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RUSH: Somebody’s gonna have to explain something to me — again, within the context of low-information voters. I’ve had a number of people send this to me and they think it’s a big deal, and that is Obama gave a speech in Israel the other day underneath a giant picture of Yasser Arafat, and everybody that’s sending me this thinks that it’s a major, major, major Obama faux pas; that he’s really, really embarrassed himself here and how dare he do something like this.

“Where is the media calling him on it?” Somebody said, “Remember when John Ashcroft, the attorney general, made a speech before a statue with naked breasts, and all the hell that erupted?” There was a lot of anger. Ashcroft’s a family values Christian, he’s the attorney general, and he’s speaking in front of a statue of a nude woman, the bared breasts, and there was a lot of commotion about it. But Obama spoke, and there was a giant picture, pennant, whatever, of Yasser Arafat three times the size of Obama.

I mean, that’s how big this picture of Arafat was, and everybody sending this to me thinks it’s a major mistake. I look at it and say, “What’s the big deal? Nobody knows who Arafat is, and the people who do don’t think there was anything wrong with him.” Arafat was a more frequent guest at the Clinton White House than Barbra Streisand or Kathleen Willey, or even Lewinsky. As far as the low-information voters are concerned, Arafat led the oppressed who are being denied their chance at freedom (and gay marriage and clean sewage and whatever else they want) by the oppressive Israelis.

We live in a different age.

There’s no negative attachment to Obama underneath the picture of Arafat, precisely because the low-information voters aren’t revved up about it.


RUSH: I’m thinking of this picture of Obama in front of Yasser Arafat. Do you realize that when most people in America see that they’re gonna think it’s a picture of Ringo Starr? They’re not even gonna know who Arafat is. It’s only people like you and me. Remember when Obama was making a speech at Georgetown, and he demanded that a religious symbol be covered? It was a picture of Jesus, something to do with Christ, and he demanded it be covered up or moved out of the way.

But the Arafat thing was no big deal.

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