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RUSH: This story in The Politico, I can’t believe that they published this story. “Immigration Reform Could Be Bonanza For Democrats.” I mean, everybody knows it. Not everybody wants to admit it, particularly on the Republican advocate side. “The immigration proposal pending in Congress would transform the nationÂ’s political landscape for a generation or more — pumping as many as 11 million new Hispanic voters into the electorate a decade from now in ways that, if current trends hold, would produce an electoral bonanza for Democrats and cripple Republican prospects in many states they now win easily.”

The amazing thing here is that the Politico even would post this. Everybody knows this is the case. This is what’s so frustrating. Why in the world do the Republicans want to do this? You know, amnesty for 11 million, 12 million, 20 million, it’s gonna turn the country into California, politically, where the Republican Party doesn’t exist. It is suicide for the Republican Party to grant amnesty to however millions of illegals are in the country. It’s the only reason amnesty’s ever been an issue. Why, as I asked Senator Rubio last week, why would we agree to something the Democrats are salivating over?

Senator Schumer can taste this. He’s so excited. All the Democrats. Why would we agree to something that they are so eager to have? And you know what I think is the reason The Politico’s running this? I’ll give you a wild guess. I think they are worried that there are some Democrats who might be afraid that voting for amnesty will hurt their own reelection chances. We saw that in the Senate vote on gun control. Remember how mad Obama got. That was supposed to happen in the House. It was supposed to be the Republicans that vote down gun control so that they have a campaign issue. The Democrats did it ’cause they’re worried about reelection. And there are Democrats that know full well the people in this country don’t want amnesty. And so The Politico, I think, is running a story, “It’ll be okay. You guys are gonna clean up if you get this.”


RUSH: Shannon, Lexington, Kentucky, I have about a minute here but I wanted to get to you. Hi.

CALLER: Thank you. Hi, Rush.


CALLER: For taking my call.

RUSH: You bet.

CALLER: Honored to speak with you. Yes. I was calling to see if you knew if there was gonna be maybe anything on the president going to Boston and maybe talking to some of the family members of the victims to possibly fly them down to Congress to lobby some of the members of Congress there on tighter immigration reform.

RUSH: Do you have any experience with ricin? You sound like a ricin suspect.

CALLER: I thought you may ask me that, about my accent.

RUSH: Just teasing. You understand I’m just kidding. I’m bouncing after the last story. Interesting. You’re wondering if the president will go to Boston and find some families to put on Air Force One to fly them where, to Washington?


CALLER: Yes, to maybe lobby for tighter immigration like the president —

RUSH: No, if he did that it would be not for tighter immigration controls, but more lax immigration controls. I don’t —

CALLER: I may try to I’m sorry — go ahead.

RUSH: No, no, you go ahead because time is limited. It’s your show.

CALLER: I was thinking he may try to do the same thing as he did with members of the Sandy Hook —

RUSH: I don’t know. I understand the thinking here, but I’ll have to ponder what value would there be, what cause. Man, you are very, very suspicious of our young, devoted president. I’m kind of shocked at you, actually.


RUSH: Hey, Shannon in Lexington, Kentucky, let me ask you a question. Can you imagine the outrage if the Republicans decided to use the survivors in Boston for any political advantage, like Obama? Can you imagine? Oh! And I was only joking about the ricin. I was bouncing off the previous story.

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