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RUSH: As is the case every day, we are loaded here today, folks. It’s simply impossible to get everything in that I want to talk about in the first segment. I could go through everything we’ve got and do what is known inside broadcast baseball as “tease you” and say this is coming up and theoretically force you to stay tuned the whole three hours. But the difference is, and many of the broadcast titans don’t understand, I don’t have to tease you to get you to listen to all three hours. You do it habitually anyway. So knowing that, I am sometimes patient in determining when to do various things. But there are countless things that I would love to make first today.

For example, remember that call we had from the 13-year-old who had gone to the library in Indiana and found out that global warming was a hoax, he called me to tell me about it. Very articulate young man. I gave him an iPad. That phone call has the left turned inside out and upside down. I’ve got about 20 different websites, blogs, other entries that I have been sent from the left literally going bat nuts over this. It had four ingredients that sends them off. It had a 13-year-old. That’s the youth, future of the country, blah, blah. It had global warming as a hoax. It had me, and it had an iPad. And square nerds like me aren’t supposed to know about iPads, and I’m not supposed to be giving one away to a kid who could actually use it.

So they’re trying to find this library. They’re trying to find out who he is and his parents, to find out what one story the parents showed the kid. It’s amazing. Now, we’ve got the videotape of an MSNBC hostette, Melissa Harris-Perry. She’s a professor at Tulane, I believe, and what we have here, it’s audio of a video promo that they’re airing on MSNBC for her show there, the Melissa Harris-Perry show. It’s an eponymous program. And the point to be made about this is it’s nothing new. People are reacting to this like, “Oh, my God, this is sick. I can’t believe it.”

She is saying essentially that your kids don’t belong to you. Your kids belong to the government. Your kids belong to the collective. Your kids belong to the community. The idea that you own your kids and that they are your responsibility is outdated, outmoded, and unworkable. And people are hearing this and going nuts over it. My reaction, folks, is this is nothing new. This is who these people are. This is what Marxism is. It’s been out there for hundreds of years now. Mrs. Clinton wrote a book about it, It Takes a Village. Well, it was ghost written, but she had a book, It Takes a Village.

Health care overtaken by government, Mrs. Clinton’s idea. Everybody talks about how effective and how great she is. Mrs. Clinton didn’t make half the impact in her efforts to take over the country that Obama is making and this little incidental MSNBC hostette. We’ll play that audio for you as the program unfolds, because it is what it is. The thing to keep in mind is it’s nothing new. I keep pulling my hair out at people making — I’m glad they’re making the discovery, don’t misunderstand, but it’s frustrating at the same time because it’s not new.

It’s not new that there are people in this country who don’t think your kids are yours. It’s not new that there are people in this country who think the government should have your kids and that you are gonna do nothing but mess ’em up. It’s not your right to raise your kids the way you want to. You don’t know the best way to do that. The state can’t leave that up to you. They have to do it. And there are programs in place where the state, for years, has attempted to co-opt child rearing. It’s called Head Start. It’s called day care, any number of things.

Now, over the years if I point this out, people accuse me of being a conspiracy theorist and a little nutty, and, “Come on, Rush, rein it in.” It is what it is, all these things happen. Now, the left I think is getting a little bolder because they’re becoming more and more confident. I think the left is of the opinion now that they have saturated the country, that they really don’t have any significant opposition, and so there’s no need any longer to mask who they are. They don’t have any need to hide it anymore. They really don’t. And why do you think that they don’t have to mask who they are anymore, that they don’t really have to hide behind liberalims?

It’s because there isn’t any push-back. Not in corridors of power. Of course there’s push-back here, and there is push-back in other media realms. But there’s not push-back in Washington. There’s not push-back from an opponent party. So why would they think anything other than they won? That they are not just winning, but they are dominating, that they have saturated the culture. They are getting everything they want, in many cases sooner than they thought they would get it because there isn’t any push-back. And, in many cases, the Republican Party has been throwing in with them to one degree or another just to avoid any criticism. So there’s that. There’s more evidence today in the UK that global warming is a hoax. And a brand-new story about it from the UK Telegraph, which we’ll have.

New York Times, Jackie Calmes: “Obama Must Walk Fine Line As Congress Takes Up Agenda.” What that means is Obama must walk a fine line to avoid being blamed, i.e., the Limbaugh Theorem explained with everything but the name. The Limbaugh Theorem, right here in the New York Times: “Obama Must Walk Fine Line As Congress Takes Up Agenda.”

So we have lots of stuff in the Stack of Stuff today. Unemployment news, dropouts, discouraged Americans leaving the workforce. We have a random act of journalism in the AP on this. Details on what Obama intends to do with your IRA. The government has determined that you don’t need more than $205,000 a year to retire on. So what Obama’s plan is is to tax everybody’s IRA above whatever the amount is that would throw off $205,000 in annual income. Now, we mentioned this last week. The details came out over the weekend and are printed today. It’s everywhere. Bloomberg, AP. You don’t need more than 205 grand a year to retire on. Anybody with more than that, the government wants to lay claim to it because we’ve got a revenue problem.

Now, at today’s rates it’s $3 million principle that throws off about $205,000 annually — “generates,” I should say — in income. So if you’ve got $3 million in an IRA, anything above that Obama thinks he can take (Hello, Cyprus!), and there’s no push-back that I’ve seen anywhere. Three former FCC commissioners claim that “Redskins” is indecent as it is used for the name of the Washington football team mascot. Three former FCC commissioners.

Do you think they’re gonna let this one go to bed before they fix this? Do you think Dan Snyder and the Redskins are not in everybody’s gun sights? You’re sitting there thinking, “That’ll never happen! They’ll never get the Redskins to change their name.” Well, I don’t know about that, but I do know that they’re never going to stop trying, and that means they’ll wear somebody out along the way. Fascinating piece over the weekend in the Wall Street Journal. It’s an opinion piece. David Feith is the author, and it is about Bowdoin College in Maine.

Fascinating story. The president there, the lead fundraiser, was playing golf with a guy. The president’s name is Barry Mills. He played golf with an investor and a philanthropist by the name of Thomas Klingenstein at a golf course north of campus trying to raise money. Klingenstein told the university president, “I don’t like your school. You’re nothing but a liberal hotbed.” The professor didn’t like it. Arguments ensued. Klingenstein decided to go do a survey. He actually did a survey of the curriculum at Bowdoin.

Get this: Not even history majors at Bowdoin College are required to learn anything about American history. They are not taught about the founding of this country. It is not required. It’s right here in the Wall Street Journal. “For example, the college has ‘no curricular requirements that center on the American founding or the history of the nation.’ Even history majors aren’t required to take a single course in American history.

“In the History Department, no course is devoted to American political, military, diplomatic or intellectual history — the only ones available are organized around some aspect of race, class, gender or sexuality.” Bowdoin College. People are going to say, “Whoa, that’s unbelievable!” It’s not the only place. You think it’s the only college? John Silber, the former president of Boston University, did the same thing. He did the survey of high school history textbooks.

I forget how many textbooks he examined. I think it was nine. The single longest reference to Abraham Lincoln in the nine high school history textbooks that he examined was one paragraph. My friends, if you felt like the day before the election and the day of the election… I know a lot of people thought we were gonna win that election, thought the polls were wrong. “We’re gonna win it!” You thought that at least close to half the country had awakened, didn’t you?

You thought half the country had finally realized who Obama was and what Democrat Party policies have become, and it seems like ever since the day of the election, all of that was an illusion. Even though Romney got close to 40-some-odd million votes, that seems impossible now. It seems like the day after the election it became crystal clear that you and I represent 10% of the thinking of this country. A lot of people think this. A lot of people have tried to explain how they feel.

That’s the best I can characterize it as I’ve heard it. One day we were filled with hope, brimming with optimism that we’re on the road, at least, to get the country back on the right track — and then one day the realization, “You know what? We may have lost it. It may be totally gone here,” and people are having trouble getting their arms around it. The explanation is that it didn’t happen in one day. It has been happening every day for tens of years. Slowly creeping toward the left’s utopia.

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