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RUSH: The New York Times has a story today. This is curious — very, very curious: “Obama Has Lost Advantage Over GOP on Economy.” Now, all this story is is an aggregation of recent polls, which show Obama’s approval number falling. And in a couple of the polls Obama’s approval number is plummeting. Now, we’ve already discussed those, so there isn’t a whole lot new in this story informationally. But the thing about this is, if the New York Times says it, that makes it official with everything else in the news business.

You may not know that the rest of the news business feeds off the New York Times. Whatever the New York Times says is the news on any given day is what every other news organization then assigns a reporter to or discussion topic to, if it’s a cable news channel or what have you. It’s what other newspapers and wire services bounce off of. So if the New York Times has a story which basically says that Obama’s sequester gambit has been a flop, that this was not the way it was supposed to work…

If it says the sequester and the threat of a government shutdown were supposed to destroy the Republican Party once and for all, then the New York Times says that didn’t work. And hence the headline: “Obama Has Lost Advantage Over GOP on Economy,” and the only thing newsworthy here is that the Times is saying it because that will flavor and shape the way the rest of the media begins to ask questions about it. You can watch today and tomorrow, and you’ll see if this is true.

You’ll see a discussion, maybe a panel discussion for five minutes or so on some obscure cable show at two in the afternoon: “Has Obama lost his mojo? Did the Republicans surprise people surviving the sequester?” It’ll be that kind of thing, and it will be inspired by this story in the New York Times. Now, why is this happening? I think it’s because we’ve exposed Obama with the Limbaugh Theorem, in part.

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