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RUSH: We have the audio coming up, Border Patrol agent is loading up one of the captured illegals trying to get in the country, and the captured illegal said to the Border Patrol agent, “I don’t care, go ahead and capture me. Obama is gonna let me go.” It’s reminiscent of 2009 after Obama was inaugurated and they had all those town hall meetings. “Don’t worry, Obama is gonna fix my kitchen.” Well, the illegal arrivals crossing the border in Texas are not sweating it because Obama is gonna let them go.


RUSH: It was our radio affiliate down there, WOAI radio in San Antonio. Here’s the audio sound bite. This is during the correspondent Jim Forsyth’s report, Brooks County Rancher Linda Vickers said this about what a border patrol agent had recently told her while detaining an illegal immigrant.

LINDA VICKERS: He was (the Border Patrol agent) loading one up, and he said the illegal in Spanish told him, “Obama’s gonna let me go.”

RUSH: Well, that shouldn’t surprise anybody. I mean, all we’re talking about here is amnesty and so-called border security. By the way, the border security push, there’s a little confusion about this. Folks, I have to tell you, I’m being inundated with details from the offices of various members of the Gang of Eight. And then I have a New York Times story here which says that Chuck-U Schumer is all on board for border security, but get this. This is right from the New York Times.

“The bill allows a period of 10 years for the Department of Homeland Security to make plans and use resources to fortify enforcement at the borders and elsewhere within the country before it sets several broader hurdles that could derail the immigrants’ progress toward citizenship if they are not achieved.”

Now, everybody thinks that border security — well, we’re being told border security is gonna happen first and if it doesn’t happen the rest of the bill doesn’t happen. But apparently some factions here are pushing for 10 years to secure the border after everything else in the bill being agreed to. Now, this is all still up for grabs, I think. I don’t think any of it’s etched in stone. There will be some hearings on this. I don’t know how many. We’ll just have to wait and see. “The bill allows for a period of 10 years.” All this talk of amnesty, for one thing, you know darn well it’s gonna increase the influx of people trying to cross the border. And then all this talk of border security, that’s gonna increase the influx. There’s gonna be people trying to get in and beat that, which is what’s happening.

And these guys are being caught, this is what the rancher down in San Antonio told our affiliate down there, WOAI, “Obama’s gonna let me go.” Not worried about it. Just one. But how commonplace must it be?

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