shot him. A little overkill, but still she did it. She was mad that he wanted to break up with her. I know it’s strange they convicted her for that, but the War on Women…

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