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RUSH: In Reno, Nevada. Hi, Vickie. Great to have you on the program.

CALLER: Yeah. What I’m calling about is it has just come to light 50 years after Rachel Carson wrote Silent Spring that she based all of her information, her data, so-called data, on anecdotal information. She completely ignored the available information of the day. She belonged to the Audubon Society, and she ignored their annual bird count, which showed there was no fewer birds in the years prior to her writing her book. And now we’ve based all of our current environmental legislation on the false data that she presented in her book.

RUSH: This is a real sore spot with me, Rachel Carson. For those of you who don’t know, there is this pesticide called DDT, and it virtually wiped out malaria. But Rachel Carson came along one day and claimed that DDT corrupted the eggs recently laid by birds, it was leading to the death, it was killing birds and other animals. DDT was a pesticide killing animals in nature, and so DDT was pulled. The most effective weapon against malaria ever, and one book by a liberal activist, Rachel Carson, which was fraud in and of itself — and, by the way, Vickie —


RUSH: — Rachel Carson’s fraud has been known long before since last week or last year. But it’s still active. DDT is still not permitted. It’s still subject to all of the denigration that was heaped upon it. Her words are still gospel.


CALLER: Yeah. And it’s killed millions of citizens on the continent of Africa.

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: Because they quit using the DDT.

RUSH: Exactly. Millions of young Africans are dead because of Rachel Carson, who is now herself dead.


RUSH: She long ago passed away. But that’s a great example, great example. She’s a good touchy-feely really cares for the animals liberal. And she went out there and she claimed that DDT — it was like, remember the California condor was facing extinction, and they were doing everything they could to save the condor. By the way,, forget the condor for a second. One of my all-time favorite birds is the pelican. I’m fascinated by the things. They are a protected species. You know why? Because it is said that DDT softens the shells of pelican eggs and many of them don’t even hatch.

It’s all BS. It’s like this BS of lights on the beach and turtles. Folks, there’s so much liberal fraud out there that has resulted in the loss of common sense, day to day freedom. But more, it’s just fraud. It’s a bunch of lies for the purposes of advancing the liberal ideology. And the liberal ideology is expansive governments, waning individual freedom. It’s hideous. Rachel Carson was a faker, pure and simple. I’m glad you called, Vickie. Thanks.


RUSH: Here’s Paul in Kansas City, Missouri. I’m glad you called, sir. Welcome. Great to have you here.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, you were speaking earlier regarding liberals or progressives, their first priority in their relationships is you must be either a liberal or a progressive.

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: And then if you’re a minority or something like that second, that’s fine, but if you’re a gay conservative or a black conservative or minority or an immigrant conservative, you don’t qualify. So it’s very much like, to me, like a jihadist. They are more than welcome for you to believe anything you want to believe as long as you believe what they believe.

RUSH: I see your point.

CALLER: You know what I mean? They’re very strict on their belief that you can believe whatever you want, as long as you agree with what —

RUSH: Yeah, but there’s a fraud in this, too. Let’s look at your example, blacks. Now, if you didn’t know any better, you would expect much below that the Democrat Party and the American left love black people, and they believe that black people are discriminated against, getting the shaft each and every day, and they’re out there working to make sure that every black person in the world is not mistreated. Then a conservative black man gets nominated for the Supreme Court, and all of a sudden he stops being black.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: All of a sudden he’s an evil, mean-spirited conservative sexual harasser. And the fact that he’s black doesn’t matter. The same thing with the feminazis. They can be all for women doing what they want, except if women don’t want to have abortions, then they become the enemy. So what really is the truth is, the civil rights movement is not about the advancement of blacks. Feminism is not about the advancement of women. It’s about the advancement of the ideology. It’s about the advancement of liberalism, and anybody that doesn’t toe the line, you’re exactly right, is gonna be called out and they’re not just gonna call ’em out, in the case of really prominent ones, they’re gonna try to destroy ’em.

CALLER: Right. But just like the jihadists — and that’s why I compare it to them, is you can be a Muslim, but if you’re gay, well, that’s not gonna work because you’re not toting their line.

RUSH: Are you saying that there aren’t any gay jihadists?

CALLER: (laughing)

RUSH: How do you know?

CALLER: You don’t know. They never said what kind of virgins they were talking about.

RUSH: Well, I mean — (laughing) We live on these presumptions. Now, look at Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Mahmoud was at Columbia University one day. He came to the United Nations during their September, October annual meeting. I think this was the same year that Hugo Chavez claimed to smell sulfur, i.e., the devil, in the General Assembly after George W. Bush had spoken, to which the General Assembly applauded, by the way. So Mahmoud goes over to Columbia University, invited there to speak, and a student asks him about homosexuality and homosexuals in Iran. And Mahmoud said, “We don’t have any of those,” and the audience starts laughing. And Mahmoud doesn’t quite know what to do. He says, “Well, if you know of any, tell us where they are. Show me where they are. Where do they live? We don’t have that in Iran,” he said.

And of course the students at Columbia are laughing. That wasn’t quite cool. I mean, Mahmoud, this guy expects to instill fear in everybody and they end up laughing at him. Now, some Muslim clerics — and I know people are gonna dispute this — but some Muslim clerics have said that you can be gay as long as you do jihad. Now, the comparison here with jihadis and liberals, I understand it, but the one thing the liberals don’t do is order mass killings and murder. I don’t want to let that stand. I know you’re talking about the mind. I know you’re talking about the requirement that everybody must follow the right path or else they’re gonna be excommunicated or discharged or what have you. I get the point.

Snerdley, I don’t know what it says about the Koran being a living, breathing document. All I know is that some imams have said, some clerics have said that you can be gay as long as you do jihad. Just don’t advertise it, nobody’s gonna have a problem with it, as long as you do jihad. You know, “don’t ask, don’t tell.” It was in the Daily Caller back on August 2nd last year. “Muslim Cleric: Gay Sex Okay in the Service of Jihad.” Just like going to Las Vegas is okay if it’s in the service of jihad. The 911 hijackers went to Vegas, some of them did. You know why? To work up their hatred for our society. They went to the modern focus of evil in this culture, the debauchery of Vegas. They went there to stoke themselves with the proper amount of hatred while frequenting the brothels. So, you know, partaking of the things that are forbidden, in the service of jihad, it’s permitted. Don’t doubt me.


RUSH: Let’s go to Patrick in Rockford, Illinois. Great to have you, sir. Hi.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush. 21-year dittos.

RUSH: Appreciate that, sir. Thank you el mucho.

CALLER: Charles Wurster, who apparently was in the ground floor of Environmental Defense Fund, when he was told — he was the chief scientist, apparently — was told that banning DDT would probably result in millions of deaths, he replied, “This is as good a way to get of them as any.” And that’s my point for the day.

RUSH: Dr. Charles Wurster, who founded the Environmental Defense Fund, when told that banning DDT would kill millions said, “Well, that’s as good a way as any”?

CALLER: Yes, “This is as good a way to get rid of them as any,” is what the man said.

RUSH: Now, would you share with me your interpretation of that?

CALLER: He’s very cold and very callus and apparently an elitist.

RUSH: You believe it, number one, you believe it?

CALLER: I don’t know. It was in Jonah Goldberg’s book. That’s where I first saw it.

RUSH: If it’s in Jonah Goldberg’s book, it’s gotta be true. It has to be. Jonah Goldberg would not put a book out with something that blatantly wrong in it.

CALLER: Well, it’s in Liberal Fascism. I have a hard copy here in front of me.

RUSH: It’s a true statement. It’s been documented. There are tons of references for it, Dr. Charles Wurster did indeed say, when told that a DDT ban would kill millions of people, “That’s as good a way as any.” Now, let me analyze it for you, folks. I’m the expert here. I never heard of this Charles Wurster guy, but all I need to know is he founded the Environmental Defense Fund and all I need to know is what I remember, and what I’ve shared with you over the years about some of the most extreme environmental views. One of them is that the real problem on this planet is humanity. That if humanity did not exist on this planet, that everything would be beautiful and pristine and lovely. That the only beings that destroy and pollute are humans.

Now, I could go into my own personal archives, the show archives, and I could drag out all these articles, quotes from environmental extremists who’ve said just that. And it’s not old stuff. It’s recent. So if somebody tells me that Dr. Charles Wurster who founded the Environmental Defense Fund was actually thinking that getting rid of millions of people was a good thing, I could believe it. This is what militant environmentalists believe. I know it’s a hard thing to accept. If you’re a low-information person and you’re listening to this, I know it doesn’t compute. It doesn’t make any sense to you. And until you understand the ideology of liberalism, very little of this kind of talk is going to be believed by you. You’re just gonna have to take this on faith.

Now, the fact of the matter is, it is estimated 50 million African children have died who would not have died because of the ban on DDT. DDT kills mosquitoes. Without DDT, they thrive. So here’s Bill Gates and his lovely wife Melinda and their wonderful foundation, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. And they are spending millions of dollars on — wait for it — mosquito nets for Africa. Why? To protect the citizens from malaria. There is no scientific reason for the ban of DDT, not a legitimate one. The DDT ban is again the result of liberal fraud and activism, Rachel Carson. So you could say the biggest killer of young African children is not AIDS, it’s not war. It’s DDT being banned. And you’d be right. And then of course the other mass death, I have to mention it, a million plus a year is a mass death, and that’s abortion. God bless you Planned Parenthood.


RUSH: The Rachel Carson business, I want to put this all in perspective for everybody, just what a turnaround her book, her phony book caused. Think of this. A Swiss chemist by the name of Paul Hermann Muller was awarded the Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine in 1948, quote, “for his discovery of the high efficiency of DDT as a contact poison against several arthropods.” Mosquitoes. The guy who invented DDT got a Nobel Prize for science, Paul Hermann Muller, as of 1948.

Rachel Carson’s book comes out in 1962, Silent Spring. Ten years after her book came out, the federal government banned DDT. So just 24 years after the guy who helped come up with DDT, got a Nobel Prize for it, it’s banned because of a woman that — I don’t mean to characterize her, but it would be like if your neighbor wrote a book on something with anecdotal evidence about bird eggs and the shells being made thinner and the birds dying. By the way, this environmentalist wacko claim that the earth would be beautiful and pristine and paradise if there were no humans, yeah, in whose eyes? I mean, if there were no humans, who would see it?

At any rate, ladies and gentlemen, India is still using DDT. Have we heard any stories about massive bird deaths in India? Rachel Carson’s book came out in ’62 and DDT was banned in ’72 and 50 million African kids are dead. More than AIDS, more than war, and the folly of Bill Gates and Melinda raising or donating millions for mosquito net tents to protect kids from malaria. I don’t know. Everywhere liberalism is dominant and triumphant, nothing makes sense. Nothing makes any sense.

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