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RUSH: Just wondering, folks, if President Obama had a gay son, would he look like Jason Collins? That is still in the news. You want to hear the latest on this? Piers Morgan Live, CNN last night. He interviewed the NBA player, Jason Collins, former fiancee. A woman dated this guy for six to eight years and had no idea that he swung for the other team. No idea. Now, I’m sorry, but something here, folks, six to eight years, they were engaged to be married or dated or something. Piers Morgan said, “You had eight years. Your dream was to have a husband, a soul mate, best friend in him, which is what you had. In 2009 he called off your wedding, and it was only last week when he called you up that you discovered probably the reason why, which was that he’s been gay the whole time.”

CAROLYN MOOS: It’s a lot to process at this point, but, you know, I really care a lot about Jason. He’s a great individual. We had incredible moments together and, you know, I want him to be happy and I want him to have a wonderful future. Looking back at eight years, they were great. And I think, for a woman, we tend to write scripts, in case you men don’t know that, but we did, we planned a wedding, we planned our lives together. It’s hard, you know, for anybody to rewrite their script in their life, and, you know, on the side of society really taking a hard look why it is so difficult for someone to be comfortable in their own skin and to be accepted or to feel accepted. Maybe that’s part of what contributed to that, and I think that that’s a progression in modern society. We have to be accepting.

RUSH: She’s blonde, she’s very attractive. Her name is Carolyn Moos.


RUSH: We still got one more sound bite here with Jason Collins engaged for eight years to a beautiful blonde woman by the name of Carolyn Moos. She had the script written. It was all ready to go. They’d planned the wedding and their lives together, and then you know that it’s not gonna be that way, and, oh, no, we have to be accepting. So it says here that Collins, when he called her up and said I swing for the other team, didn’t even apologize. The media, by the way, has no curiosity about whether he cheated on this woman. Engaged for eight years. She doesn’t know? That’s the amazing thing. It is entirely possible. So apparently he didn’t apologize, the media’s not curious whether or not he was stepping out on her.

Anthony Weiner now, Anthony Weiner, jerk. Schwarzenegger, jerk. Mark Sanford, triple jerk. Jason Collins, greatest guy to ever come down the pike. Tim Tebow, jerk, quadruple jerk, Christian jerk. He didn’t do anything except get cut, and they still hate him. Did you know there was a liberal sports reporter who actually treated my suggestion that Tebow announce he’s gay seriously and discussed it seriously and whether or not it would actually help Tebow get signed? A sports journalist did not know that I was being facetious. “Nah, I don’t think that would work, Tebow still can’t play.” Well, Jason Collins can’t play. Doesn’t matter. He’s really gay, that’s all that matters. He’ll get on a team, doesn’t matter, because it’s all political. Anyway, Piers Morgan said to Carolyn Moos last night on Piers Morgan Live, “Did he apologize to you when he called and told you that he hits for the other team?”

MOOS: I think he’s in the process of taking ownership of the here and now, which is actually coming out, you know, and that can be very — I assume overwhelming. You know, I did invest eight years in our relationship with a shared dream and vision with him, and I value that. I had to rewrite the script, and I still am rewriting it, and it’s been very challenging, so, you know, that’s a natural — hopefully a natural progression for him to look at things from all different angles and, you know, as he becomes more comfortable with himself, I think, you know, that time will allow for some perspective on that as well.

MORGAN: Well, I think you’ve shown remarkable courage. Carolyn Moos, a very brave lady.

RUSH: There we go with “courage” again. I don’t know. Look, this woman, I do not want to say anything negative about her. I mean, I have nothing against this woman, but “courage”? Once again, words mean things. Courage? The Benghazi whistleblowers. Oh, folks, speaking of that. You know, yesterday after Obama’s presser, I told you this guy was dull. (whispering) It was boring. Is he this way or did he just try to be? The media is alarmed. The media is scared because of that press conference yesterday. Obama was so bad, so… I’m whispering so that the media doesn’t hear me. So bad. I got a whole stack just on that. That’s coming up.

Anyway, last night on TMZ we have a segment here, a portion of a segment with somebody at TMZ talking about Mike Wallace, the former Steelers wide receiver now with the Miami Dolphins. Wallace tweeted something about this Jason Collins business, and he had to walk it back a little bit. The Dolphins said, “Hey, hey, hey! You know what? We don’t endorse any of that kind of stuff. Players are free to say what they want to say, but we don’t agree with what Wallace said.” I don’t even remember what it was. But the TMZ reporter was talking about Wallace. He was critical of Collins for announcing he was gay, that’s what it was. Anyway, this is the TMZ report on this…

ANNOUNCER: (over-the-top voice) The sports world continues to rally around Jason Collins, the first active NBA player ever to reveal he’s gay. (drum roll) But, the first pro athlete to make a homophobic tweet about it is … Miami Dolphins wide receiver Mike Wallace! Congrats, Mike, you ignorant bastard! Yes, just hours after Collins made his announcement, Wallace goes and tweets, “All these beautiful women in the world and guys want to mess with other guys? SMH.” What the hell is SMH? Oh! “Shaking my head.” Anyway, he deleted the tweet, but still, not cool, Mike.

RUSH: There’s your leading network for the low-information voter, by the way. That’s one of the reasons I wanted to play that. That’s TMZ, the leading news network. Jon Stewart is in second place. Colbert, whatever, is third place. TMZ is it now. You just heard that. That’s TMZ News and that’s where people are getting it: “You ignorant b—–d.” Wallace tweeted (summarized), “I don’t get this. So many beautiful women out there and guys want to mess with other guys,” and they just descended on this guy, as TMZ did here.

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