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RUSH: Sheldon in New York City. I’m glad you waited, Sheldon, and welcome to the program.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush. Thanks for taking my call.

RUSH: You bet, sir.

CALLER: Yes. I want to talk about the Beyonce situation.

RUSH: Beyonce and Bow Down, B-I-tches, yes.

CALLER: Right. There’s sort of like a Twitter feud going on between Keyshia Cole and Beyonce and it’s been going back and forth since I believe halftime in the Super Bowl.

RUSH: Sheldon, hang on. I need to interrupt here. Does Beyonce actually Twitter? Does she tweet? Or is it somebody doing it for her?

CALLER: That I’m not sure.

RUSH: So you say there’s a Twitter feud between Keyshia Cole and Beyonce. Is it actually those two, or is it a feud between supporters, fans of those two?

CALLER: That’s a good question.

RUSH: Probably fans, but they might be tweeting. You never know. Most people do.

CALLER: Right. So I feel that the only reason why Keyshia Cole made the comments that she made was because she felt that Beyonce was talking about her. And when Beyonce said Bow Down, Bitches, she really means that she’s talking to all the other artists, female artists that are —

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: beneath her. And that’s the only reason why I think Keyshia Cole made the comment that she made.

RUSH: All right. So Beyonce is basically saying, “Look, I’m the queen. I’m the head honcho. I’m the top dog. I’m bigger than any of you and you all need to be bowing down to me because you’re a bunch of no-talent louts.”

CALLER: That’s correct.

RUSH: Pretty much it. Okay. That’s really admirable. That’s very admirable. Sheldon, how long have you been listening to the EIB Network, this show?

CALLER: About a year now.

RUSH: Cool. Very cool. Well, the Beyonce controversy, you know, it’s taken the nation by storm. Did you hear about this on TMZ?


RUSH: Yeah. What’s happened here is that the first story I saw about this was in a UK newspaper and they ripped Beyonce because they didn’t interpret it as she saying bow down to these other female singers. They interpreted it as Beyonce sort of cashing in her feminist chips and saying bow down to your guy, to these women. But you’re saying that Keyshia Cole took this thing personally and that’s why she’s ripping Beyonce on Twitter?

CALLER: Right. You really have to be a Beyonce fan to really understand what she’s saying.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: When she’s saying bow down, bitches, she’s not bowing down to a man. She’s saying for her females to bow down to her.

RUSH: Now Sheldon, you may be right as a Beyonce expert, but Skip Gates, African American professor of everything at Harvard, his publication has also ripped Beyonce for betraying her feminism on this. So there are a bunch of different interpretations. Has Beyonce said anything, Sheldon? Have you talked to her? Have you heard anything that she might have said about this?

CALLER: No, she hasn’t come out and said anything yet.

RUSH: She’d probably be wise not to. I mean, when they’re talking about you, the thing to do is shut up.

CALLER: Yes, I agree.

RUSH: Well, Sheldon, I appreciate the call. Thanks much. I appreciate the input.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush.

RUSH: You bet. That’s Sheldon in New York City, been with the program for about a year. Outreach program, ladies and gentlemen, have to say, it’s working.

RUSH: This thing with Beyonce, this chop and screw thing is bad for her no matter which way it goes. If she’s doing a 180 on feminists, that isn’t cool. But if she’s also doing this queen bee thing and saying to young female singers, “You better bow down to me because I’m the top dog,” well, that’s not cool, either. It’s not a win-win for “Bey,” as they say.

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