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RUSH: After a very quiet weekend, I arrive here to find out — I didn’t know this until I got here and I looked at the audio sound bite roster. My friends, I’m sorry. I am the first nine sound bites. Now, how many sound bites do we have today? Let me get the total number of sound bites. We have 20, and I’m half of ’em. And let me tell you something. I had a nice, quiet weekend. I didn’t bother anybody. I was minding my own business. I went out yesterday and I played golf for only the third time since last July.

I went up to Seminole, which is a stunningly fabulous place down here in South Florida. And I’m not kidding. The winds were a steady 35 miles an hour. The winds were so strong that you almost needed goggles to protect your eyes against the sand being whipped out of the bunkers and the cart paths. I shot a 39 on the front nine in those kinds of winds. The front nine was our final nine hole, so I played the front last. But, man, the gusts were higher than that. The only thing that saved me was the short game, was on fire.

I’ve got a theory about it. I haven’t played golf enough to remember all the bad shots I was making that made me mad. My memory no longer contains the screw-ups, and golf is such a mental game. You know, give me another five or six rounds and I’ll be back to stinking up the joint. But I’d forgotten how bad I am so I’m actually playing pretty well before my brain catches up to me. So, anyway, I’m doing that, I’m having some other relaxation. We had a wedding that we went to Saturday afternoon and late into Saturday night. It was a totally relaxing weekend. I come in here and I look at the sound bite roster, and, my friends, you know, it was an effort here.

I set as an objective to saturate the low-information voter market, and that’s mission accomplished. I’m not gonna bore you with these sound bites, but Access Hollywood led off — I mean, practically half of their show was me and Beyonce on Friday. And they are just livid, everybody reporting on this. Get this. I don’t know what I’m talking about. I purposely get things wrong, that’s my stock-in-trade. The reason you people love me is because you know I never get anything right. You listen to me just to laugh at me be wrong all the time.

They did a line-by-line analysis of Beyonce’s song to prove that I don’t know what I’m talking about. And then I was accused by one of the hosts of plagiarizing the UK Daily Mail story, which I simply reported was the first story ripping into Beyonce for the song. They accused me of plagiarizing and not doing diligent research to find out that the story was wrong. I just repeated it and made a fool of myself. These people are just livid. It’s like the sportswriter crowd when I was working at ESPN. They’re just livid that I have intruded into their little turf area. They’re just beside themselves with rage and anger.

Now, I’m not gonna bother you with the sound bites of this stuff. Oh, maybe one or two, but the point is not to have sound bites of me on these programs. I just ask you to continue to trust me on this low-information stuff. Just hang in there. It is working beyond even my projections.


Well, what do you mean threatening their turf with the low information? Oh, that’s true. The media owns the low-information crowd. Here I am, I didn’t just knock on the door and ask to be let in. I barged in, and they don’t like it. They don’t like there being any competition for the low-information voter, the low-information person, and I’m in there now. And they’re beside themselves with rage. They’re just so angry.


RUSH: This is Will in Minneapolis. Hi, Will. Glad you called. Great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: I’m so happy to be on the show. Thank you, Rush.

RUSH: You bet.

CALLER: Listen, I just want to serve as a witness for you this morning.

RUSH: All right.

CALLER: I watched Access Hollywood by mistake. It just happened to be on during my break at work, and I think I understand the outreach to low-information voters. I think I get it now, and I just wanted to talk about that real quick.

RUSH: Okay, you saw Access Hollywood on Friday where I was practically the first half of the show, me and Beyonce?

CALLER: Exactly. Yeah.

RUSH: Well, what did you think?

CALLER: Well, listen, I found it completely hilarious. I laughed continuously through the interview because it was so serious. It might have been their lead story. It was very condemning of you.

RUSH: It was their lead story. He’s right, folks, this was dead serious. You would think that somebody just dropped the bomb on this country. You’re exactly right, Will. You’re exactly right.

CALLER: And I think the main guy is Billy Bush.

RUSH: Yeah, that’s right.

CALLER: And he’s very, very serious and he had some woman next to him and they were bantering back and forth, and then they cut to this young twenty-something writer who happened to be a self-appointed Beyonceologist, and he had to break down the lyrics, and he talked about who Beyonce is, what her objectives are and what she’s all about and how that completely conflicted with what you were talking about, and you didn’t know what you’re talking about.

RUSH: How totally dumb and stupid I am, right.

CALLER: Yeah, exactly. And so my theory or my premise — you don’t talk about the outreach, but I think what it really comes down to is just these small, little morsels of truth and —

RUSH: Yeah, yeah.

CALLER: — getting that out to the masses.

RUSH: Yeah, you’re close. You’re really close, Will, I gotta applaud you. For a low-information guy yourself, you’re getting it. You really are. That’s great.


RUSH: Folks, the Kardashian crowd, the Beyonce crowd, no sense of humor. I mean these people are like their gods to them, and, if anybody comes along and treats them as anything less than godlike, then the long knives come out and these people have to be destroyed. There’s no sense of humor in there at all.


RUSH: Our caller Will, who watched the Access Hollywood show, he was struck by how seriously they took this. And that is the fascinating and funny thing about it. A little skirmish with Beyonce. In fact, I wonder how many people know — and I just want to remind you, after the Super Bowl I came on this program and I was effusive in my praise for Beyonce’s halftime performance. You all remember this. I talked about exceptional talent, exceptional production values, that it was one of the best halftime shows in terms of production, performance that I had ever seen. I was just never-ending in my praise for Beyonce.

Then the song comes out and we have a little fun with it based on the feminazi connotations, and these people in the pop culture media are treating this as seriously as anything in their lives. Folks, it’s stunning. It is really instructive. Even I, El Rushbo, continue to learn and to watch how seriously they take this. It’s just a singer and her latest song. It matters nothing in the big scheme of things. But our caller, Will, who is a casual listener here and a casual viewer of Access Hollywood, was blown away by how serious this segment was and how intent they were on discrediting me. He said the most important thing he took from it was their desire to discredit me.

There’s a bunch of reasons for that: A, I’ve invaded their turf, they don’t like that; but B, their stars are their gods. And here I’ve come along and I’m laughing at, making fun of one of their gods, and it just isn’t done. Even Snerdley came to me today, I asked him, “So what kind of weekend did you have?” He says he got calls. Snerdley’s a musician, by the way. You should know this. And he knows people in that business. He said people were calling him all weekend saying, “What is going on between Rush and Beyonce?” And he had to tell ’em what it was ’cause they were all prisoners to what they had seen reported in the pop culture media about this.

Folks, I’ll tell you why it’s interesting to me. We’re gonna have to reach these people somehow, some way, someday. Something’s gonna have to happen. These people elected Barack Obama. And, by definition, they don’t know very much. It’s not a comment on their intelligence, by any stretch. It’s not a comment on their ability to learn things. Low-information means exactly that, they just don’t know very much. And what’s even scarier is how wrong they are about the things they think they do know. We’re gonna continue our low-information outreach. The low-information outreach can happen in the Drive-By Media as well. I think half of the low-information population’s in the US media. They are blocked off from what half of the people in this country believe. They are uninterested in it. They’re unaware of it. They could not care less what half the people in this country believe.

In fact, I think that’s what shakes ’em up. I think one of the things that bothers everybody is that half the country, if not more, actually, in terms of population, not voting population, but the actual population, you look at polling data, Obama’s policies are not popular. If you look at polling data issue by issue by issue, Obama’s ideas are not popular. And now his personal approval is starting to fall, a day late and a dollar short, what’s anybody gonna do about it? He secured reelection. However, the 2014 elections are important, dramatically so, I would say. So the effort to inform low-information voters should continue.

But I think, as I study this, the vast majority of people don’t like Obama’s policies, don’t support them, they just don’t associate them with the country’s performance. It’s the Limbaugh Theorem. It’s the most fascinating thing. Fifty-five to 60% of registered likely voters in this country disagree with Obama’s policies and disagree with the direction the country’s headed. They don’t associate Obama’s policies with what’s happening in the country. Then you have the Drive-Bys, the mainstream media, and you have the low-information crowd and the pop culture media, and they’re entirely ignorant of what half this country believes and thinks, and they’re scared by it.

Obama runs around, for example, he owns, like no president ever has, the media. And yet he’ll run out there and complain about me and Fox News as the two remaining places where there is substantive opposition, which, to somebody like Obama, opposition is not tolerable. The objective is to eliminate all opposition, be it a political party, be it media, what have you. The objective is to eliminate the opposition, not to defeat them, not in the arena of ideas, not to outclass them, not to beat them in a debate, but to literally eliminate them from viability. And the fact that they haven’t been able to eliminate Fox or me — and how many times do you think they thought they had me fixed and done away with? How many times over the course of 25 years do you think they thought they’d finally pulled it off? And yet here we are.

It’s like Chris Matthews said about a month after the election. No matter what we do, Limbaugh’s still there. It’s the same thing about Fox News, no matter what they do, Fox News is still there. And what really, I think, animates ’em and frustrates them is that that represents — we, Fox News, me, talk radio — represent the thinking of half of the population of this country, and that’s why they’re bugged, that they have that degree of opposition left that they haven’t been able to eliminate. And therefore their task, as they see it, is to discredit and to impugn and to eliminate me and Fox and anybody else they determine to be substantively opposed to them, that they can’t beat in the arena of ideas.

So that’s why the pop culture guys take it so seriously. To us, this Beyonce thing is nothing but pure fun. We’re enjoying stirring it up. And they’re in there: “My God, these are fighting words.” They are fit to be tied. And they’re treating this as though one country dropped a nuke on another.

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