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Listen to it Button RUSH: Yesterday we had the story that men, in the presence of women they find beautiful, attractive, literally wilt. They lose all rationality. They do things that they would never otherwise do. They say things they would never otherwise say. Something about the effect of a woman a man thinks is beautiful will just send him loco. The story said that there is a cure for this. It’s basically an antibiotic, a derivative of tetracycline. If you take tetracycline, you can ward off this danger that happens to men when they’re in the presence of a woman they think is just knockout gorgeous. Because what tetracycline does, minocycline, which is the derivative, what it does is it keeps your reasoning ability up. That’s what men lose in the presence of beautiful women, the ability to reason.

I made the observation that had we known this back in the late sixties, we coulda given everybody tetracycline and we would not have needed feminism. ‘Cause after all, what is feminism? Undeniable Truth of Life number 24. At its root level, take the politics out of it, obviously feminism is a leftist, activist thing, movement. But, what is it that inspired the early feminazis to get all bent out of shape? Undeniable Truth of Life number 24: Feminism was established so as to allow unattractive women easier access to the mainstream.

Well, with that in mind we now go back to the audio sound bites, and the Today Show today, Matt Lauer interviewed the man who was carjacked by the Tsarnaev brothers. Now, the guy who was carjacked is keeping his identity a secret and going by the nickname Danny. And during a discussion about his kidnapping and his subsequent escape, Matt Lauer and Danny had this little chat.

LAUER: During this time you thought about a young lady —

DANNY: Yes. (laughing)

LAUER: — that you didn’t know that well.

DANNY: I thought about a girl in New York.

LAUER: Why did you think about her?

DANNY: Actually, I must say I like her, and I think that it give me encouragement. I want to see her again. That’s what I was thinking.

RUSH: We have found evidence in this seemingly irrelevant sound bite that perhaps an attraction to women does not always impede a man’s mental abilities. It actually can save lives. This guy, Danny, said that during the time of the hijacking he thought about this young lady, he thought about a girl in New York that he likes. Thinking about her gave him encouragement. He wanted to see her again. He wanted to live. That’s what he was thinking. It’s a good thing this guy was not taking tetracycline. So Matt Lauer, after hearing this, had this to say.

LAUER: Have you had the chance to tell her that since this ordeal ended?

DANNY: I told her. I told her.

LAUER: How did she feel about that?

DANNY: She feel — you know, she feel, it’s unbelievable, oh, my God. And then she said that she’s proud of me.

originalRUSH: Yeah, my God, you used me to stay alive? You thought about me? I was your guidance? She was just blown away by that. And there was no tetracycline involved here. So in this one instance, we’ve kind of blown the theory sky-high.

Yesterday afternoon in Boston, Robert Stahl, the attorney for one of the newly arrested suspects in the Boston bombing case, held a press conference, and during the Q&A, a reporter said, “He didn’t take the fireworks and the knapsack to the dump?”

STAHL: Mr. Kadyrbayev told the FBI about that. He did not know that those items were involved in a bombing or of any interest in a bombing or any evidential value. So that’s all we have to say on that.

RUSH: So that’s why he threw it all away. He threw away the evidence, no idea any of that stuff was gonna be used or had been used in the bombings. They asked Rudy about this yesterday afternoon on Neil Cavuto on Fox, and Cavuto basically said, “Rudy, help me out with this.”

GIULIANI: A couple of days after a bombing like this, somebody wants you to throw a knapsack in the river?

CAVUTO: Yeah, I mean…


CAVUTO: And then — but heÂ’s not drawing any quid pro quo or any connection whatsoever.

GIULIANI: These guys are college students? (laughter) Come on.

CAVUTO: All right. TheyÂ’re as shocked as everybody.

GIULIANI: You don’t think you’d be suspicious if a mile away from where the bombing took place, two guys who come from Dagestan tell you, “Hey, I got to get rid of some stuff (laughter) in my apartment?”

RUSH: So Rudy’s saying, the lawyer is not quite credible here. He was asking us to believe a lot.

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