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RUSH: This gonna lead in to the next segment, ladies and gentlemen.

RUSH ARCHIVE: [B]y time you turn on TMZ what we’re gonna hear is how mean these guys in McConnell’s office were in talking about Ashley Judd, who everybody loves, she’s a great actress, she’s very cute, she’s married to the race car driver, and these mean white Republicans, look at what they were planning for her. That’s what’s gonna end up here.

RUSH: And it has. In fact, before the program even ended yesterday the New York Times took that tack and there has been more piled on since the program ended.


RUSH: So yesterday afternoon during the program we learned that the Senate office of Mitch McConnell was bugged. I think it was the Kentucky office. Not sure. One of the offices of Senator Mitch McConnell had been bugged. Somebody criminally entered and installed listening devices and recording equipment. That is, obviously, a violation of the law. Watergate, anyone? Mother Jones published details of what was overheard being discussed in Mitch McConnell’s office by his staff as they were strategizing over a potential Senate run by the actress Ashley Judd (who, by the way, is from Tennessee).

She was considering running as recently as two weeks ago, and so the office staff of McConnell was strategizing, and they were talking about her and planning various aspects of the campaign against her. (interruption) Snerdley is screaming at me, “This is against the law! This is Watergate! These guys, whoever did this, are gonna go to jail!” I said, “No, no, no, no. You’re misreading this totally.” I said, “What’s gonna happen here is that the media is going to jump all over McConnell for the things that were said about Ashley Judd.”

‘Cause you have to understand: Ashley Judd is a good liberal. Folks, I know that she’s had her problems with depression. I know this, and I know that she’s admitted that she sought therapy because she has control issues. I mean, really domineering, maniacal control issues. I think it led to her marriage not working out. She’s admitted this. She has said some of the strangest things about God. I wish I had printed them out. I was reading about this a couple of days ago in a story about her deciding not to run.

One of the reasons why is because people had uncovered all this stuff that she had said. I’m telling you, it’s so… I don’t know how to characterize it politely. That’s why I’d really like to have it here in front of me. Maybe I can find it and just quote her. I mean, one moment God’s a tree, the next moment it’s the highway, the next moment it’s her fingernail. God floats. Anyway, they’re strategizing on this, and I told Snerdley and I told all of you that the media is gonna jump all over McConnell.

“Here’s this evil white guy and his evil white staff, a bunch of conservatives, and look at the mean stuff they’re saying about Ashley Judd, who is just a great liberal. She’s a beautiful actress, and she wants to run for the Senate.” I warned everybody: “I don’t care where you go — TMZ, E! Entertainment, Entertainment Tonight, Extra, ABC, CBS, NBC, doesn’t matter — that’ll be the take.” Lo and behold, even before the program ended, we got a piece in the LA Times: “Secret Tape of McConnell Bashing Ashley Judd: Anatomy of a Smear.”

Now, keep in mind we wouldn’t know what McConnell and his staff were talking about if they hadn’t been bugged, and if Mother Jones hadn’t printed it. So who smeared who here? McConnell’s staff didn’t use any of this stuff. They were just talking about it. By the way, do you know what it’s called? It’s called “campaigning.” It’s called “running for office.” If you do it, what’ll happen is you’ll get a staff and then you’ll get an office, and you and your staff will get in the office and you’ll start talking.

The things that you will talk about will be oriented toward you winning an election. That is called “a campaign.” That’s what was going on in the McConnell’s office. So they bugged it, they heard McConnell and his staff campaigning, and they committed the crime. McConnell and his staff are the egregious ones and they are the reprobates because they were going to “smear” Ashley Judd. There is no indication of how they were gonna use whatever they heard about Ashley Judd. There was no indication at all.

They were discussing how to. They were telling each other what they had. It’s called “opposition research,” and every candidate from every party does it. Let me give you a sample Ashley Judd quote on God. Look at me. Listen to this. Quote: “I still choose the God of my understanding as the God of my childhood. I have to expand my God concept from time to time, and you know particularly I enjoy native faith practices, and have a very nature-based God concept.

“I’d like to think I’m like St. Francis in that way. Brother Donkey, Sister Bird.” That’s Ashley Judd on God. All right, so the McConnell people are sitting around and talking about that, and one of McConnell’s staffers on the bugged tape can be heard laughing and saying, “Brother Donkey! Sister Bird!” and that’s mean. That’s vicious. That’s extreme, that’s bigotry, and that’s the War on Women — and that’s what was going on in McConnell’s office: The War on Women!

So Mother Jones and whoever bugged McConnell’s office are heroes, folks, not criminals. They’re heroes for exposing the misogynism, the extremism, the sexism, the bigotry, the homophobia, and the mean-spirited extremism of the McConnell staff. That’s why I’m saying, “It’s called campaigning.” During the session that the bug picked up, the McConnell team also discussed Ashley Judd’s mental health history. One staffer told Mitch, “She’s clearly,” he said, “I know, Mitch, this sounds extreme, but she’s emotionally unbalanced.”

“I mean, it’s been documented,” the aide says. “The campaign could go chapter and verse from her autobiography about how she suffered from suicidal tendency she was hospitalized for 40 days when she had a mental breakdown in the 1990s.” This all in the TMZ article, by the way, in which the McConnell staff and McConnell are portrayed as the reprobates. Now, I’m mentioning this here near the top of the program because I predicted it. This was easy. This was an easy call. This didn’t take any particular expertise on my part.

I didn’t even have to think about it. This is just natural. You’ve got an illegal electronic bugging. You’ve got David Corn, who is Mother Jones. David Corn is loved and adored in the left-wing media. He used to be at The Nation. He’s fully accredited as a wacko, leftist extremist. Mitch McConnell everybody hates because he’s boring and he’s a conservative. By the way, these are the same people who were talking all kinds of ugly racist stuff about his wife, who is Asian-American, Elaine Chao.

But see, that’s permitted. The left can talk that way about people. The left can make fun of conservatives, and they can use all the unapproved language ’cause they’re the left, and they’re incapable of doing anything wrong. They are the ones who are tolerant, you see, and they are the ones who are all about diversity. But nothing that was said — at least on the bugged recordings — by McConnell’s staff seems to be wrong or inaccurate. So what’s the complaint? The complaint is that they were thinking it.

The complaint is they were thinking about saying it! The complaint is they were thinking about using this to defeat Ashley Judd, and that’s not fair. It’s mean-spirited. It’s racism. It’s sexism, and it’s the War on Women — and it’s typical of what rich white guys do. So the fact that McConnell’s office was bugged — which led, theoretically, to the resignation of a president in the past — is celebrated and applauded by the media. The end of the TMZ article: “On the tape, the McConnell people also point out she’s critical of traditional Christianity. ‘She sort of views it as a vestige of patriarchy.

“‘She says that Christianity gives a God like a man presented and discussed exclusively with male imagery when legitimizes and sales male power. The intention to dominate, even if that intention is nowhere visible.'” So that’s why she doesn’t like Christianity ’cause Christianity is nothing more than hidden male domination. Mediaite weighed in on this: “Ashley Judd has not yet spoken publicly about the content of that secret tapes that Mother Jones obtained from at private Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) strategy meeting.

“But she did deliver a strongly-worded statement to MSNBC… In the tapes, McConnell and his team can be heard discussing how they planned to turn Judd’s ’emotionally unbalanced’ history of depression into a larger campaign issue had she chosen to run against the senator in the 2014 election. They can be heard laughing throughout the meeting about the various ways they would use her past statements,” things she said, “against her.”

It’s called campaigning.

This is a perfect example, folks, of the media’s subtle duplicity. Mediaite tries to make it sound like McConnell’s heartless staffers were laughing about Ashley Judd’s history of depression when they were not. They were simply campaigning. They did laugh about the Brother Donkey, Sister Bird reference to St. Francis. But Ashley Judd, in response, wrote, “This is yet another example of the politics of personal destruction that embody Mitch McConnell and are pervasive in Washington, DC.

“We expected nothing less from Mitch McConnell and his camp than to take a personal struggle such as depression, which many Americans cope with on a daily basis, and turn it into a laughing matter.” Well, we expected nothing less than Ashley Judd and her minions in the news media would try to turn the victim here, McConnell, into the bad guy. Because if anybody’s been victimized, it’s McConnell. The McConnell people didn’t put any of this out. “The Anatomy of a Smear” is the LA Times headline.

The McConnell people didn’t smear anybody. The McConnell people didn’t go public with any of this. They were strategerizing. It’s whoever bugged his office and Mother Jones who are essentially smearing Ashley Judd. Until such time as McConnell used any of this, and depending on how in a campaign, he can’t be held to be guilty of anything. (New Castrati impression) “That’s not true, Mr. Limbaugh. He is certainly guilty because he was talking about it and because he wanted to use it!

“You know as well as I do, he couldn’t wait! He was hoping that Ashley Judd would run so he could make fun of her.” You don’t know that, Mr. New Castrati. You’re just assuming all this. So once again here’s the victim, Mitch McConnell, whose office was illegally bugged, and he’s the Cyanide Barrenheart. He’s the evildoer. And, by the way, the low-information voters? Don’t doubt me. To the low-information voter who has run across this story, Mitch McConnell is the embodiment of evil today. Don’t doubt me for a moment.


RUSH: Okay, here’s the rap. E!: “Ashley Judd Political Intrigue: Actress Ripped as ‘Emotionally Unbalanced’ by Republican Opponents in Leaked Audio Tape.”

That is not what happened. That is so classically not what happened. “Ashley Judd Political Intrigue: Actress Ripped as ‘Emotionally Unbalanced’ by Republican Opponents in Leaked Audio Tape — Ashley Judd has yet to run for public office, but she’s already getting a bitter taste of political intrigue.

“In the audio the Republican leader and his aides could be heard criticizing the actress as they questioned her mental and emotional health, alluded to her past suicidal tendencies as chronicled in her autobiography, and tore into her stance on family and parenthood, sneering that ‘she thinks it’s unconscionable to breed.'”

They sneered! The news is not that the Democrats were thinking about nominating somebody like this. The news is not that the Democrats were thinking of nominating somebody who actually believes it’s unconscionable to breed. You know, the Republican campaign office was bugged by Democrat hacks. Doesn’t that mean the current Democrat president has to resign? Isn’t that what the Watergate rule is? I know Obama didn’t order the break-in. He didn’t order the bug. He probably didn’t even know about it. But tell that to Richard Nixon.

Kathy in Weymouth, Massachusetts. Hi. Great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. I’ll tell you about what gets me with this is the Republicans are always so cowardly. When they’re on TV, when they’re doing anything right now, every one of them, the Senate Republicans should be saying, “This is a disgrace what happened to Mitch McConnell. None of us want this happening to us. I hope this is being investigated,” and just go on and on about it —

RUSH: Well, they are afraid that if they do that, they’ll be called cowards or whiners or complainers.

CALLER: What would have happened if back when the office of Watergate, that was broken into, and everybody, you know, hunted it, Nixon didn’t know about it, but they all went after Nixon, everybody turned on him. None of the Republicans backed him and stood behind him. Yet we know that, you know, Kennedy, the first election, Nixon probably won, and here he is, he’s got Ted Kennedy and McGovern, and his people want to know what dirty trick are they gonna pull on Nixon this time. I mean, I don’t know, when Nixon ran for the Senate the first time, the woman that he ran against everybody says —

RUSH: Wait a minute. We’re getting off the beaten path. This is not about Nixon. I understand people want to make the Watergate connection. I did myself even as a joke. But this has a different lesson to be learned from it.


RUSH: I want to close the loop on this. This is one of these things, I ought not to be, but I am incredulous. I understand it. I’m not surprised by it. I predicted it. I guess it’s one of those things if we could get people to understand what’s going on in this instance it would help open eyes about so much else.

So Mitch McConnell’s office is bugged. That’s illegal. We don’t know who did it, but the beneficiary is Mother Jones magazine. They got the tapes of conversations between Mitch McConnell and his staff in their office. Now, you can’t do this, folks. We’ve had a president resign, essentially, over this kind of event taking place. The Democrat National Committee headquarters and the Watergate building were bugged in 1972. When it was first discovered there wasn’t much made of it, but certainly if there was any sympathy it was for the guy running the DNC at the time. There was sympathy for him and the Democrats, and there was curiosity as to who did it.

But nothing was gleaned from it, and it was inept in its execution, which is why it was discovered. They left tape on the lock so they could get back in a second time, and it was discovered. It took nine months for Watergate to gin up and become what it was. Well, in this case we have obviously a left wing somebody bugging McConnell’s office, tape recording conversations between him and his staff. Among the conversations that took place were those discussing a potential candidacy for the Senate of Ashley Judd, 2014, opposing McConnell.

So McConnell’s staff and McConnell are sitting around talking about that possibility, strategizing how they would run against her, all of it being recorded illegally, and the tape ends up with Mother Jones magazine. They’re published and now we’ve got transcripts and the tapes of the staffers and McConnell talking about Ashley Judd. The guilty party here is McConnell. The guilty people are McConnell and his staff. The tapes are considered legal, and the media is not questioning how they were obtained. They’re simply focusing on what’s on the tapes and using it as an occasion to once again malign and impugn the character of Republicans.

All they were doing was discussing what Ashley Judd had said and written about herself and how to use it in a campaign. Larry O’Brien, the DNC head, the Democrat National Committee guy. It was his office that was broken into in the Watergate building. So illegally obtained tapes, and the evil guy, the bad guy, is McConnell. McConnell’s the criminal. And again, all the staff was doing was just discussing things that this woman has said about herself and written about herself, and laughing about some of the really absurd things that she said.

I want you to listen to a media montage that we put together. This not Extra. This not Entertainment Tonight. This is not TMZ. This is World News Tonight. We do have Inside Edition here, the NBC Nightly News, F. Chuck Todd, all kinds of mainstream State-Controlled Media journalists talking about this.

LES TRENT: They are shocking, just released audiotapes aimed at taking down actress Ashley Judd.

DEBORAH NORVILLE: Now there is a new tape scandal brewing and this time it involves almost-candidate Ashley Judd and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: A secret tape of the Senate’s top Republican. It involves his campaign discussing a plan to target a possible opponent, who just happens to be Hollywood star Ashley Judd.

JIM AVILA: Minority Leader Mitch McConnell can be heard plotting to crush the actress’s potential campaign.

BRIAN WILLIAMS: The Senate Republican leader discussing a famous potential opponent who happens to be the actress Ashley Judd.

CHUCK TODD: McConnell and his political inner circle privately discussed their so-called “oppo-research” on how to attack Judd.

RUSH: Privately, but overheard by an illegal wiretap. Not one reporter referred to the tape as illegal. They just refer to it as “shocking, just released audiotapes aimed at taking down Ashley Judd.” Why, how dare anyone do that. How dare anyone try to beat Ashley Judd. How dare anybody discuss a campaign oriented toward defeating Ashley Judd. How dare they. How dare a Republican leader discuss a famous potential opponent, Ashley Judd. How dare they. Not, how dare they illegally wiretap, none of that. No reference to it whatsoever. This isn’t bias, folks, this is long gone bias. This has nothing to do with bias. This is the Democrat Party adjunct office in the media. This is the agenda. There’s no bias. We’re so far past bias. Here is McConnell yesterday on Capitol Hill during a press conference.

MCCONNELL: Last month they were attacking my wife’s ethnicity, and then apparently, also unbeknownst to us at the time, they were bugging our headquarters, quite a Nixonian move, much like Nixon and Watergate. That’s what the political left does these days.

RUSH: Yeah, it’s entirely justified, Mitch, because you’re a mean, rotten SOB. You were planning on beating Ashley Judd. How dare you. And in addition to beating her, you were gonna use her own words. You were gonna really make fun of her by simply quoting her. You were gonna really make her look silly, Mitch. That’s what you’re not gonna be forgiven for. You were gonna make her look like a fool by quoting her. How dare you! Who do you think you are? What gives you the right to think you have the right to beat Ashley Judd in a campaign? Who do you think you are? By the way, we have one excerpt of the tape. This is from Mother Jones magazine, released audio, secretly illegally recorded campaign meeting, Mitch McConnell and his campaign staff back on February 2nd.

UNIDENTIFIED MCCONNELL STAFFER: I think too, she’s clearly sort of anti- sort of traditional American family. She described having children as selfish, and she thinks it’s unconscionable to breed. So you put that with what we’ll talk to you later about her sort of pro-choice stance and it’s sort of a, you know, pretty extreme posture to take. She also is critical of fathers giving away their daughters in marriage ceremonies. She says it’s a common vestige of male dominion over a women’s reproductive status when her father gives her away at a wedding.

RUSH: That’s Mitch McConnell’s staff talking about Ashley Judd. It’s a great commercial. Run that as an ad. All they’re talking about is what she thinks. And that’s the real problem. They dare to expose who liberals really are. You see, Ashley Judd is not an extremist. If I could just get people to understand this, she’s not an extremist. This is what modern liberal feminists believe. It is unconscionable to breed. Having children is selfish. She’s critical of fathers giving away their daughters in marriage ceremonies. It’s a common vestige of male domination over a woman’s reproductive status when her father gives her away at a wedding.

Do you think Ashley Judd just picked this stuff out of the air? Where do you think she heard this stuff? Do you think she just independently arrived at this kind of extreme, oddball thinking? Or has she heard it, has somebody persuaded her that this makes sense?


Am I what, scared of the 24…? Oh, oh, Snerdley is asking me ’cause it’s been conveyed to me that when I get revved up like this, that I scare 24, 25-year-old women. They don’t like this kind of ratcheted up talk. Yeah, what Ashley Judd thinks probably doesn’t bother them at all, but the way I’m talking about it is off-putting to them, probably so. Anyway, the real problem here is that Ashley Judd made the mistake of actually explaining what these people think. She’s not a lone wolf. This is mainstream militant feminism. This is Democrat Party feminism that she’s explaining. This is not oddball, extreme thought held opinions held by very few people. And, look, it’s very important. Where did she pick this up? Do you think she just sat around and dreamed all this stuff up herself? No. She picked this up talking to people. She probably talked to feminist professors, filled her mind with this kind of stuff.

McConnell was gonna expose this, so what has to happen? Rather than debate the substance of what Ashley Judd believes, no, no, no. We’re gonna destroy McConnell. We’re gonna impugn his character and his reputation so that whatever he says about Ashley Judd, nobody will believe. That is the objective.


RUSH: I just got an e-mail. I just looked at it. I didn’t print it. Now I’m having a mental block about what it said. It’ll come to me. I’ve got too much going on here, and I’m trying to make it all happen at once so bear with me. Let’s head back to the phones. Pembroke Pines, Florida. This is Chuck. I’m glad you called, sir. Hi.

CALLER: Rush. What an honor.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: Roll tide dittos. Roll tide dittos from deep in the bowels of Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s district. My question is: Has anybody seen Bob Woodward on TV being asked about what’s going on with the illegal wiretapping?

RUSH: Not that I’ve heard.

CALLER: Okay. Well, it just seems pretty obvious to me when all this hit the fan that somebody would want to book him and ask him what he thought about it.

RUSH: Well, that’s my point here. There isn’t any evidence anywhere that anybody in Washington thinks that anything wrong happened here other than what McConnell and his staff said, and that’s what they’re gonna get to the bottom of. “Who are these people? Who are these McConnell staffers?” Look for that next: Profiles on who they are. They’ll find out who these guys are, and who said what on the tape. Maybe they’ll get some histories of where these guys have worked, what campaigns they’ve worked on in the past. The mission here is to take out the McConnell staff and McConnell.

The mission here is to destroy those people. So if anybody wants to call Bob Woodward, it’ll be in that vein. What’s going on in Washington right now, very privately, is everybody’s high-fiving whoever it is that illegally wiretapped McConnell’s office. Those people are gonna win an award somewhere. Those people are gonna be feted. Probably privately, but there will be a dinner with these people that did this are gonna be celebrated, acknowledged, thanked for doing what was necessary to get to the bottom of what Mitch McConnell is really all about and who his staffers are.

Now, Mother Jones has issued a statement, and they’re not worried about having been involved in a crime after the fact. The Mother Jones statement begins this way: “We are still waiting for Senator McConnell to comment on the substance of our article.” So you see, it’s up to McConnell to defend himself for talking about a possible political opponent and going through her own statements. The onus is on McConnell. They “are still waiting” for McConnell to explain himself, and that’s how this works.

John in Mars Hills, North Carolina, welcome to the program, sir. Great to have you here.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. Can you help me understand why the Democrats believe that she should be a senator from Kentucky, when she perfectly fits the profile of the people they say shouldn’t be permitted to buy a gun anywhere in the United States? Having mental issues, suicidal tendencies. How could that be?

RUSH: Well, it’s an excellent question. Once again, it helps me to illustrate what really is going on here. This isn’t about Ashley Judd now. Ashley Judd is the victim. Nobody’s gonna be defending Ashley Judd, and nobody is gonna be promoting her candidacy here. This is nothing more than the latest opportunity to castigate, to destroy, to take out another Republican. That’s what this is. The idea that the Democrats might want to seriously propose a candidate for the Senate who would automatically disqualify herself from owning a gun is probably a plus. A candidate who has had mental health issues is a plus. That candidate can relate to a majority of Americans and will understand the need for government involvement in those people’s lives.

CALLER: Oh, so it gives them representation of the mentally ill?

RUSH: Yeah. She’s a perfect candidate for them.

CALLER: I hadn’t thought of it that way. That’s why I had to call you.

RUSH: She’s a perfect candidate. She’s got the right experiences, the right sensitivity. She’s experienced depths of depression. Remember, the Democrats think most people are depressed. The Democrats think most people are messed up. That’s why you can’t be allowed to run your own life. You can’t be trusted to spend your money the right way. You can’t be trusted to raise you your kids the right way. You can’t be trusted with a gun. Ashley Judd is the personification of that.

Ashley Judd is a great illustration of the kind of representation the American people need. Pure and simple. I know this all sounds cockamamie, but don’t doubt me. I know who these people are, I know how they think, and they’re not gonna defend Ashley Judd (look, I just did), because she’s not running. She took herself out. And especially she’s not gonna run now, now that this stuff’s out there. It doesn’t matter how it happened. Now that it’s out there, they’re not gonna let her run. Democrats aren’t gonna put her up. They’re gonna use this to destroy McConnell.

They’re gonna keep saying, “Mitch, where is your statement? Where is your response to the allegations?” That’s what Mother Jones’ statement is. “We are still waiting for Senator McConnell to comment on the substance of our article.” That’s all this is. You’re not supposed to look at this and see anything that would make you doubtful about voting for a Democrat. You’re not supposed to see anything here that will make you question who Democrats are.

That’s how they turn these things 180 degrees out of phase, and it’s exactly what they’re doing here.


RUSH: Actually, folks, I want to take something back. I said that there’s no way that Ashley Judd will run now that this stuff’s out. I’m gonna take that back. I think it’s possible. You know, it was Bill Clinton’s idea, by the way. Bill Clinton thought that Ashley Judd would make a great candidate. He was one of the people pushing her the hardest to run. But now, with all of this in the way they’re characterizing it, she’s a victim! Made to order candidate: Victim!

“War on Women! Powerful, evil, rich white guy trying to destroy this poor, defenseless, weak, damaged-but-really-good person (sobs) Ashley Judd. (sobs) She only wants… (sniffles) She only wants to be happy, only wants everybody to be happy, and she wants… (sniffles) She only wants everybody get along, and what they’re doing to her now is just unfair.” She’d be the perfect victim. If you think I’m overdoing this, let me give you some examples.

The media is upset that McConnell will not stop characterizing this as a “bugging” of his office. Dave Weigel at Slate.com, headline: “Mitch McConnell Won’t Stop Saying That the Left Was ‘Bugging’ His Campaign Office.” That is exactly what happened here. Mitch McConnell’s office was illegally wiretapped, and at Slate they’re mad at McConnell for continuing to characterize it that way. The media wants to call this “leaked audio.” The media wants to refer to this as audio “leaked” to the press.

But McConnell keeps running around talking about how his office was “bugged” and the press is actually running stories about how that makes them mad. Slate is ticked off that McConnell keeps using the effective and accurate word “bugged.” They’re ticked off that he got the FBI involved here. Now, I want to remind you of something here, folks. I don’t expect many of you will remember this because I didn’t make that big a deal of it here when it happened.

But do you remember three weeks/a month ago, Sidney Blumenthal — who is Mrs. Clinton’s number one adviser after her husband. Sidney Blumenthal is in line before Huma Weiner. By the way, Weiner is thinking of rising again. That’s what Drudge said. This is clever. Drudge has a picture of Biden with his fingers about half an inch apart, and then a picture of Weiner, and the headline is, “Can Weiner Rise Again?” There’s Biden with his fingers about that far apart, half an inch, and a picture of Weiner with the headline: “Can Weiner Rise Again?”

So Anthony Weiner is the husband of Huma Weiner. I’m just telling you, Sidney Blumenthal is Mrs. Clinton’s right arm. His e-mail was hacked. Sidney Blumenthal. Now, there’s a reason you haven’t heard about this. Sidney Blumenthal’s e-mail was hacked. His e-mail had private conversations between him and Hillary on what appeared to be confidential information on Benghazi. Blumenthal was advising Hillary on how to deal with Benghazi. The media did not report it, and do you know why?

Because the e-mails were obtained unlawfully via a hack. So they had them. They had the e-mails that were hacked from Sidney Blumenthal’s computer, e-mail exchanges back and forth between he and Hillary with him advising her on Benghazi. The media had those e-mails. They did not run with him because they were obtained unlawfully, and they just didn’t feel it was right to publish the details of Sidney Blumenthal’s and Hillary e-mails.

Here you have Mitch McConnell’s office illegally bugged and the media upset that people continue to characterize it that way. They want to be able to say this is just leaked audio tapes. So this is a big one, I think, in terms of opportunity to illustrate for low-information people what we’re up against, who we’re up against, and how they operate. It may be too complicated for the low-information crowd to figure out.

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