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RUSH: I want to take you back, folks, because do you remember just two years ago Obama and Hillary, by the way, were both dead set against gay marriage. Not just Obama and Hillary, but practically every Democrat running for office. There were exceptions. Democrats in the Bay Area, Seattle, New York and Boston. They were the exceptions. The Democrat Party, but particularly Obama and Hillary, made it clear. They didn’t just issue little statements. They made speeches about their opposition to gay marriage

Then something happened.

Obama reversed himself.

Do you remember when he did this, and do you remember why? Yeah, Biden did it. Biden went out there and committed the Obama regime to gay marriage. And why? Do you remember why? They were in the beginning of the crucial part of the campaign against Romney, and the gay money was not in play. There’s a lot of gay money in the Democrat Party. “The Gay Mafia,” the activist homosexual lobby contributes big bucks and almost always to the Democrat Party. But they were on the sidelines.

I’ll never forget this.

That money had not been committed, and the campaign was starting to worry about it, because they were holding the Democrat Party hostage to this issue. Remember: Just two years ago, folks, to get elected in this country, you had to oppose gay marriage. Democrat, Republican, it didn’t matter. So then the activist gays on the Democrat side withheld their money, and publicly so — and that’s when Biden went over the edge. That’s when Biden committed the Democrat Party to gay marriage.

Obama had no choice but than to follow.

As soon as Obama did his 180 on it, a tsunami of campaign donations from gay activists began flowing in. At the time I was saying that Obama’s change of position is not gonna make any difference whatsoever because he can’t change the law by himself. I’ll never forget this. Here’s the gay lobby sitting on the sideline. Obama hasn’t done anything, he hasn’t talked about it, and all they wanted to hear was Obama saying it. They weren’t even demanding Obama do anything about it because he couldn’t.

All they wanted was somebody powerful to come out in favor of the issue, and when Obama did it, that money started flowing in like a tsunami. I made the point that his change of position — and this is key here — really didn’t make any difference because Obama can’t change the law by himself, and that’s being illustrated here. It’s up to the Supreme Court. Obama cannot do it. He can come out in favor of it; he can send his solicitor general out there to argue for it.

But he can’t do it, nor can he be held responsible. His change of position on this was strictly about tapping the gay wealth that is so big for the Democrat Party — meaning, it’s not sincere. This was strictly a financial move that Obama made. Now, the reason I bring this up is because this Politico article says, “If we just get this issue off the table, just let the Democrats have it, then it eliminates the fundraising obstacles because the Democrats can’t run around and say this or say that,” and they couldn’t be more wrong.

All Obama had to do was champion gay marriage before the Supreme Court, and that money just came rolling in, and all he’s gotta do to keep that money rolling in is still come out in favor of it. He’s always gonna say, no matter what the Republicans do, that they’re opposed to it. Put another way: How does the Republican Party get any credit if the Supreme Court legalizes it? My question to these consultants is, “How do you benefit from this? How do you, in a positive/active way, benefit?

“You can’t claim credit for it; the Supreme Court did it. The perception’s always gonna be that I oppose it, no matter what the court does.” My only point here is that giving the issue to the Democrats is not gonna change the fundraising any. Letting the court, or hoping that the court makes gay marriage legal nationwide is not gonna change anything. The money is still gonna pour into the Democrats. What are these consultants gonna say? The Supreme Court legalizes gay marriage nationwide. So what then?

Are the Republicans gonna run around and applaud it and say, “Oh, yeah! We were supporting this. We hoped this happened”?

Is that what they’re going to do? They can’t claim any credit for it. They can’t claim to be on the side of it. I don’t know, folks. It makes me think they don’t know their business. Of course I’m not in their business, and I have to always say that as a qualifier. They may know much more than I do about it. Getting votes is a lot different than getting an audience, I’ll be the first to admit. Now, I know there are just two consultants in this story. But there were 75 Republicans that signed on to the amicus brief, so it’s not just two. There were 75 Republicans that did urge the court to make it legal.


RUSH: And, by the way, folks, Biden was not a rogue player when he went out there and committed the regime to gay marriage. He was a stalking horse. When Biden goes out there and basically said that the regime is for gay marriage, that was a trial balloon. They wanted to gauge what the reaction would be for Obama if Biden goes out there and, ostensibly speaking for the regime, comes out in favor of gay marriage. Nothing happened so Obama said, “Cool, cool. So I’m for it,” and here came all the money.

He’s gonna continue to get the money from the gay activists because he came out for it. That money is never gonna go to the Republicans no matter what the Supreme Court does. They’re never gonna get that.

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