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RUSH: There’s a story I ran into. I don’t know if it’s a story. It’s something I discovered over the weekend. It’s hard for me to describe my emotion when I came across this. The upshot of it is that in an official manual, the United States Army now lists evangelical Christianity, Catholicism and Islamophobia as forms of religious extremism, along with Al-Qaeda and Hamas. Stop and think of that. The United States Army, and this, of course, the Obama administration, lists evangelical Christianity and Catholicism as forms of religious extremism.

Evangelical Christianity and mainstream Catholicism is listed with Al-Qaeda and Hamas as forms of religious extremism. Evangelical Christianity, Catholicism, Islamophobia are forms of religion extremism on a par with Al-Qaeda and Hamas. I’ve got the screen shot of the actual list of religions that come under the headline of religious extremism in this Army manual. I don’t know quite how to get my arms around this. In the homosexual marriage debate, one of the things that’s really intertwined there is the desire to effectively erase the 2,000 years of Christianity, Judeo-Christian values, if you will, as a governing force, as a positive influence on cultures and society. It is tantamount to erasure, an attempt to erase.

Not just homosexual marriage, but all of the attacks that are taking place here, the attempts to equate mainstream American religions with terrorism is done purposefully with an objective. And the objective, of course, is to discredit mainstream American and worldwide religions. If they succeed in this discreditation, then everything that has flowed from and everything that has descended from these mainstream religions, everything that has found it’s way into American cultural life, will also thus be discredited, which is the objective.

Now, it’s one thing for some whacko group of activists with a logo and a fax machine to send something like this out. But for this to be published in an official United States military Army manual is quite another thing. Again, the US Army listed evangelical Christianity and Catholicism as examples of religious extremism, along with Al-Qaeda and Hamas, during a briefing with an Army Reserve unit based in Pennsylvania. This was on Fox News, too, last week. The military also listed Islamophobia as a form of religious extremism. So the assault on everything that has helped to define this country, everything that has gone into the making of this country spiritually, morally, politically, since its founding, is under full-fledged assault.

There is a universal full-fledged attack on everything that has defined this country. Now, again, that’s not new, either. You know it as well as I do. There have been people trying to tear dawn the Catholic Church, tear down religion, tear down the founding of this country. What is new is how widely accepted it now seems to be and how brazenly public about their objectives people on the left are. The United States Army publishing this now.


RUSH: One thing on this Army… it’s actually not a publication, that equates Catholicism and evangelical Christianity with extreme terrorist-orientated religions. An incident occurred during an Army reserve equal-opportunity training briefing on extremism. I don’t know where the briefing took place. The Army is saying via a spokesman that the Army itself had nothing to do with the creation of the slide. It’s a slide produced and seen with an overhead projector on a screen in front of a classroom. That slide is where the US Army ostensibly categorizes mainstream Catholicism, evangelical Christianity and Islamophobia along with extreme-religion terrorist organizations like Al-Qaeda.

Now, again, that incident where that briefing occurred during an equal opportunity training brief, and the Army, a spokesman for the Army, says that the Army had nothing to do with the creation of the slide, or the information. It had nothing to do with that page in the manual. The list in which all these religions, Catholicism, mainstream Christianity, evangelical Christianity, that list for all those things are equated with Al-Qaeda is a slide from an Army Reserve equal opportunity training brief on extremism. It took place somewhere in Pennsylvania. Fox News got a hold of it and reported it. Other blogs have now seen it and reported it, reproduced the slide, the color slide. Think of a PowerPoint presentation of this list. It took place at an Army Reserve unit briefing in Pennsylvania. So the Army, an Army spokeswoman now says, “It ain’t us.” So it’s somebody.

It’s somebody at an Army Reserve unit who decided to put this thing together and put it on display and have it represent the US Army, at least the reserves. It’s the same kind of thinking that Major Abdul Sahib Skyhook Hasan, who blew up the place at Fort Hood, “Ah, just a workplace incident. Nothing really to see here.” When I saw this yesterday, I said, “I don’t know quite how to characterize this. If this is really where the US Army is today…” First off, I thought, this can’t possibly be true. Then I looked at it and it is and it does represent something that did happen at a brief.

And guess what? The presenter of this briefing, to show you how pervasive all this is, the presenter at the briefing who prepared this slide to a bunch of people in the Army Reserve in Pennsylvania that equated mainstream Catholicism, evangelical Christianity, and Islamophobia with Al-Qaeda, the presenter of briefing said she got her information from the Southern Poverty Law Center, which is that real flake, this Mark Potok guy is from this leftist activist organization which is beyond description in its take on things. It’s insanity. Everything is white majority racism in America filled with hatred.

Mark Potok, spokesman for the Southern Poverty Law Center, told Fox News that they didn’t provide the military with any such list. He said it’s 100% false, we didn’t provide it. But the presenter in Pennsylvania of the briefing said she got the information from the Southern Poverty Law Center. So you can kind of put two and two together here to find out what happened. Some independent thinking Army Reserve person walks into a briefing with a preconceived notion that Catholics and mainstream Christians are just as nutcase wacko extremist terrorists as Al-Qaeda. She either believes it, she’s been told it, so she goes someplace where she can find evidence of it. She says she found it Southern Poverty Law Center, and bammo, she creates a PowerPoint presentation and puts it out under the umbrella of the US Army.

The point is that somebody that somebody in this Army reserve unit believes that, the point is they believe it to the extent that they think they need to warn everybody about it. I’ll tell you, folks, the rank stupidity that seems to be running rampant throughout this country is breathtaking. The willingness of a bunch of sponges to believe the absolute most irresponsible, ridiculous, insulting things about people. The ease with which all that seems to be believed now is the result of a careful setting of the table over years and years and years, conservatives equal X, freedom equals X, finally you fill in the blank, fill in the X, and you’ve created a mind-set susceptible to believing it all. Just stunning. Absolutely stunning. Just like it’s stunning that a Muslim can end up in the US Army and gun down everybody at an Army base. How many of you are unable to really get your arms around that and understand that? And then to be like, “Ah, just a workplace thing, nothing to see here.”

Mike, Sierra Vista, Arizona, we’re starting with you, sir, great to have you and welcome to the program.

CALLER: Thanks, Rush. I want to thank you for being the conscience of America, your voice crying in the wilderness. And it’s a lot worse than what you’re saying. I retired from the Army. I’ve been fighting this ideological war for 30 years, either on active duty or as an instructor. I was a Marine in Vietnam. I was a Special Forces in Central America under Reagan. I saw what socialism did to people, and to hear what that professor said about collectivizing our children comes right out of Lenin. In the matter of Army, three quick examples. Hasan was awarded back at Bethesda, or some Army hospital back east, for facilitating understanding of Islamic, and he was passed along, even though they knew he had radical inclinations.

RUSH: Yeah, I remember. I remember all of that now.

CALLER: Another incident at what they used to call the Command and General Staff College at Linwood, Kansas. About a year ago an instructor there presented a PowerPoint presentation regarding domestic threats and how the US military would address domestic threats, and I believe the area of operations was South Carolina and the threat was the Tea Party and how the US military would respond to a Tea Party insurrection.

RUSH: Yeah, we’ve heard that, too.

CALLER: Yeah. There was a officer in — I came back on active duty as a mobilized retiree. I volunteered to come back on active duty in 2006, teaching the captains at the Army’s intelligence school here at Fort Huachuca and I was shocked and amazed to see — and the counterinsurgency block that a retired British major, coincidentally speaking of Maggie Thatcher, had prepared an exercise in which our US Army captains, learning how to be intelligence officers, were posing as Nazis occupying Great Britain. And this retired British major, his role was a SS colonel. Now, I spent my whole military career teaching both fighting communist insurgencies and teaching how to oppose them. And I walk into a scenario, and I was asked to teach there because of my Special Forces background, I was asked to teach that block from the brigade commander.

So you can understand my shock when I realized that they’re occupying forces and we should have been teaching these captains how to oppose them. I raised a little ruckus about it because it got kind of out of hand. Some of the captains were making swastikas and posting them on the windows of the classroom doors and giving the heil Hitler salute to each other. And I found out that some of the students who opposed this concept were being threatened with being dis-enrolled or kicked out of the course. I took this through some channels and I was basically told to shut up and I was kicked out of that block of instruction, which occured the same month that we were observing the memorial of Holocaust. I thought it was so hypocritical.

RUSH: Well, I’ll tell you, there’s all kinds of hypocrisy. The stuff that we were taught to be wary of, the things we were all taught to be wary of when I was growing up — Nazism, communism, and so forth — people are now taught to be wary of people who oppose that stuff. People who oppose that now are the problem. People who oppose the isms, communism, Nazism, not so much Nazism, except in the terms of National Socialism, that aspect of it. People who oppose these things are now to be suspected. It’s a massive 180 that’s taken place.

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