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RUSH: Last Friday after playing audio of Obama’s speech to the students at the anthropology museum in Mexico City, I analyzed it. There was a portion of his speech where he talked about America “imposing its sovereignty” on Mexico. And, at first, I thought, “What the heck is he talking about?” And then it struck me.

I said on Friday that Obama apologizing to the students for America “imposing its sovereignty” on Mexico is a dog whistle. It’s a huge dog whistle to radicalized young Hispanic voters. What he did was send signals to that voting bloc beneath the radar, because most people are not gonna understand this sovereignty business. That bloc that’s underneath the radar — Telemundo, Univision — he’s telling them that he agrees with them that California should still be Mexico and that New Mexico should still be Mexico.

That’s what he was saying. When he apologized, it was a dog whistle. So let’s go to the audio sound bites. CBS’ “Sunday Morning”… we have a portion of a report by a correspondent named Mo Rocca about the impact of the Mexican-American War on today’s debate on immigration reform. Now, a part of this is a Penn State University professor, Amy Greenberg, who has written recently that we had no business going to war with the Mexicans, and we had no business taking California from ’em. We had no business taking anything else from ’em, and it really is theirs.

That’s the focus of this report.

ROCCA: This is what Mexico once looked like.

GREENBERG: It’s the first war that is fought for greed, uh, rather than principle in American history. So there was no great ideological reason why we were going to war against Mexico. It was the first war that was started with a presidential lie. James K. Polk went to Congress and said, American blood had been shed on American soil. But almost nobody except Americans claimed that the land where the blood was shed was actually American soil.

ROCCA: Polk had a vision to complete America’s manifest destiny.

GREENBERG: He really firmly believed that it was America’s destiny to spread to the Pacific and to take California, and he was gonna do anything necessary to accomplish that goal. God had singled him out to do this.

RUSH: Boy, is this loaded or what? That’s Amy Greenberg. She has written that the Mexican-American War was totally invalid, unjust, immoral — and, as you heard her say (impression), “It’s the first war that was fought for greed rather than principle in American history. So there was no great ideological reason why we were going to war against Mexico. It was the first war that was started with a presidential lie.

“James Polk, the extremist right-wing Christian, went to Congress and said American blood had been shed on American soil but it wasn’t because it was on American soil, it was still Mexico. He really firmly believed it was America’s destiny to spread to the Pacific and to take California. He was gonna do it. God had singled him out.” That’s the dog whistle! Obama was telling the students in Mexico City that he agreed with that, folks. That’s why he went there and apologized for us “imposing our sovereignty” on Mexico.

Here is the next sound bite. Now, you gotta keep in mind: In the low-information, liberal world — as we discussed earlier in the program — it’s George Bush who lied, and Obama is the guy who stopped him. Obama is the guy who opposed him! So in the next bite here we learn that Abraham Lincoln opposed the Mexican-American War. Now, what’s important about that? Well, again, to the low-information crowd, Lincoln is the guy in the Spielberg movie — and in the Spielberg movie, Lincoln is just like Obama.

Here’s the bite…

ROCCA: It inspired the first national anti-war movement, when journalists reported atrocities suffered by Mexican civilians. One staunch opponent of the war, a young congressman named Abraham Lincoln.

GREENBERG: His first major political address on the national stage was in opposition of the war with Mexico.

ROCCA: And he paid for that?

GREENBERG: He did pay for that. He got a lot of flak from his constituency back home.

RUSH: He ended up being elected president, though, so what flak did he take? Just like LBJ. “Oh, yeah, what a great leader!” He was so great, he couldn’t even be reelected, but the left loved him. (impression) “It inspired the first national anti-war movement when journalists reported atrocities suffered by Mexican civilians! One staunch opponent of the war, a young congressman named Abraham Lincoln.” Remember now, to the low-information crowd watching this, this is the Lincoln of Spielberg’s movie, who is Obama.

Finally we’re told that many Americans now live on land that is rightfully Mexico, and we should all think about that as we debate immigration.

ROCCO: How do Mexicans today view this war?

MEXICAN: Well, as a disaster! Mexico lost the half of their own territory.

ROCCO: It’s called the Mexican-American War in the US. What is it called here?

MEXICAN: “Invasion Americana.” American Invasion.

ROCCO: This conflict matters today because…?

GREENBERG: Because a lot of people live in land that was taken from Mexico in this war, and they’re not aware of that. I believe a lot of the immigration debate that’s going on now operates in a vacuum where people are not realizing that, in fact, Mexicans are here in lands that once belonged to Mexico.

RUSH: Right, and the reason they’re crossing the border in record numbers is because they’re just coming home. They’re simply retaking what is theirs. And you people that live in California, you better understand, it’s Mexicans’ land. It’s not yours, and you better understand that as we debate immigration. They’re coming back to their own country that was taken from them unjustly, immorally and illegally.

But aren’t Mexicans living on territory they took from whatever natives that were there? Whatever happened to the Mayans and the Incas and the Pencils? I mean, you never know, folks. You never heard of the Pencils? Go along with the Incas? Oh.

By the way, this sovereignty, Obama was dead serious folks. You can sit here and laugh about it, this Mo Rocca, you notice how dead serious he is in interviewing Amy Greenberg and how dead serious she is. (imitating Greenberg) “A lot of people in California don’t understand that, like, they’re living on land that was Mexico, and I think you should understand this in the immigration debate ’cause it’s operating in a vacuum. People don’t realize that Mexicans are here in lands that once belonged to them.”

Folks, if this stuff isn’t refuted, you see where this is headed, with Obama apologizing for this. “Mr. Limbaugh, do you really think that Obama would give Mexico –” No. I don’t think he would give California back. That’s not the point. He may not have to, is the point. Pennsylvania — by the way, where Amy Greenberg lives and teaches — used to belong to the Native Americans. Is she ready to move out? Probably. I’ll bet she is. I’ll bet she’s laden with guilt. I’m telling you, I know these people. I’ll bet she does have guilt every day that she lives on land that was once occupied and owned by the Native Americans.


RUSH: Sue in Southern California, i.e., Mexico. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Thank you so much for taking my call. I don’t know, my voice is echoing in here. Thank you for all you do. And I just want to mention that, I don’t know, I was taught in junior high in this book, This is America’s Story by Wilder, Ludlum, and Brown, and it’s from the LA City High School, free textbook. It said in here, in 1850 or close to it, we paid Mexico $15 million in cash, and then agreed again later to, I guess, pay some more millions to the Mexican government. And I don’t understand why they can’t mention this —

RUSH: And we still are.

CALLER: That’s correct, billions.

RUSH: We still bail them out when they need it and we take their citizens and —

CALLER: We take their poor people that come up here, free everything. They drive newer cars than I do.

RUSH: Right. You want to know why they don’t mention that? It’s ’cause America can’t be the good guy in this battle.

CALLER: It just hurts me. You know, my whole life my parents —

RUSH: Amnesty is the objective. And amnesty, one of the justifications for it is because America’s so mean. I’m telling you, this is how they’re selling it. One of the reasons we must do amnesty is ’cause Republicans hate Mexicans, and we’ve gotta show ’em that the Republicans are wrong and that America loves ’em. America’s guilty. America did things that were reprehensible and this is how we’re making amends and apologizing. And, folks, please do not doubt me.


RUSH: By the way, the warmonger president who took Mexico, James Polk, was a Democrat. Abraham Lincoln was a Republican. That treaty, the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, we paid Mexican $15 million. It was 525,000 square miles. It didn’t include Texas. That’s the equivalent to $313 million in 2006, plus we won a bunch of Oscars for making movies about it.

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