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RUSH: I have this entire stack here today, folks, of reports on media people and other Democrats who are — what’s the correct way to say this? — really, really concerned over Obama’s press conference yesterday, his appearance, his demeanor, his detachment. And what was on display yesterday, that entire Obama press conference was the Limbaugh Theorem being proved, the Limbaugh Theorem being illustrated. Everything he was asked about, be it Syria and chemical weapons, be it Boston and the bombing, be it details of Benghazi, he didn’t know anything, he had nothing to do with it.

In Boston it was the local authorities who did a great job after the fact. In Syria it was, “People are working hard to deal with this.” In Benghazi, there’s nothing to see there. Obamacare, why, it’s already been implemented, nobody has any problem with it. And this is what people are starting to notice, by the way. The media, his buddies in the media are starting to see, this guy doesn’t attach himself to anything that’s happening, and he’s not trying to. They can’t understand it and they’re worried about it.

If they only listened to me and understood the Limbaugh Theorem. Obama can’t afford to have his fingerprints on anything. Nothing’s good. Nothing good happening out there. By definition, everything is going in the wrong direction. Why would Obama want his fingerprints on that?


RUSH: Okay, here’s that Stack in no particular order. I didn’t even take time to put it in order because it doesn’t need to be. I’ll just give you excerpts. Dana Milbank of the Washington Post is in the tank for every Democrat president, particularly Obama. And, by the way, folks, I need to add a codicil, if you will, to the Limbaugh Theorem. Because I think (I’m pretty sure) that one of the reasons the media are worried is that they think the Democrats might not win control of Congress in the midterms.

I think they’re beginning to face that. They’ve thought it’s been in the bag. They thought that it’s been a fait accompli, winning the House in 2014, and I think they’re beginning to think that that’s not gonna happen. And here’s the thing. Since demonizing the GOP over guns and the sequester has not worked, they’re now getting worried. Demonizing the Republicans over guns and the sequester was supposed to pave the way for winning the House in 2014, and demonizing the Republicans on guns and the sequester has not worked.

That’s why they had to start messing around with the air traffic controllers and creating flight delays and canceling the White House tours. So part and parcel this whole Stack, part and parcel of all these guys expressing their concern, I think, is the media pushing Obama to be more aggressive. That means, since Congress refuses to act on so much of his agenda, that he needs to bypass them again and start issuing even more executive orders. That’s the subtext of this Milbank article. I think what they’re doing…

You know, the press just doesn’t sit there when their guy is screwing up and say, “Okay, he’s screwing up.” They try to fix it for him, and they saw a guy not even there yesterday. They saw a guy not even interested, they saw a guy that looked like he didn’t want to be there, and that really worries ’em. So I think all of these stories today about how rotten he was yesterday — all these stories about how scared everybody is, how detached he was — he’s supposed to hear about them and say, “Oh, yeah? Watch this!” and get back in gear.

I think that’s the purpose of all of these stories.

Because, trust me, they’re not really having a falling-out with the guy yet. They’re not giving up on him. They just want it to look that way to spur him to action. Dana Milbank: “It’s never a good sign for a president when he feels compelled to assure the public he still has a pulse. This is the unenviable position President Obama was in Tuesday morning when he held a news conference in the White House briefing room and faced a profusion of questions about the stalled pieces of his legislative program. …

“Back in 1995, Bill Clinton assured Americans that he was still relevant; this may be the first time a president asserted that he was still alive.” By the way, some of you may have forgotten. That whole thing in 1995 of Clinton asserting he was relevant was because I was saying he had become irrelevant. It didn’t take long, just a couple of days. This was after the Republicans won the House in ’94. The health care thing was on the way down the tubes, and the Republicans owned it at the time.

They hadn’t screwed it up yet, and I was talking about how irrelevant Clinton was, and he went out and he had a press conference. (impression) “I am still relevant! I am still the president of the United States! I am still here in this White House, and I still have the bully pulpit.” No, he didn’t reference me, but nobody else was calling him irrelevant. I was the only one who was, and he trotted out (impression), “I am still relevant! I am still president of the United States. I’m still here with the bully pulpit. I have all this stuff. I’m still in the White House, blah, blah, Oval Office.”

Milbank: “One hundred days into his second term, Obama has already lost control of the agenda, if he ever had control in the first place. He ricocheted through his news conference, as he has through his presidency recently, between issues and crises not of his choice.” This is the Limbaugh Theorem in action in his press conference. I think it’s funny how so many in the media are dancing around that point. They’re trying to come up with other explanations to account for his performance yesterday.

But if you look for the simplest theory to explain a phenomenon, you have to admit the Limbaugh Theorem is the best explanation. What is that? That his fingerprints are not gonna be on anything, that he doesn’t even appear to be governing, that he’s still an outsider, that he’s still campaigning. All these things going wrong that are happening have nothing to do with him and his agenda. His agenda will fix all this stuff! That’s what he’s maintaining.

That’s what the constant campaign is. That’s what his position in the press conference was yesterday. Up in Boston he says, “I had nothing to do with it! The people in Boston did a great job after the fact. Oh, yeah! Syria? Well, the State Department is dealing with that. Benghazi? Well, the State Department, Hillary, they dealt with that. Fifteen-year-old girls getting birth control pills? Well, talk to Kathleen Sebelius.” Literally, folks, he is attaching himself to nothing.

That’s what they noticed yesterday. Ron Fournier in the National Journal. “Obama Channels Clinton’s Worst Day in Office, Raises Doubts About Relevancy.” In this piece, Fournier does his best to help Obama, even if he doesn’t understand the strategy. Here’s a sample from his article: “As much as we’d like to believe otherwise, a president’s powers to fix problems are limited. That is certainly the case on an issue such as Syria, where Obama has no good options…”

Remember all the times that Ron Fournier wrote things like that about Bush’s options being limited? Never. But Obama’s options are limited. He doesn’t have a whole lot he can do. Fournier even regrets in this piece Obama doesn’t have Superman powers. He writes: “He canÂ’t turn back time to stop the Boston Marathon bombings, or even to be sure that federal investigators did all they could to prevent the attack.” He can’t do anything about it. Most disgustingly of all, at the end of this news article, Fournier, I don’t know, seems to be yearning for a tragic event like Clinton got with the OKC bombing, that the media can rally around to save Obama’s presidency.

Folks, I’ll go through this whole thing, but I’m telling you, I cannot emphasize enough, the media yesterday with that press conference, most of the country didn’t see it. But they did. They were there. And I’m telling you, they think it was a disaster yesterday. They’re petrified. They’re worried that Obama’s lost interest. He doesn’t care anymore. Every story in this Stack. Here’s a treatment from the NewsBusters website, and it’s a Glenn Thrush story at The Politico.

And the original headline on Glenn Thrush’s first story was, “Obama: ‘Hey guys, I’m Still Here'” and they changed it to, “Obama: ‘Hey Guys, I’m Still Relevant’ — President Barack Obama, marking the 100th day since he delivered an ambitious inaugural address brimming with expansive plans, sparred with the White House press over a succession of issues over which he has conspicuously clipped control — from his response to the ‘game-changer’ revelation that Syrian government forces used sarin gas, to the failure of his gun control push, to his continued efforts to shutter the Guantanamo.

“Obama, who seemed a lot less lighthearted than during his sharp-elbowed stand-up routine at the White House Correspondents Association dinner on Saturday.” They loved that. But this guy seemed totally detached, very, very worried.

Paul Bedard, DC Examiner: “A revealing new book from one of media’s longest-serving White House correspondents reports that President Obama surrounds himself only with ‘idolizers,’ and top aides make sure that those whose views might ‘shake him up too much’ are shoved aside.” The author, Walsh, “called top Chicago aide Valerie Jarrett ‘one of the leading idolizers’ who blocks the access of critics to her boss. ‘Jarrett has gone too far in limiting others’ access to the president, according to a number of White House and congressional sources,’ writes Walsh in the book, due out June 1. ‘Her goal is to keep Obama in a cocoon of admirers who won’t, in her mind, shake him up too much or present views –‘”

What we’ve got here is a king, and nobody dares tell anything but what they think he wants to hear, and he gets an entirely jaundiced — why, he thinks Obamacare’s been implemented, I’m sure they’re telling him it’s going great. What this book is saying nobody’s got the guts to go in there and tell him what’s going wrong. Think Game of Thrones and King Joffrey, the little 19-year-old kid or 16-year-old, whatever he is. That kid’s a good character. You hate his guts watching that show, right, Snerdley?

“Democratic pollster Peter Hart told Walsh that Obama is more a performer than seasoned politician. ‘He likes performing. He likes crowds,’ said the pollster. But Hart added that Obama’s White House is too distant from those in Congress who can help him. ‘It’s closed. It’s insular. It’s shut out.'”

Jon Karl: “Mr. President, you’re 100 days into your second term, your gun bill, you did everything you could to get it passed, it didn’t. Congress is ignoring your efforts to try to get an undo of the sequester. There’s even a bill that you threatened to veto that had 92 Democrats in the House voting ‘yes.’ My question to you is, do you still have the juice to get the rest of your agenda through Congress?” And the president said, “Well, if you put it that way, Jon, maybe I just ought to pack up and go home.” Now, that, folks, that is a degree of sensitivity that you don’t expect in presidents. Presidents are confident. They’re egocentric. You can’t shake ’em.

(imitating Obama) “All right, maybe I’ll just take the ball and go home, and then you see what happens, all right? That’s what I’ll do. Maybe I just oughta leave, huh, make you happy, right, Jon, make you happy if I get outta here?” That’s what he’s thinking. He’s livid that this little toad in the press corps would dare challenge his achievements and competence. “Well, I’ll tell you, I’ll tell you, I’ll just leave, then we’ll see what happens, huh?” Very, very strange out there.

And then there’s this: “Botched Obamacare Rollout Tops Democratic Fears for 2014 Election.” That goes along with the Kaiser Family Foundation story on 42% don’t even know it’s the law of the land. Now, folks, don’t misunderstand. I am not at all saying that Obama’s finished and his agenda’s — don’t misunderstand. What I’m telling you is the press is scared of that. They didn’t like what they saw yesterday. What they saw yesterday, he’s not the guy they elected, he’s not the guy they believe in. They’re worried. And they’re trying to goose him to get back in the game.


RUSH: So the only thing that made Clinton relevant again — well, not the only thing — but the thing that brought Clinton back to the forefront was the Oklahoma City bombing. That’s why Fournier was ruminating about it. And of course he blamed that on me, which, Obama and these guys, every time something happens they try to blame it on me, Tea Party, what have you. The media used the Oklahoma City bombing to rally Clinton from his state of irrelevancy.

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