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RUSH: Now, we had some sound bites yesterday that indicated that some Democrats out there were thinking that this was all due to “the seekester.” (sic) Now, remember, we had the audio sound bite from Sheila Jackson Lee during one-minute speeches on the floor of the House.

She made the point that all of these drastic budget cuts in the seekester led to a lack of ability by the federal government to protect people. Well, Steny Hoyer joined that fray on Tuesday. He linked the Boston bombings to the seekester, telling reporters that “sequestration is a stupid policy.” I know it’s “sequester” but Sheila Jackson Lee said “seekester.” I don’t want to embarrass her. It’s like for the longest time, the Reverend Jackson used to say “Cooomo” instead of “Cuomo.”

So I, in deference to the Reverend Jackson, always pronounced it “Cooomo.” So Steny Hoyer is blaming the sequester; his comments came shortly after Barney Frank blamed tax cuts, and we had those sound bites for you. From the UK Daily Mail: “Obama Administration Has SLASHED Budget for Domestic Bombing Prevention By 45%,” almost half. Do you know this? All these Democrats yesterday and last night and this morning were trying to blame the sequester. Honestly, stop and think now.

Intellectually, just stop and think of the insincerity. I mean, that is insulting. The sequester doesn’t cut spending at all for any practical purposes. It reduces the rate of growth. But even so, even if it did cutting spending, to say that this…? You see how they politicize everything? They want government to grow at all times, at all costs, regardless the outcome. If it means the destruction of the US economy, it doesn’t matter. Government’s gonna grow. Nothing’s gonna stop that. So here comes a disaster that everybody is repulsed by. Here comes a disaster that everybody finds abhorrent.

What do they do? Politicize it, blame budget cuts for this. Aimed right at low-information voters. Low-information voters are supposed to hear this and conclude, “Yeah, yeah, yeah, see, that’s what happens. That’s what happens when right-wingers get anti-government and cut spending, then terrorists have free rein to blow us up. Yeah, man, that’s how it works.” That’s the pitch. The truth of the matter is — and you won’t find this in domestic media.

It’s in the UK Daily Mail: “Obama Administration Has SLASHED Budget For Domestic Bombing Prevention By 45%.”

Not the sequester. Not the Republicans. Not some white guy, Tea Party extremist. The Obama administration cut the budget for domestic bombing prevention by 45%. “Under President George W. Bush, the Department of Homeland Security had $20 million allocated for preventing the use of improvised explosive devices (IEDs) by terrorists working inside the United States. The current White House has cut that funding down to $11 million.” And that happened pre-sequester. Obama made — and these are real-life cuts, by the way — Obama made these cuts long before there was even talk of the sequester. He made these cuts long before the sequester was even a discussion item. And let’s not forget, the sequester was Obama’s idea anyway.

The news of the 45% cut in the budget, the specific budget for domestic bombing prevention “comes from Robert Liscouski, a former Homeland Security Assistant Secretary for Infrastructure Protection. He told MailOnline that the Obama-era DHS is, on the whole, about as well-positioned as it was during the Bush administration to handle the aftermath of the April 15 bombings in Boston, ‘but the Obama administration has continued to cut the budget for offices such as the Office for Bombing Prevention from $20 million started under Bush, to $11 million today.'”

Now, you will not see this reported anywhere in the American media today. Even though it’s appeared in the UK Daily Mail, nobody in the American media is gonna pick this up because it doesn’t fit the narrative that a Tea Party extremist did this. It doesn’t fit the narrative. In fact, the narrative is that this whole thing was a success, if you listen to Barney Frank’s sound bites yesterday. What’s amazing to me, honestly, folks, what’s amazing to me is if you listen to the Democrats talk about this, they think that government did a great job here. They’re out praising the role of government. They want everybody to think the government’s done a bang-up, great job here.

If you didn’t know any better, if you just landed from Mars, you would believe, after 10 minutes of American media, that the government prevented this from happening. If you didn’t know better. The fact of the matter is, this news item in the UK Daily Mail from late yesterday will not be seen on CNN. You’ll not see it on PMSNBC. You won’t see it on ABC, CBS, NBC. You won’t see it in the New York Times. You won’t see it in the Los Angeles Times. You won’t see it in USA Today. You might not even see it on these Internet blogs, these publications and networks, ’cause it just doesn’t fit. Obama cut the budget for domestic bombing prevention? No, no, no, because the story is that Obama did a great job. Obama really cares. Deval Patrick, audio sound bite number two, listen, here is the governor of Massachusetts last night on the Charlie Rose Show.

PATRICK: The president wanted to be here. He was one of the first calls I got, I know one of the first calls the mayor got and the members of our congressional delegation to — to tell us that he was — he and Mrs. Obama were thinking about us and that any federal resource that we may need that he could provide was at our disposal, and he’s been true to that word. He’s checked in from time to time since that first call, and I know he wanted to be here, and I’m really delighted that he will be able to be with us on Thursday morning.

RUSH: So, you see? You see? He wanted to be here. He called us. He was the first call we got. He continues to check in. He’s told us whatever we need, he’s actually coming in tomorrow. Believe that? Yep. That’s right. The Bamster is showing up tomorrow. He cares. So the news is what? Obama’s a great guy, Obama’s on the case, Obama made sure it wasn’t worse, Obama this, Obama that, oh, Lordy, oh, Lordy, it was Obama, praise Obama. Yeah, well, Obama cut the domestic bombing prevention budget by 45%, and you will not find that news anywhere else.


RUSH: Not only did the government, the Department of Homeland Security, not stop this terrorist attack in Boston, in fact, they still do not have a clue as to how or why it happened. You notice how the local politicians, the mayor in Boston, governor of Massachusetts all feel like they have to suck up to Obama? Just like after Hurricane Sandy, they had to suck up to Obama. So here’s Deval Patrick, they don’t have a clue, nothing was stopped, they don’t know why it happened. “Obama is great. He called us. Obama is on the case. He’s asking what we need, my God, Obama cares, what a great guy.”

It isn’t about Obama. Why is it so important to tell us what Obama’s doing in this? Well, we all know the answer to this. Because they politicize everything, and they realize Obama’s vulnerable. Obama’s told us that Al-Qaeda’s on the run. Obama’s done everything to create the impression that events like this are over. He’s gonna make the world safer. This kind of stuff happened when Bush was in office. Nobody hates America anymore. Let me ask this, folks. Are you liberals out there hoping that the four Americans in Benghazi were killed by white Americans, too? Is that why we’re not getting any information about what happened there? Are you still waiting for some white American to blame that on? Well, we’re not getting any answers out of Benghazi, are we?

Here’s the point. The Democrats, the left, the media, ever since this happened, have been on a crusade to tell us how necessary the government is, how necessary Obama is, how wonderful Obama has been in responding. He was the first to call. He calls a lot. He asks how things are going. He’s maybe even coming in on Thursday. But do you know what the real truth here is, as evidenced by reality? The government is unable to stop these kind of things. They stop some of them when the bad guys screw up and do something stupid, but they’re not able to stop all of these things. No matter what they do, they can’t stop all of them. They can pass laws. They can make phone calls, can install cameras, but they can’t stop everything. We have to be able to defend ourselves first.


RUSH: Don’t misunderstand me. I’m not saying government shouldn’t try. Their job is to defend and protect the people. I’m saying something else. I’m responding to the left politically here. I’ll expand when we get back after this brief top-of-the-hour time-out.


RUSH: Now, I don’t want anybody misunderstanding my point that the government can’t protect us. I mean, we’ve got the budget here on domestic bombing prevention. Obama cut it 45%, from $20 billion to $11 billion. Fine and dandy. My only point is this. The Democrats are out trying to equate tax increases and government spending with security. That’s not how it happens. At the root of all this, to understand my position on this, I’m opposed to any more government growth.

Government’s big enough, it doesn’t need to get bigger. And no matter what happens, the Democrats and the left bend and shape the news in such a way as to influence low-information people that the reason this happened is the government isn’t big enough. “We’re not taxing the rich enough, and we’re not spending enough money here on infrastructure. We’re not spending enough money on prevention. We’re not spending enough money, not spending enough, not spending enough!”

So you have an event like this take place, and the first thing that the left does is politicize it how they can advance their agenda. That’s what repulses me, actually. The government’s job is to protect us. A legitimate government function is the defense and protection of the Constitution, the American people. So don’t misunderstand. What I’m opposing here is the presumption, the idea that this happened because the government isn’t big enough, that this happened because the government doesn’t have enough money.

That’s BS.

There is no truth to that, and we don’t need a tax increase, and we don’t need government to be any bigger in order to stop these things. You know how these things get stopped? And I don’t mean this to insult anybody. Bystanders! Bystanders notice when some guy is trying to set his shoe on fire on an airplane. Bystanders notice when somebody’s trying to set his underwear on fire. Bystanders notice smoke coming out of an SUV in Times Square. Bystanders call the cops and say, “Something doesn’t look right here.”

Passengers on an airplane get hold of somebody — the flight attendant, the pilot — and say, “Something’s not right. A guy’s trying to strike a match here on the bottom of his shoe.” That’s how these things happen. You don’t need big government. You don’t need liberal, constantly growing, tax increasing, wasteful spending in order to prevent these from occurring. Because no matter what the government does, they’re never going to be able to stop all of these.

The Democrats want to present this utopian vision where all of this can be stopped — if only the government were big enough, if only we had more money, if only the government had more power — and that is what I’m trying to get across. That’s bogus. That is dishonest, it’s misdirection, and it is an unfair take advantage of an absolute tragedy to advance a political agenda. It’s cheap, what the Democrats are doing and how they’re attempting to use this.

There are people who were killed, 150 people injured, and it’s seen by people as a political opportunity. I’m sorry, it just repulses me. To run around and say, “No tax cut would have prevented it!” Well, no tax increase would have, either. There’s not a tax increase in the world that would’ve stopped this. The government could have been twice as big as it is, you could pass law after law after law, and it would not-a stopped this. I’m sitting here profoundly offended.

My sensibilities are offended listening to the media and the Democrats talk about this in purely political terms. Everything is massaged and maneuvered to advance their agenda — an agenda I disagree with from head to toe, by the way. It’s why I’m explaining to you in detail. I don’t want anybody misunderstanding. I’m not saying at all that the government shouldn’t try to stop these things. There’s a big difference here between efficient, functioning government and big government, and the two just do not go together.

Now, the White House spokeskid did his daily briefing today. They canceled yesterday’s. They didn’t want to have to answer any questions yesterday. And Jay Carney got very, very testy when he was asked about people saying that the Newtown families are being used as “props.” He got very testy about that. He also reaffirmed Obama’s pledge to find out who planted the Boston bombs. He also affirmed Obama’s pledge to find out why they did it and to bring ’em to justice, which is what he said about Benghazi, too.

Speaking of Benghazi, the only guy who’s been blamed so far is a white American. Is the guy in jail, the video guy, a white American? The maker of the Mohammed video that no one saw, Nakoula Basseley, is an Egyptian-born, legal US resident. So he could be a white American. Let’s go to the audio sound bites of the spokeskid at the presser today. During the Q&A, AP White House Correspondent Julie Pace said, “Is there any indication on the Boston explosion of whether this looks to be a foreign terrorist incident or domestic incident?”

CARNEY: There is an active investigation ongoing. We have the full weight of the federal government behind this investigation, being led by the FBI. It is important as, uh, both state and local law enforcement officials and government officials as well as federal officials have made clear, uh, that the American people provide whatever information they might have, uh, that could be of assistance in this investigation. There is an 800 number — uh, 1-800-CALL-FBI — which, uh, has been put out, uh, to provide a method for individuals who might have information to contact, uh, law enforcement on this matter.

RUSH: We don’t need a tax increase for that number? The number exists as it is? Hmm. Interesting. An unidentified reporter and the spokeskid then had this little chitchat…

REPORTER: Is the president discouraged at all by the fact that there aren’t more leads in the Boston bombing?

CARNEY: I wouldn’t say one way or the other, because I think it’s important to allow the investigators to do their work. I wouldn’t characterize his view of the investigation because that would then characterize the investigation.

RUSH: What was that?

“I wouldn’t characterize his view of the investigation because that would then characterize the investigation.”

That doesn’t matter. He cares, and that’s all that matters. Obama cares, and he’s gonna go to Boston tomorrow. And he’s calling the governor, and he’s great. The government’s done great here. It’s been fabulous!


RUSH: Scott, Cincinnati, you’re next on the EIB Network. Hello, sir.

CALLER: Hello Rush. Thanks for taking my call.

RUSH: You bet.

CALLER: Hey, I wanted to let you know I heard you talking about them cutting the funding for the domestic bomb detection systems that they have in place to prevent terrorist attacks.

RUSH: Right. The Domestic Bomb Unit.


CALLER: I wanted to tell you that one of the other programs that directly benefits Americans flying airlines is being excoriated in Obama’s new budget. The Federal Flight Deck Officer Program. Pilots like me and 10,000 others, on our own dime, volunteered to go and be trained to carry a weapon to work, to prevent an aircraft from ever being taken over the way they were on 9/11. Now, they want us gone. They don’t want the program anymore.

RUSH: Will they cut that?

CALLER: It’s out of the budget, it’s completely removed, and we just got an alert from our association that says, “Please call your congressman.”

RUSH: That’s probably the “seekester.” Was it due to the sequester?

CALLER: No, it’s not. As far as I understood it, it’s going to be removed permanently, sequester or not, and that’s what they want done.


CALLER: And we’re adamantly against that.

RUSH: Interesting.

CALLER: We don’t trust the TSA, the thousands standing around to keep us safe and our passengers safe. And we want the ability to defend our flight deck in the event that we need to. And just another example to me of what is the Obama administration, what are they focusing on, what matters?

RUSH: Well, look, I understand. It doesn’t mean that you pilots can’t ask somebody what to do, get some advice from somebody on securing the flight deck. I understand your point, that it’s a program designed to secure the flight deck from terrorists, and they’ve cut the program. I get your point. It doesn’t mean you have to stand down, just ’cause the government’s cut the program. The federal flight deck officers are trained by the Federal Air Marshal Service. What this program is the teaching of the use of firearms, the use of force, legal issues, defensive tactics. That’s what the flight deck program is. And it’s been canceled.

By the way, folks, I have CNN on one of my monitors here along with Fox, and Wolf Blitzer just held up a pressure cooker so that the audience — no, no. No, no. He did. He just held up a pressure cooker. Wolf Blitzer held up a pressure cooker. Now, obviously the sound is down and it happened while I was talking to the previous caller. So I wasn’t able to focus and read the captioning, but he was doing one of two things: He was either explaining what a pressure cooker is because it’s in the news, or he was telling people, “This is what to be on the lookout for.” But he did, he held up a pressure cooker. It was brand-new. It was real shiny. It was a really gorgeous pressure cooker that he held up.

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