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RUSH: Do you know now that the Boston Marathon bombing is the Russians’ fault? That’s right. Folks, there’s more going on here than the regime wants anybody to know, I’m convinced now.

“Russian authorities secretly recorded a telephone conversation in 2011 in which one of the Boston bombing suspects vaguely discussed jihad with his mother, officials said Saturday, days after the US government finally received details about the call.

In another conversation, the mother of now-dead bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev was recorded talking to someone in southern Russia who is under FBI investigation in an unrelated case, officials said. The conversations are significant because, had they been revealed earlier, they might have been enough evidence for the FBI to initiate a more thorough investigation of the Tsarnaev family.”

You see, it’s the Russians’ fault. We’re now in the process here of shifting blame. By the way, this is the Associated Press. Nobody’s putting the information together this way. It looks to me like the mother, Zubeidat Tsarnaev, and Tamerlan were interested in international Muslim terrorism. It appears that way. As this piece points out the Russians recorded a phone call between the mother and Tamerlan, as well as another call between the mother and a person to whom the Russians were investigating for a supposedly unrelated terrorism case. This mother gets around.

Now, as the article notes, mom and Tamerlan discussed the possibility of Tamerlan going to the Palestinian territories. He told his mother he didn’t speak the language there, but an AP article over the weekend said that federal officials say that Russian authorities intercepted her phone calls, including one in which she vaguely discussed jihad with her elder son. Vaguely. Vaguely discussed. That’s funny. Vaguely. Yeah, it just came up. It was just sorta out there. Vaguely discussed jihad. It’s funny how CBS News leaves out that they were talking about jihad. But it sure looks like they were talking about Tamerlan possibly doing jihad against Israel, which, that’s not a usual Chechen concern, one would think. Now, the point of this is, at least to me, anyway, that the mother and her son, Tamerlan, were not just angry Chechnyans.

Now, the other article here, I got a story here from the New York Review of Books, and it’s a scoop on who the mysterious Misha is. Misha turns out to be the son of an Armenian Christian father and Ukrainian Christian mother who came to the US under asylum to escape Muslim persecution, and yet Misha seems to have immediately converted to Islam. The bitter irony of it all — I don’t know how hard the media tried to find Misha, if they got scooped by the New York Review of Books. I mean, how does that happen? The New York Review of Books scoops the Drive-By Media in finding out who this Misha person is. Anyway, what we’re being told is that these are just a couple of young kids, very American. I mean, if you look what these guys were doing, they were going to high school, they were sending notes to other students. You’ve seen on TV over the weekend where the friends of the terrorists were talking about what great guys they were.

I mean, everything is being done here to create the impression that this is like Biden said, he said knock-off jihadis. This is really just a one-off kind of incident, not part of any plan here. This was not part of any grand jihad. They are not part of a worldwide jihad aimed at America and western societies or western culture. It’s just a couple of kids, you know, out for a prank weekend. But that doesn’t wash with me. There’s too many of these things that have been happening. We had the Times Square bomber, the shoe bomber, whatever his name down at Fort Hood Army base. And all these, “Ah, nothing to see here.”

There’s a lot going on here, and everybody involved is trying to say, “It wasn’t our fault. The Russians didn’t tell us this. The FBI knew but they didn’t know and they weren’t allowed to know and the CIA didn’t know what the FBI knew and the FBI wasn’t allowed –” I thought we got rid of all these walls after 9/11? I thougght this ability to connect the dots was done. Apparently not. We’re not able to connect the dots still on any of this.

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