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RUSH: I’d like to know, is Barack Obama boring on purpose or is that just who he is? Did you see this press conference at all? I expected a fireball coming out here today. I thought he’d lead off with Jason Collins. He got to him eventually. I thought he would lead with Jason Collins and a number of other things. I thought he’d be a fireball whipping up the Democrat base. But he was flat.

Glenn Thrush of The Politico sent out a little tweet this morning about 45 minutes before the press conference, said the whole thing is rigged. I’m not quite sure I understand this, but Glenn Thrush said that a press conference that’s announced this late, as in just an hour or two before it’s to occur, means that the game is rigged, means that the reporters he’s gonna call on have already been briefed. When you don’t give the press time to work up questions, you say, “Okay, I got a presser here in an hour,” and the reporters that know about it have been briefed and therefore Obama knows the questions he’s gonna get, I guess that was the point that The Politico guy was making in his tweet.

You know, this actually felt more like a real press conference to me than what we’ve had in the past. Now, I thought the media suck-up factor was at an all-time low. Now, that could just be me. It was boring, but it was not kissing-up boring. It kind of surprised me how low-key it was. He was boring until he got to Jason Collins, and then he came alive, the NBA player who came out. I don’t know, just to me he seemed a little flat and disengaged. His comments about Obamacare were bizarre. They were boilerplate, and again, I think the Limbaugh Theorem was on display here.

Whatever happens in Boston, happening in Boston, did happen in Boston, nothing to do with him, in any phase. Pre-, post-, nothing to do with him. What happened in Boston, don’t look here. Keep your eyes focused on Boston, maybe Texas where Bush is, but don’t pay any attention to me. The same thing when Obamacare came up. You know, we have major, major implementation problems with Obamacare. You’ve got Democrats left and right running away from Obamacare. We had the story last week that Democrats in Congress are trying to carve out — well, everybody in Congress is trying to carve out exemptions. Oh, there’s a revision to that story, by the way, and it is that you and I were too stupid to understand what that story really was.

They were not, as it turns out, trying to carve out exemptions for themselves. They were trying to do something else I’m too stupid to understand. But that’s not what they were doing. Obama said that the sequester was damaging the economy and needs to be lifted. The fact of the matter is the sequester was not damaging the economy, which was the intention, and so then Obama decides to do things that had the economy damaged so that he could blame it on the sequester. The sequester happened, and nothing deleterious happened at all. So then they get into furloughs at the FAA and flight delays, and the other things that they did to make people think that the slightest, the tiniest, the smallest of budget cuts have major, profound impact on life in America because the first week or 10 days afterwards nothing happened.

There’s a great piece on this today in USA Today by Glenn Harlan Reynolds, in fact. I have it here near the top of the Stack. This piece, “Democrats Lose Sequester Battle — The whole sequestration gambit has failed, to the point where even the Washington Post’s Ezra Klein admits that ‘the Democrats have lost on sequestration.’ The idea was that even the comparatively minor cuts in spending caused by the sequester would be so painful that voters would demand higher taxes rather than endure cuts in spending.

“Problem was, when the spending cuts came, nobody noticed. This led the Obama administration to try to up the pain by focusing cuts in places where people might feel the pain: canceling White House tours for schoolchildren, or furloughing air traffic controllers. That didn’t work either. The tour-canceling just looked mean, and the problem with targeting air travel is that members of Congress fly a lot.” (laughing) And they were affected by it, so they had to shut that down. Lickety-split. “Huge bipartisan majorities in Congress thus quickly passed legislation forcing the FAA to make cuts elsewhere instead.”

So the reason that they closed the White House — by the way, I really think Obama was dispirited. Well, I don’t know about dispirited, but he was boring today. He was flatlined and certainly not energetic. I think it’s one of the reasons the sequester didn’t work. The sequester alone, and the news coverage of it, people were supposed to think the sequester equals dramatic budget cuts. But remember, in the last days before the sequester actually happened, the regime and the media did warn everybody, “Now, you’re not gonna see it immediately.” They had been building it up as this horrible, horrible thing that was going to have dramatic impact on everybody. And that’s how they were trying to frighten the Republicans on caving on the deal.

But the Republicans held firm, so the sequester happened, and right before it happened they started dialing back all of their predictions. And then the sequester happened and nothing happened, and there was no political benefit because, remember, everything is political with these people. No. They didn’t do a victim parade. I mean, they remember totally caught flat-footed. I think they thought that the sequester budget cuts were gonna be so apparent, so obvious, that people are gonna be almost riotous. They were hoping that people would just be demanding to reinstate these cuts, but people didn’t notice them. And that’s the worst thing that could have happened as far as the regime is concerned. I don’t care if it’s a dime, they want that seen as the end of life or the end of something that’s very dear.

Since that didn’t happen, I think they panicked. I think they thought it was gonna happen and it didn’t so they had to start moving pieces on a chessboard around like the White House tours and canceling the furloughs or shifting furloughs, air traffic controllers. I actually think this is one of the reasons why Obama was, I don’t know, boring, flatlined, I don’t know what it was. At one point, some reporter asked him about his failures. Folks, I don’t want to make too much of this. But I have been spending so much time reading about all of the frauds in social psychology and I spent a lot of time telling you about one of them yesterday, Diederik Stapel. I’ve become sort of an armchair psychologist where liberals are concerned. Do you know people where the slightest bit of criticism, they get defensive? They do things the equivalent of taking the ball and going home. So some reporter — we’re dealing now with the president of the United States — some reporter asks him about his second term failure. (imitating Obama) “Well, huh, I guess I could just pack up and go home. I guess I could just do that.”

Now, that’s… President’s don’t react that way. People with confidence and bravado and huge egos and supreme confidence don’t act that way, not people with real supreme confidence. (impression) “Well, I guess I could pack things up and go home, all right? Would that make you happy? Would that make you happy? You better off without me?” He didn’t say that but that’s what it all means. It’s the kind of thing that happens in families and relationships. The slightest bit of even misunderstood or perceived criticism, and they go (crying).

“Okay! Okay! I’ll tell you what. I’ll just leave! How about that? I’ll just leave.” It’s decidedly unpresidential. I don’t know why he made such a big deal about Gitmo. He can’t win that fight, and I think precisely because he can’t win it is why you have to look at what he said about Gitmo within the context of the Limbaugh Theorem. The fact that Gitmo is not closed is not him. He’s still working as hard as he can to close Gitmo! I mean, he hasn’t given up to closing Gitmo.

He really wants to! There are just these powerful forces out there that are arrayed against him that are preventing him from actually following through on the promise, when the fact of the matter is he can’t close Gitmo. There’s nowhere to put those guys. He doesn’t dare bring ’em here, which was the original threat. He still needs a place to put people that are captured. There still are bad people that harbor ill intentions for this country.


RUSH: Now, one thing before I go to the break here about the implementation of Obamacare. You know, you and I know the Democrats are running from it left and right.

There’s all kinds of panic about it in a number of ways, but Obama today didn’t even acknowledge one problem with it. Again, Limbaugh Theorem: “There’s no problem with implementation of Obamacare. It’s working fine! Yeah. Most of it’s implemented already. What’s the problem? I don’t see a problem with Obamacare. Everything’s cool.” Is that why companies are eliminating full-time jobs and keeping people under 30 hours a week, ’cause implementation’s working?

What benefits has anybody received yet? Individual policies are due to go up 50% at the end of the year, governments and large companies are looking at dumping health coverage currently offered, and there’s President Obama today at his presser saying that Americans are experiencing the benefits of Obamacare — even if they don’t know it. What? What’s the benefit we’re getting that we don’t know about yet? Well, he said it’s happening. We’re benefiting all over the place out there — we just don’t know it yet.

Limbaugh Theorem.

He’s got nothing to do with whatever’s happening. “What do you mean problems implementing Obamacare? I don’t know what you’re talking about. It’s almost all implemented now. Everything’s fine. In fact, people are benefiting in ways they don’t even know. Duh!” What? What’s he talking about? Where are we? Am I aboard the USS Enterprise? What is this, Star Trek? Beam me up, Scotty! It’s the Limbaugh Theorem. But when he was asked about Jason Collins, Obama came to life.


RUSH: Here’s Nick in Port St. Lucie, Florida. Hi, Nick, great to have you on the program.

CALLER: How are you?

RUSH: I’m fine, sir. How are you?

CALLER: Great. Thanks. On television today the president was speaking about the sequester at his news conference, and one of the things he had used as a reason why he’s not getting the job done, he said, “These guys in Congress, you elected ’em, you know, they’re not getting it done, so, you know, basically I can’t get it done.” A true executive would sit down, lead them to decide, and say, “Okay, everybody, we’ve got five options on the table, pick two.” And everybody who’s elected from the states should represent the states, so they should know how their states feel and should be able to sit down and vote. But the president has to sit down, and his job is to say, “Let’s get this done.”

RUSH: No, it’s not.

CALLER: Which ones are you doing, Bob? Which ones are you doing, Mary? Which ones are you taking?

RUSH: No, no. No. Presidents used to do that kind of thing. The sequester was supposed to happen and it was supposed to be devastating, and the message was supposed to be sent that the government cannot ever experience even a dime’s worth of a budget cut because disaster happens. Well, the sequester happened, disaster didn’t happen, so the regime decided to take matters into their own hands and they cancel the White House tours, almost cancel the White House Easter Egg Roll, and they started monkeying around with the flight controllers, traffic controllers to effect flight delays. They had to take specific action to punish the American people, specific action to cause this havoc. Obama didn’t want to solve this. He wants this to happen, Nick.

CALLER: Yeah, I agree. This president —

RUSH: But he wants the Republicans blamed for it. He doesn’t want any fingerprints on it. And that’s why he said what he said to ’em.

CALLER: I agree with you a hundred percent. I think that this president really gets excited on nonconsequential matters, things that don’t have any consequences where he can all of a sudden spring to life and talk about somebody’s homosexuality. Who cares? Nobody does.

RUSH: They think we do.

CALLER: Right. But he uses this as a push the agenda forward.

RUSH: Yeah, when you say inconsequential, moving flight controllers around to create traffic delays in the air traffic control system is not inconsequential.

CALLER: That has consequences. But he permitted that to happen, or adjusted that to happen. When I’m saying nonconsequential, if he doesn’t do the budget, it’s not a consequence because of him, his budget. It’s, “Well, the Congress, you elected these people. It’s their fault. They’re not doing their job, I can’t do anything.”

RUSH: That’s exactly right. You have just explained in your own way the Limbaugh Theorem, which is whatever happens, he’s got nothing to do with it. It’s not his policies. He’s trying to stop all this. He’s trying to make the planes fly on time, land and arrive on time. He desperately wants those White House tours back, open again, but you elected these jerks in Congress and they’re screwing everything up, and he’s working real hard to try to fix it but they’re just a bunch of blockheads.

The Limbaugh Theorem was proved in Obama’s press conference today. Even The Politico noticed. “Obama On Why He Won’t Veto FAA Bill: GOP Would Blame Me For Flight Delays.” So he said the reason he didn’t do anything about it, says he didn’t want to get blamed. The Republicans are gonna blame me so why should I do anything? Limbaugh Theorem. His fingerprints can’t appear on anything. He cannot appear to be governing. He cannot appear to have ownership over anything going wrong in the country. That’s why I answered the question as you spelled out.

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