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RUSH: John Kerry, secretary of state. Do you know what he’s doing? We might have a terrorist act here. Well, we do have a terrorist act in Boston. We just don’t know who yet. John Kerry, amidst the threats to launch nukes by the Norks, went to Asia over the weekend and gave high priority to — dadelut dadelut dadelut dadelut! — anthropogenic global warming! The secretary of state is on a tour of the world warning everybody about manmade global warming.

He is telling everybody, “The science is settled,” when it is not settled. There is no science in global warming. (New Castrati impression) “Mr. Limbaugh, that’s typical of what you! That’s the most outrageous statement I’ve ever heard anybody ever make! No science in global warming?” Do you know how I know there’s no science in global warming, folks? Because they tell us a “consensus of scientists” agrees that X. There is no consensus in science.

See, I am the mayor of Realville, and science is not up to a vote. It either is or isn’t. Whatever it is, it is or isn’t, but it’s not up to a vote. Global warming doesn’t exist because a “consequences of scientists” agree. Manmade global warming either is happening or it isn’t, but it isn’t up to a vote. But it is being presented to you as a consequences of scientists. Therefore, the science is not settled. Besides that, we all know that it’s a hoax now. It’s just some people don’t want to accept that, but it is.

The secretary of state was talking to the ChiComs in Beijing, and the secretary and his hosts, the ChiComs, “agreed to elevate the issue of manmade climate change to the ministerial level in bilateral discussions.” Now, why would the ChiComs agree to this? The ChiComs are rubbing their hands together. “Can you believe our good luck?” Because the ChiComs are not gonna reduce their carbon emissions. The ChiComs are not gonna reduce their use of energy. The ChiComs are not gonna reduce their import of energy and oil.

The ChiComs aren’t gonna cut back on anything, and they’re sitting there talking to this doofus secretary of state representing the world’s only superpower, and this secretary of state is telling the ChiComs how he intends to cut his own country down to size, and the ChiComs aren’t going to have to do anything! All the ChiComs have to do is sit there and tell this doofus, “Yes! We’re doing the same thing. You want bilateral talks on manmade global warming? Fine, let’s talk. You’re right!”

The ChiComs can’t believe their good luck. The Norks don’t have to fire any nukes at us. The secretary of state is going around the world agreeing with everybody that this country needs to be cut down to size. It’s too big, it’s destroying the planet, it’s causing manmade global warming, and we’re having bilateral talks about this at the secretary of state level! “Kerry called climate change a global threat as he addressed an energy cooperation seminar on Saturday also attended by Chinese State Councilor Yang Jiechi.”

I’ll guarantee you that Yang Jiechi was going: Gee whiz, this is our lucky day! “We are seeing the science of climate change come back to us now at a rate that is far faster and with far greater levels of damage than anything that scientists predicted 10, 15, 20 years ago,” said Kerry. This is so wrong, it’s embarrassing. “Every prediction that has been made is coming true, but coming true bigger and more dangerously.” That is so wrong, folks, it’s dangerously laughable.

“The United States and Japan share the view that anthropogenic climate change represents a threat to the security and economic development of all nations,” said our secretary of state. I guess the Japanese are rubbing their hands, too. “Man, this is cool. All we have to do is sit here and make this guy think we agree with him, and he’ll go home and cut his own country down to size while we sit here and doing whatever we want!” You know the ChiComs are gonna do that.


RUSH: So there’s our secretary of state, John Kerry, talking to the ChiComs about manmade global warming. It’s the number one priority, if you can believe that. It’s the number one priority of the government of the United States in talking with the ChiComs and with the Japanese: Manmade global warming and how we must stop it, and how the United States is the leading perpetrator. So we must have unilateral, bilateral, trilateral, multilateral discussions in dealing with this problem.

Uh, I just got a story from Reuters. Headline: “Climate Scientists Struggle to Explain Warming Slowdown — Scientists are struggling to explain a slowdown in climate change that has exposed gaps in their understanding and defies a rise in global greenhouse gas emissions.” What is happening is that CO2 emissions are at a record high, and the earth is cooling, and they don’t know why, and they are in chaos. Scientists are confused; the “consensus” is threatened.

The very bedrock of their theory is as man increases output of CO2, greenhouse gases, the more sweltering, the hotter, the more toasty it gets outside. Except that’s not happening. A record amount of greenhouse gas, and the warming has stopped. It’s getting cooler. It hasn’t warmed in 15 years. The “consensus” is threatened. “Often focused on century-long trends, most climate models failed to predict that the temperature rise would slow, starting around 2000.

“Scientists are now intent on figuring out the causes and determining whether the respite will be brief or a more lasting phenomenon.” Translation: They are clueless! They do not know because they have been living under flawed premises from the get-go. Their models are flawed and their thinking is flawed, because it’s political. They believe that prosperous capitalism destroys. They believe that capitalism creates destruction, that it leaves all sorts of damage in its wake.

Because capitalism leads to pollution and polluters and dirt and filth and smokestacks and all of that horrible, rotten stuff, and that leads to more greenhouse gases, and that enshrouds the planet in a blanket. “We all get hotter, and we’re gonna die! We’re gonna die! We’re gonna burn up! We’re literally gonna catch fire,” except none of it’s happening. And, as Reuters says, they are at a loss to explain it. It’s been a lie from the get-go. Maybe well-intentioned, but I don’t even believe that. I think it’s been political from the get-go to grow government, to raise taxes, to control people.

But it isn’t working out.

And now their models — their long range forecasts — turn out to be absolute bunk.

And has Kerry is singing the song in China.


RUSH: Just one more thing, one more thing from John Kerry. John Kerry claimed yesterday that foreign students are not coming to the US to study because they are afraid of gun violence. “Students in other countries assessing where to study abroad are increasingly scared of coming to the United States because of gun violence, the nation’s top diplomat said Monday. Speaking with CNN foreign affairs correspondent Jill Dougherty in Tokyo, Secretary of State John Kerry said he’d discussed the situation with officials there who said students felt unsafe in the United States. …

“He noted Japan’s restrictive gun laws — which prevent private ownership of nearly all firearms, including handguns — and said the country was safer ‘where people are not running around with guns.'” Law-abiding people are not running around with guns. Never mind, never mind that the Washington Post has pointed out that foreign students are coming to the US in record numbers. You know, folks, I’m telling you.

The things that we get from this administration are breathtakingly wrong, breathtakingly so. The secretary of state’s number one issue is manmade global warming? It’s cooling. It isn’t happening. The climate models have blown up. Nobody can explain it because CO2 is at record levels, but the temperature is dropping. Now foreign students are afraid to come here because of the guns? The bombs don’t scare ’em, but the guns do.


RUSH: Don in Topeka. Don, great to have you here.

CALLER: The thanks for taking my call, Rush.

RUSH: You bet, sir.

CALLER: Proud student of the Limbaugh Institute. I had an interesting read on the Reuters climatologists struggling to find an explanation. I don’t have it right in front of me but in the third paragraph it says, “Getting this right is essential for the short and long-term planning of governments and businesses…” It makes no mention that global warming is important for the sake of science, and I think it just gives truth to the lie that global warming isn’t about science. It’s about bringing in more government control over our everyday lives.

RUSH: “Getting this right is essential for the short and long-term planning of governments and businesses…” You’re right, the Reuters story does say that getting it right is important for government and businesses. Even in the Reuters story, I mean, despite what they say in the opening paragraphs about science being confused and so forth, to these people the science is “settled.” Let me explain it this way. They believe that manmade global warming is happening.

Their models have all shown manmade global warming is happening, that CO2 causes it and that, with a record amount of CO2, we should be warming. Now, we’re not warming. So rather than say, “Oops! We’re wrong,” they’re looking at something they may have missed that would cause this “temporary interruption” in the warming process. When it comes to the nitty-gritty, when it gets down to that, they’re not gonna admit they’re wrong in their theory. They’re not gonna admit that they’re wrong in their projections and that their climate models are wrong.

They’re now gonna look for some culprit out there that is causing this warming to stop, and that’s why they keep referring to it as temporary. They’re not gonna give this up. This is a political issue! This would be like the pro-choice people all of a sudden becoming pro-life. It isn’t gonna happen. They’re not gonna admit they’re wrong. Global warming — manmade particularly, manmade global warming — is a political issue. It’s an ideological issue. It is an issue of identification. It’s the way a leftist self-identifies.

It’s as much a political issue as tax increases are, or any other cause that the left has. Global warming is just as etched in stone. So it’s not feasible, it’s not possible that they will look at this data and conclude that their premise is wrong. They’re going to look for some way to explain why the warming is temporarily arrested that still maintains their original modeling forecasts and projection. The story says, “Getting this right is essential for the short and long-term planning of governments and businesses ranging from energy to construction, from agriculture to insurance,” and there’s a quote from this piece.

“Some experts say their trust in climate science has declined because of the many uncertainties. ‘My own confidence in the data has gone down in the past five years,’ said Richard Tol, an expert in climate change and professor of economics at the University of Sussex in England.” His confidence in the data is waning, you see. It’s no longer warming. So there are some scientists scratching their heads and worried here.

But not the Democrat Party. Not the leadership of the left. “Global warming” becomes “climate change;” “climate change” becomes “climate uncertainty;” “climate uncertainty” becomes “climate extremes.” It’s all gonna still be plugged into that model that man is causing horrible things, and we have to be restrained and controlled and taxed in order to stop it. And they’re not gonna give up on that at all.


RUSH: Chris, Sand Point, Idaho. Great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, how’s it going?

RUSH: Very well, sir. Thank you.

CALLER: Hey, I’d like you to consider a scenario really quick. So let’s say that the local manmade global warming is a disease that you can contract. Let’s say you go to the doctor, and the doctor is telling you, “Hey, you’ve got manmade global warming,” and you just keep going to the doctor, and he keeps telling you you’ve got it, you’ve got it, and then you one day you show up, and he’s like, “Hey, you may not have global warming, manmade global warming.” You would think the doctor would be like —

RUSH: And you’d be happy to be told you don’t have global warming anymore.

CALLER: Absolutely. Well, this is what they’re doing with this whole thing —

RUSH: You know, this is an excellent point here from old Chris in Sand Point, Idaho. Let me explain this to you. What he’s saying is that the scientists and the left are in a panic and have been for 25, 30 years about global warming. It’s gonna kill you. It’s gonna destroy the planet, oh, my God, oh, my God, it’s horrible out there. We’re gonna cook. We’re destroying the ice floes and the polar bears, and then one day they learn that it’s not happening. It ought to be good news! But it isn’t. They’re panicked. They’re wondering what’s wrong with their prediction, and then they’re wondering where is this heat that’s destroying everything.

You know what they’re saying, by the way? The heat is somehow being trapped in the depths of the ocean, and it’s not escaping, they don’t know how yet, but it’s getting down there really deep in the ocean, and someday, the ocean’s gonna let it loose, and then we’re gonna really be sweat city. No, they are. They’re blaming it on deep ocean depths, deep ocean phenomena, trapping the heat.

But that’s an excellent point. If global warming is this horrible thing, and all of a sudden it isn’t, isn’t that good news? Isn’t that something to be happy about? He’s right. Yet they’re not happy about it. They’re panicked. And, in fact, they’re insistent on you believing it’s still happening. It is. Global warming is a disease. Let’s say it’s cancer. You walk in, you’ve got cancer. “Oh, God, it’s horrible.” Then one day you don’t.

“You mean I don’t have cancer? No, no, no. I still have to have cancer, you’ve gotta find a way, I’ve got to still be sick.”

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