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RUSH: Tyler in Tucson, Arizona, great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. How are you doing?

RUSH: Well, I’m trying to wade through all the BS today, but I’m hopefully doing it fairly well.

CALLER: Well, you’re doing a great job. I’m a long time listener. I’d say I’m a billionth time caller, first-time-getting-througher. So I’m really honored to speak with you.

RUSH: Well, congratulations. Thank you, sir, very much.

CALLER: Well, I have to say it just really angered me when I heard the president say yesterday and reiterated again today that we’re not only looking for who did this, but we are also trying to find out why they did this. Well, I couldn’t care less why the person or people who did this committed these heinous acts of terrorism. I mean, really, why would it even matter? And what does the president plan on doing when he finds out why they decided to blow up innocent civilians at a crowded public event?

RUSH: Well, see, this proves that you are not a leftist and probably never could be.

CALLER: Well —

RUSH: The “why” they did it is more important than the “who” did it.

CALLER: Well —

RUSH: Do you remember after 9/11, the State Department actually convened a seminar on why do they hate us, meaning Muslims. Why do they hate us? It was a seminar for us to attend to beat ourselves up and to find reasons to justify what happened by virtue of the fact that we are responsible. What are we doing to make them hate us? Therefore the “why” here is more important actually than the “who.”

CALLER: And that’s exactly what bothers me about this. I mean, what does he plan on doing after he finds out, “Okay, now that we understand why you committed these acts of terrorism, we’re gonna try to fix it so that whatever upset you about Boston in particular or America in general, never happens again.” Then maybe we can just give the person a slap on the wrist, if he had a good enough excuse —

RUSH: Well, partially. I think rooted in this desire to understand why is — look, folks, just don’t doubt me on this. This unending quest for why is rooted in the belief that there’s something about this country, something about us that’s wrong, that warranted this. That’s why they want to know why. They want to know why so as to find a way to blame America, which will then give them yet another opportunity to demand change in America. But if the perpetrator happens to be of a particular type, then the “why” will be forgotten.

There is one version of “why” they don’t want to hear, but they’re open to all other possibilities. And it really is rooted in the belief on the left that there must be some reason for this, that whoever did this had a justifiable reason. At least, if not justifiable, a reason that if we examine, we can understand. And that reason’s rooted in fault or blame that can be attached to us or our culture or what have you. But it’s a quest for empathy. They want to understand why they hate us. ‘Cause it will help advance the leftist agenda. It really is about that, folks. It is.

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