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RUSH: Look at Ted Cruz. Ted Cruz is a fighter. Ted Cruz is trying to defend this country against the all-out assault of the political left. Just today Peter King, who I see every day on Fox — if I didn’t know better, I’d think he’s a Fox analyst, not a member of Congress. Peter King, who’s a member of Congress from New York, said that no way Ted Cruz should be allowed into New York to raise money for his campaigns because he voted against the Sandy hurricane relief bill. There’s no way he should be allowed to come into New York and raise money. Do you believe that? What did he vote against in the Sandy relief? He voted against a political maneuver meant to enhance Barack Obama. And, even with all the money that was spent on Sandy relief, well, we had the story the other day that people are still out of their homes. People are still without electricity. People are still without this, still without that.

Now, a lot of people are gonna have their homes taken from them in New Jersey so they can build a dune to make sure this doesn’t happen again. By the way, I have experience with building dunes on a beach, and I’m telling you, it doesn’t work. Once the powerful forces of nature make themselves present the dune vanishes like anything else does. But everybody’s got faith in the dunes so they do that. Anyway, you’d have to say there are still a lot of people, even with all that money, in sad circumstances. Anyway, just making a point here that Ted Cruz and others, I think he also mentioned Rubio who shouldn’t be coming to New York to raise money ’cause he voted against the Sandy relief bill. It’s a Republican talking about another Republican.


RUSH: I know. Ted Cruz voted against the pork in that bill. He didn’t vote against the “assistance” for Sandy. There was a lot of pork in that bill. Cruz and Rubio both voted against the pork in the Hurricane Sandy relief bill. They didn’t oppose the genuine, legitimate aid or the assistance. But, even so, Peter King said, “You guys have no business coming here and raising money.” Who needs a Democrat Party to defeat us? We seem capable of doing that ourselves!

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