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RUSH: Susan in Oxnard, California, great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hi. Super Mega dittos, Rush.

RUSH: I appreciate that, thank you.

CALLER: Yesterday you said the left wants to eliminate judging people on accomplishments in order to judge them on surface things, but I say that wasn’t quite correct. I say what they’re doing is building their monetary system where merit and effort don’t matter but being a good person and caring are what matters and that’s how people earn stuff. They’re swapping those and changing the perception and the expectations of the youngsters.

RUSH: So that caring and being a good person matters more than earning things?

CALLER: Right. When they get rid of all the judging and the levels so that all the kids are the same, the high achievers, they put them right down there with the lower achievers, they’re all the same. So when they get to the out of school level and they go to get a job, they don’t understand why they’re not making just as much as the higher achievers. I’m a good person too, I deserve just as much.

RUSH: Well, I know exactly what you’re saying, and on the surface your point is good but it’s got a couple of flaws in it. What you’re basically saying is all that really matters is being a good party member. The problem is there are lots of really good people who are conservatives that these people hate.

CALLER: Right. Right. But they hate them because they don’t see their good personness. For example, I’m going to use you if you don’t mind. They don’t see you as a good person because they don’t see you doing the caring stuff. You take things factual, step by step. If you want to get to a goal, you figure out what the steps are and you go one by one by one. They don’t see you doing the, “Well, I care, I’m a good person. I believe in global warming.” You’re out there marching with them. You’re out there giving other liberals, “You’re a good person.” “No, you’re a good person.” “You’re a good liberal.” “You’re a good liberal.” They don’t see you doing that stuff because you’re doing the steps. So you’re not a good person.

RUSH: Wait a minute. Now this is intriguing because there’s no question you’re onto something here. But I do do good stuff, and frequently on this program. I mean, I don’t tout the stuff that I do. But some of the stuff that I do here I do do publicly.

CALLER: Absolutely, I agree. You are a super good, super duper good person and you deserve even more money than you have if we’re measuring by the liberal system. But the liberals, they can’t see it that way. See, I stumbled onto this because I was beat into submission of being a liberal when I was in school. I was beat down. I was a high achiever and I was punished for that. I was attacked in one class. And I kept not understanding, you know, what am I doing wrong. I was making the other children feel bad. Stop making them feel bad.

RUSH: Right. Exactly. You are humiliating the others because they weren’t doing nearly as well as you were.

CALLER: Correct. Correct. I mean, I can remember the exact minute when I figured out what the teachers wanted me to do. They wanted me to dumb myself down and be weaker and be with the other kids. So then I was a good person and then they told me, “Okay, now you’re a good person and now you will be able to build a life. Now you will be able to do things.” When I was doing it the other way, I wasn’t a good person. I was never going to get anywhere because I was always going to step on people and I was always going to be pushed down and everything. They explain it different and they drill it in there to the point that it sort of sticks. I mean, if you listen to the, any of the

RUSH: I know, they put all kinds of peer pressure, societal pressure, tow the party line pressure kind of pressure on you because everybody wants to be loved. That’s what they prey on.

CALLER: Right. Right. And the people nowadays believe it. You watch reality TV and you’ll see them. “You know, what’s wrong with me. I’m a good person.” Or, “I’m a good person; I deserve to win.” You actually hear them saying that.

RUSH: No, that’s right. I deserve to win because I’m a good person, not because I’m any good at anything.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: I deserve to win because I’m a good person! I care!

CALLER: You are awesome, Rush. They expect that talent and experience; none of that matters. It shouldn’t matter.

RUSH: Shouldn’t matter. Shouldn’t. Of course it does in the real world.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: And that’s why people get shocked and surprised as you’re describing this.

CALLER: Correct. And it’s also why when it doesn’t work that way, they get angry and frustrated and you see the liberal temper tantrum.

RUSH: Okay, Susan, how old were you when you figured this out?

CALLER: Which one? I figured out what the liberals wanted me to do when I was in fourth grade. I figured the system, I call it the liberal GPS.

RUSH: Okay. What grade are you in now?

CALLER: Oh, I’m almost as old as you are.

RUSH: No. No. No, no, no. I thought you were another 17 or 18 year old.

CALLER: No. No, no. No, no, no.

RUSH: Don’t be insulted. I didn’t

CALLER: No, I’m actually honored. You have no idea. I am probably your biggest fan, Rush. I give your tea as gifts. I send it to liberals all the time. Yeah. But this system I figured out

RUSH: Well, look. I’ve got the constraints of time here that I have to deal with. I have to run. But let me reciprocate. I don’t know what you would prefer, but let me give you an item list to choose from: iPad, iPhone, iPad Mini, Retina MacBook Pro.

CALLER: How about the iPad and your signature, and can I type an e mail and you’ll just read it if I write the rest of this for ya?

RUSH: Sure.

CALLER: Okay. I will send it. I’m a 24/7 member and I’ll type it up, because I think you’ll find it interesting.

RUSH: Okay. Now look. To make sure that I see it, and if I tell you what to put in the subject line, everybody will do that.

CALLER: I know. Mr. Snerdley can tell me that.

RUSH: I’ll give Snerdley a code. So you want a signature iPad?

CALLER: Yeah. You’re awesome.

RUSH: All right.

CALLER: I just love the heck out of you.

RUSH: Susan, thank you so much. Well, you hang on so Snerdley gets your address. Are you sure you want the signature 10 inch iPad?

CALLER: You know what? I want you to send me whatever you choose. That’s actually what I really want. Honestly, I don’t know what most of them are. (laughing)

RUSH: All right. Well, that’s what you specified, so that’s what you’ll get.

CALLER: You’re a sweetheart.

RUSH: It’s state of the art. Now hang on so we get your address, and I’ll give Snerdley the code for the subject line on the e mail. So don’t hang up, okay? All right. Thanks much. Well, that was too brainiacs in a row taking me to school. “Well, you know, Rush, you’re partially right but there’s something you’re not getting.” I love it. I absolutely love it.

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