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RUSH: I need to tell you here at the outset of the program, this is a weird, weird day. All of my synapses or whatever they are up there are not firing. This is one of those days where no matter what somebody says to me, it confuses me. No matter what I see, it’s not making sense. I have had people firing tweets and e-mails about the oral arguments of the court on gay marriage, and none of it makes any sense.

I have a Bloomberg story here on that that finally does make sense of it, but it took me about 20 minutes when it shoulda taken ten seconds. And then I looked around at some other stuff and I got some sound bites that don’t make any sense to me, and when it doesn’t make sense it’s hard for me to explain to you why I’m talking to you about something. For example, my instincts say, “Don’t do this.” But I’m gonna do it anyway, just for the sake of illustration.

Do you remember back in February — there is a mayor’s race in Stamford, Connecticut. Now, normally that wouldn’t be on our radar here. Nothing against Stamford, but we’re bigger than that here at the EIB Network. But what happened there is that the Democrat candidate for mayor accused me of endorsing the Republican candidate when I had not. But he went on to treat an endorsement by me as something that ought not be permitted in the United States, because I’m so vile and so extreme. Well, it turns out I had not endorsed anybody in the race. I didn’t know there was a mayoral election going on up there, and I had never heard of the two contestants.

The Democrat is some clown named William Tong. He’s a state representative. And the Republican is a former lieutenant governor, Michael Fedele. Let’s play the first sound bite. This is from WTIC Eyeball TV Fox Connecticut news at four. And not to be confused with Fox Connecticut news at 4:30 or Fox Connecticut news at 5 or 11. This was Fox Connecticut news at 4. The infobabe was Laurie Perez, and this was her report.

PEREZ: Michael Fedele announced his campaign for mayor of Stamford. He’s already got his first endorsement, Rush Limbaugh. The controversial right-wing radio host who’s made headlines for his argumentative statements, is publicly supporting Fedele’s candidacy. But Democratic candidate William Tong says Limbaugh’s endorsement has no place in this election and is calling on Fedele to renounce it immediately. Fedele has not yet responded.

RUSH: Well, Fedele is probably clueless. This is back on February 26th. I have not endorsed anybody. I never do endorse in mayoral races, don’t endorse period. The Tong guy was clearly in panic mode because an endorsement from me works. But then this infobabe goes on to say “the controversial right-wing radio host who’s made headlines for his argumentative statements.” In the first place, I am not controversial to any of you. Every one of you listening, or 94%, you agree. There’s no controversial here. At any rate, now I’m well known for my argumentative statements. I don’t argue. I debate and win.

Anyway, so everybody is running around, “What, what, what, an endorsement from Limbaugh? We can’t have that, why, that’s not American. That shouldn’t be permitted.” And then later on everybody figured out that this Tong clown was absolutely totally wrong. So Sunday morning back in Hartford, WTIC-TV’s The Real Story, not to be confused with The Half Story, not to be confused with The Unreal Story. This is their show called The Real Story. The guest is the Democrat mayoral candidate, this clown, William Tong. And during a discussion about Tong’s idiotic belief that I endorsed his opponent, Fedele, the co-host, Al Terzi, not to be confused with Laurie Perez of Fox Connecticut news at 4, the anchor here, Al Terzi says, “This thing about Rush Limbaugh endorsing him (Fedele), when it was really on a fan page. Going forward, how are you recovering?”

TONG: I’m gonna own up to that. That was a mistake. I saw the former lieutenant governor, and I apologized to him. This is the problem with Facebook and Twitter. It’s confusing. It’s misleading. It seemed to us that a page with 400,000 followers that was driving traffic to Mike Fedele’s website was put out by Rush Limbaugh. I think the bigger question, though, is, you know, extremists on both sides, but particularly Rush Limbaugh, an extremist like him and all of his fans, they’re liking Mike Fedele’s page and they’re supporting him and I think that’s something that Mike Fedele and other Republican candidates have to contend with.

RUSH: So you see how this works here. This is so stupid. This is one of those things that doesn’t make any sense to me. If this guy was so convinced that all of my fans liking this Fedele guy’s web page was gonna sink Fedele, he should be encouraging everybody to go to Fedele’s page and “like” it, if it’s extremists like me and extremists like you. But instead, this clown, Tong, continues to be worried about it.

But look at the characterization here. (imitating Tong), “You know, this bigger question, there’s extremists on both sides, but particularly Rush Limbaugh, an extremist like him and all of his fans. They’re liking Fedele’s page. We can’t have that in America. Who do they think they are, going to a web page and liking it. They’re supporting Fedele. Who the hell do they think they are? We can’t permit that. We can’t permit people supporting a Republican candidate anywhere in this state. Who do they think they are? That’s the problem with Twitter and Facebook. All these Republicans are allowed to participate. And I think that’s something Fedele and the other Republican candidates are gonna have to contend with.”

Does that make any sense to you? This is pure, unadulterated idiocy. The fact of the matter is if this idiot Tong guy was really of the belief that all of you going to this Fedele guy’s page and liking it was gonna hurt Fedele, then he ought to be encouraging even more of it. But now he’s trying to discredit it and obviously nobody’s going to his page and liking him. So why don’t you do this, folks, do me a favor. This Tong guy’s feelings are obviously hurt. Why don’t you go to his page. It’s T-o-n-g, William Tong, and just “like” his page, just for the fun of it. It isn’t gonna matter a hill of beans in the election. Just go to his page, so he won’t have his feelings hurt and have the added bonus of having a bunch of extremists “like” his page. And then see what he says. Let’s see if he rejects all of the “likes” on his page. I mean, you talk about guilt by association. This is classic McCarthyism.

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