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RUSH: We have here a sound bite of Sheila Jackson Lee this morning in Washington on the House floor. This is one-minute speeches. There’s no press conference or question here. She’s just flying blind after looking at the Mars Rover on the moon.

LEE: I serve as well, Mr. Speaker, on the Homeland Security committee, and I think it is important to say and be honest that the seekester (sic) is devastating to America’s Homeland Security.

RUSH: What?

LEE: We are asked the question about the securing of the homeland.

RUSH: Right.

LEE: We are feeling the pain —

RUSH: What?

LEE: — along with our colleagues —

RUSH: What?

LEE: — of the tragedies that have occurred. The attempted Times Square bombing.

RUSH: What?

LEE: The successful bombing in Boston. The speaker of the House needs to immediately appoint budget conferees to move us forward, to conference, and to get rid of the sequester [that] was not the fault of the American people.

RUSH: Wait, she called it “the seekester” at first. That’s why I was confused. I said, “What is she talking about here? ” So the sequester is to blame. The sequester did it. We have to get rid of “the seekester.” “[T]he sequester was not the fault of the American people.” We need “budget conferees.” We need spending! We need to spend more. That’s why this happened.


RUSH: You know, folks, the left is not happy that the sequester has not caused the end of the world, either. The sequester was supposed to cause a bunch of disasters, but it hasn’t.

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