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RUSH: You know, I’m not sure that I heard what I heard, and so I got Cookie right now preparing a sound bite roster of Obama speaking to some university students over in Israel. He just wrapped up about 20 minutes ago, and I had it on here while I was doing other things, the remaining final touches on the show prep for today’s busy broadcast. I’m listening to it out of one ear. I hear him say a couple things and hear the college student audience erupt and go nuts. So I pay a little bit more attention, and my initial — I mean, I have to call it a knee-jerk until I have had a chance to study this.

It sounded to me like this guy, like Obama was ripping Israel to shreds and blaming them for everything going wrong. I may have misheard it, but, you know, I know that Obama has taken his offensive charm — ha-ha-ha — sorry — charm offensive to Israel where, depending on what you read, it seems to be bombing, at least as far as some of the Palestinians are concerned, and they’re the ones that are doing the bombing, to show their general unhappiness. And then there’s a story from another Israeli news organization saying, “What’s he doing here? We don’t know why he’s here,” meaning Obama. Well, he spoke to a bunch of college students today. I don’t know what university it was.

It sounded like the reaction he was getting is if you were speaking to a university today advocating gay marriage. The place was erupting, except what he was doing was telling Israel how everything’s up to them, despite them being our best friend and everything, everything’s up to them, and that the only way the world can ever continue to rotate on its axis is if the Palestinians have a state. And that the only way we’re ever gonna have peace, and we should all have peace, by the way, and that got a standing O, that’s how I knew it was a bunch of students in the audience. That the concept of peace, negotiated peace, conflict resolution 101, talking to each other, doctors, nurses, clean water and all that, got a standing O.

But as I listened to this, the obvious question, you know, most Jewish voters in this country support Obama. Remains a big mystery to me. But I could have been hearing it wrong. So Cookie’s putting together some sound bites, and you may not even care, but I want to find out what I heard. I want to find out if my instincts here are right, if I wasn’t listening closely enough.


RUSH: The reason that I’m curious about this is because it really sounded more over-the-top than ever that Obama was telling the Israelis what-for, and what perplexed me about it was the rousing, over-the-top standing ovations he was getting. It would be like Colonel Sanders speaking to an audience of chickens telling them what’s ahead and getting a standing O from ’em. There was a disconnect for me, and that’s why I’ve got to either get the transcript or listen to the sound bites. ‘Cause I know it was not an audience of Palestinians. I don’t know that they have a university.

I know it was an audience of Israeli students, but of course when it’s Israeli students, the students always rebel. I don’t care who they are. They always rebel against their parents. They always rebel against whatever the establishment status quo is and they always join the side of the renegades, which, Limbaugh Theorem, that’s how Obama portrays himself, as a renegade. He’s not part of the establishment when, in fact, he’s the grand pooh-bah of it. But gets away with positioning himself as an outsider with no vested interest.


RUSH: We now go to Jerusalem and Barack Obama. He was at the Jerusalem convention center, so I even misunderstood that. This is why I needed to see this and hear this. Maybe the audience was students. Okay, now I remember. He wanted to go to Ariel University and was denied. So they bussed in some students at the Jerusalem convention center. So here’s the first of the three sound bites, and in this one Obama is basically telling the young people of Israel… here, let’s listen to this together and see if we conclude the same things.

OBAMA: The days when Israel could seek peace simply with a handful of autocratic leaders, those days are over.

RUSH: Why?

OBAMA: Peace will have to be made among peoples, not just governments. (applause)

RUSH: Oh. Yeah, see, I heard this applause.

OBAMA: No single step can change overnight what lies in the hearts and minds of millions. No single step is gonna erase years of history and propaganda. But progress with the Palestinians is a powerful way to begin while sidelining extremists who thrive on conflict and thrive on division. (applause) It would make a difference. (applause)

RUSH: Okay. Obviously he is acting like no real attempts at peace have ever been made, and the ones that have been made were never legitimate because they were being made or attempted with a handful of autocratic leaders in Jerusalem. Now, folks, he is not gonna call any Palestinian leader an autocrat, so he’s not talking about Palestinians with that line. Don’t doubt me. When he talks about a handful of autocratic leaders, here’s talking about Israel. Peace will have to be made among many peoples, not just governments. Look, that’s not the way peace happens, either. It just doesn’t.

Can somebody tell me, if anybody in this audience — I would love to know. If I’m wrong about this, I have no interest in being wrong, so if I am, please correct me. I don’t want to be wrong. There’s nothing in it for you or for you for me to be wrong. Can somebody tell me any time in world history where there has been a great conflict — I’m not talking about a couple neighbors and the location of a fire hydrant — where there has been a great conflict between nations or large population groups, can somebody tell me where peace resulted from the disagreeing factions sitting down and talking at a table, be they autocratic leaders or peoples, can somebody tell me?

In the great conflicts, you can’t. World War II was not solved this way. World War I was not solved this way. Vietnam was not solved this way. The Cold War. The Soviets didn’t agree to give up anything. The Soviets didn’t come to a table and say, “You know what? You guys in America are right. We’ve been wrong all these years. Communism sucks. You know what? We’re gonna become capitalists. We want a Woolworth’s here and CVS. We want everything you’ve got.” Didn’t happen. There were no shots fired, but it was the threat of being able to repel their shots, i.e., missile defense. Plus the Soviets were a crumbling Third World economy with a First World military. But peace didn’t come between the US and Soviet Union as a result of sitting down at a table and talking with one side admitting they were wrong.

Let’s see. When Mao Tse-tung took over China. When Fidel Castro took over Cuba. Can somebody tell me at any time in world history — ’cause I’ll admit, I don’t know everything that’s happened in the world — can somebody tell me where a serious, significant conflict was settled by way of one side agreeing that they were wrong, the other guys were right and living happily ever after? Or if maybe not one side agreeing that they were wrong and the other guys were right, both sides, “You know what? We’re both wrong and we’re both gonna change some of the extreme, outrageous things we do, and we’re gonna just be peaceful with each other.” Can somebody tell me if that’s ever happened? Here’s the next bite. We have two more to go through.

OBAMA: Put yourself in their shoes. Look at the world through their eyes. It is not fair —

RUSH: Wait a minute, recue that. Let me set this up. This is Obama talking to Israeli students and asking them to try to see the world the way the Palestinians do.

OBAMA: Put yourself in their shoes. Look at the world through their eyes. It is not fair that a Palestinian child cannot grow up in a state of their own. (applause)

RUSH: Fair?

OBAMA: Living their entire lives with the presence of a foreign army that controls the movements not just of those young people but their parents, their grandparents, every single day. It’s not just when settler violence against Palestinians goes unpunished. (applause) It’s not right to prevent Palestinians from farming their lands or restricting a student’s ability to move around the West Bank or displace Palestinian families from their homes. (applause) Neither occupation nor expulsion is the answer.

RUSH: Right on, right on. It sounds to me here like Obama is basically telling this audience of students that their government in Israel is the problem, that their behavior in Israel is the problem, and that you better just give the Palestinians what they want. Because it’s not fair that a child can’t grow up in a state of their own. What in the world does that even mean? Does a child have any consciousness of a state? Anyway, it is clear from these two sound bites that Obama is telling these people — note the applause he’s getting? This is an audience of Israelis who think their government is to blame. It sounds like it to me by virtue of their applause here. I mean, this was incredible. This is one of the things I heard that I wasn’t sure that I heard right, ’cause I was doing other things at the time.

It’s not fair that a Palestinian child can’t grow up in a state of their now. It’s not fair that a kid has to grow up poor, either. It’s not fair that a kid grows up without a mommy. It’s not fair that a kid grows up without a daddy. It’s not fair that a kid grows up and doesn’t make the Little League team. Well, they all make the team now, right? It’s not fair that some kid grows up and is never on a winning team. It’s not fair, it’s not fair, it’s not fair. So what does that mean? It means the evil guys running the show have to change. Here’s the next bite. I gotta do this quickly, folks.

OBAMA: Four years ago I stood in Cairo in front of an audience of young people. Politically, religiously they must seem a world away. But the things they want, they’re not so different from what the young people here want. Let me say this as a politician. I can promise you this. Political leaders will never take risks if the people do not push them to take some risks.

RUSH: Gotta go to a break. I got this now. I figured it out.


RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, I have been corrected about something, and this falls under the rubric of I do not want to be wrong. I mistakenly said that when Obama referred to autocratic leaders, that he was talking about Israeli leaders. I have been informed that he was not. That indeed and in fact he was referring to Arab dictators. However, in the process of talking about these autocratic leaders and referring to Arab dictators, he ignored the fact that the only Arab peace with Israel — do you remember what it is, Snerdley? And it wasn’t really peace. This proves my point. The only Arab peace — that’s right, H.R. H.R. got it! Sadat, Anwar al-Sadat. The only Arab peace with Israel.


Well, see, yeah, there was peace. There was peace after the Six Day War, but that’s war. I’m not asking for that kind of peace, because people aren’t interested in that kind of peace over there. Look, don’t get confused. I don’t think that there is such a thing as a negotiated peace until one side surrenders or is defeated. That’s my whole point here. So if you cite the Six Day War, that was after the other side got shellacked. But note ever since then the Israelis have been commanded to give back everything they won, and they were minding their own business that day. They were attacked, in retaliation.

So Obama, in that portion, was blasting Arab dictators, but he was ignoring the fact that the only Arab peace with Israel was made by Sadat. But the peace that Sadat made was negotiated with King Hussein of Jordan, not with the Israelis. And in both cases the Palestinian people opposed it. Sadat was assassinated. So even if you could make the claim that there’s been a negotiated peace, the people for whom it was negotiated, the Palestinians, opposed it in both instances where one could make the case that it’s happened.


RUSH: So President Obama’s right. He can’t deal with a handful of autocratic leaders anymore. He has to deal with a radical Muslim caliphate that has arisen as a result of the Arab Spring.


RUSH: So, just to clarify here, I was wrong — we played the Obama sound bites — I was wrong when he decried or said that the days had passed where he could no longer negotiate peace with a bunch of autocratic leaders. And I misunderstood. It wasn’t that he really disdained that. It’s that those days are gone. He was talking about Arab autocratic leaders. And by autocratic, you gotta understand, Obama finds autocratic leaders perfect to do business with. They’re all-powerful. They don’t have to take their plans to some Congress and get approval. So if Obama wants to make an agreement with an autocratic leader, he loves it, the autocratic leader can do it.

He was telling people (imitating Obama), “The days where I could make a deal with an autocratic leader are gone and now it’s a lot harder.” And what he meant by that was that he can’t deal with these all-powerful autocratic leaders anymore who can just snap their fingers and get something done. Israel now has to deal with a radical Muslim caliphate that has sprung up and is basically very slowly overtaking the Middle East, thanks to the Arab Spring. So he’s gotta deal with the nutcase up in Turkey. He’s gotta deal with the lightweight in Egypt now, Morsi. The Israelis do, not Obama. And, of course, that’s not really that bad a deal, either. The Arab Spring is something the Obama regime was all for, but it is a rising Arab caliphate that’s springing up. Anyway, so that’s that. I just wanted to straighten that out because I did hear some things incorrectly as I was doing show prep and listening out of one ear — and I’ve only got one ear that works — to Obama’s speech.

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