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RUSH: Have you heard about the latest outrage involving Obamacare? CVS, the pharmacy giant, has told its employees in the San Francisco, the Bay Area — and actually around the country, all over the place — every employee at CVS will have to reveal their weight and other health information or pay extra for health coverage.

“The company announced Wednesday what it called ‘A Plan for Health,’ that features a mix of rewards and penalties for employees. Among the measures, employees must report their weight, body fat, cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Workers must also be tobacco free or enroll in an addiction program by next year.”

All of this because of Obamacare. Now, I tell you what’s gonna happen here. Remember we had the quote, Bernie Marcus, one of the cofounders of Home Depot said he was talking to some fellow friends of his that run businesses. The payroll tax holiday ended on January 1st, so the first paychecks of the year for everybody, their take-home pay went down as the payroll tax was restored. And Bernie Marcus said that a bunch of his friends that run businesses told him that their employees were blaming the employer for this, when it was in fact an Obama tax increase. But the employees were getting mad at their managers and their owners for their paychecks getting smaller. They had no idea what the payroll tax even was. They thought it was something that was assessed by the business.

So what do you think CVS employees are gonna do? Do you think they’re gonna blame Obamacare, or will they blame CVS? CVS can be honest, “No, no, we’re doing this because of Obamacare requirements.”

“No, you’re not. You just don’t like Obama. You businesspeople, you treat employees like crap anyway, and you’re making us do this just because you’re the boss.” Don’t be surprised, folks, if, as Obamacare items are implemented, and they cause things like this, that the businesses, they’re the end users, they’re the ones implementing this. The directive didn’t come from Washington. It was CVS who told their employees what they’re gonna have to do. They’re gonna get the blame.

You didn’t calculate this, did you? When all these Obamacare rules get implemented, we all thought, “Yeah, when that happens there’s gonna be hell to pay. People are gonna get mad at Obama, the Democrats.” Maybe not, at first. They may end up blaming their bosses. Because it’s not Obama making ’em go get a checkup or enroll in an addiction program because they smoke. It’s not Obama, as far as they’re concerned, it’s not Obama making them measure their body fat. It’s management at CVS. And CVS, they’re not gonna know how to deal with it. These management people don’t know how to deal with this kind of stuff. They’re not gonna know how to market to their own employees.

“No, we’re only doing this because this is the federal law.” And even if they do that, these low-information employees at CVS are probably gonna say, “No, Obama said he’s not going to do this. Obama said our premiums were gonna go down. Obama said that we’re gonna keep our doctor. Obama said that none of this was gonna happen. So it must be you guys doing it.” Don’t doubt me on this. I can see the tea leaves. We’ve already had a couple of examples of this, the Bernie Marcus story being one of them. And of course here’s the headline at the CBS website: “CVS Ordering Workers To Reveal Weight, Health Info.”

You have to read pretty far down the story to find out they’re only complying with Obamacare. You have to read further into this story than your average low-information reader is going to go. So this may not be the event that everybody thought it might be. It depends. It depends on how management at these companies deal with it.

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