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RUSH: Folks, we have something that we send out every day free of charge from our website for the radio show. It’s called Rush in a Hurry. This may be one of the finest services provided by anybody in broadcasting, and I say that in full Donald Trump mode. We call it Rush in a Hurry, and what it is is a summary of the radio program each day. It’s very inclusive, and it contains links that are used by me on the program.

It has links to the website for stories that already have been updated that we talked about, including transcripts, links to audio and video that are referenced, and it’s free. There are no strings attached to it. It’s advertiser supported, so you are not hit upon. It really is — is as simple as going to RushLimbaugh.com and signing up for it. You do not have to be a website member — you do not have to be a Rush 24/7 member — to get Rush in a Hurry.

I am remiss in not promoting this, because it is an excellent, excellent summary of what actually happened on this program every day as opposed to what somebody else says happened on this program. It is extremely well done by our graphic artist team (which is one person), and Koko and the boys put together content. It really, really, really is something that we are really, really proud of here. It goes out about 30 minutes, usually, after the program every day.

It’s that quick. It’s called Rush in a Hurry. It’s sent to whatever e-mail address you want, and it’s free. There is no charge, and there’s nothing hidden in it. There are no tricks to it. It’s advertiser supported in and of itself so it doesn’t cost you anything, and it really is a fantastic summary of what happens each day on this program. It was originally started in the old days when we first started the website. It took a while, usually three hours to fully update the site to reflect that day’s program, and I was always bothered by that.

“Why can’t we get it up there immediately?” I said, and I had website-update technology explained to me. But we’ve gotten faster at it and better at it. Rush in a Hurry was a creation to bridge the gap from the end of the program to full website update. Well, the Rush in a Hurry is not a full website update, but it’s pretty close. It’s a great, great summary of what happened. In case you missed the program, it has links to some of the fabulous stuff that happened. So I just wanted to mention that to you.

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