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RUSH: Now, yesterday on this program, as part of our outreach to low-information voters, I decided to share with you details of the latest Beyonce tune and album and tour. I made up nothing. I didn’t create a phrase. I didn’t create the title of a song. I just read what was in this UK story. So in essence what I did, I held up a mirror to the left, and they saw themselves, and now they’re attacking me for doing this. It was a little throwaway portion of the program yesterday, and yet it’s all over the place what I think of Beyonce’s latest album, CD, tour, single, what have you. It’s hilarious.

Dawn’s daughter called, “Mom, why does Rush hate women?” Her daughter knows I don’t hate women, but the news is out that of course I’m back into my misogyny. He-he-he. You know, folks, it’s a good thing I don’t take this thing personally because I’d be insane. I think it’s funny. For me, it is so easy to tweak these people. Let’s go to the audio sound bites. Let’s start in New York with their all-news radio station there, 1010 WINS, you give ’em 22 minutes, and they will give you the world, is their slugline. This is how the whole thing shook down on the radio in New York. Now, you have to understand, all the libs in New York driving to their jobs have this radio station on in the morning. So they’re all hearing this.

BEYONCE CARTER: (music/singing) … I took some time to live my life, but donÂ’t think IÂ’m just his little wife.

LANE BAJARDI: The sentiment comes from an entertainer who’s “Put a Ring On It” was a rallying cry for female empowerment. But once she put a ring on it, Beyonce became Mrs. Carter in deference to her alpha male husband Jay-Z. Rush Limbaugh weighing in on the controversy.

RUSH ARCHIVE: Beyonce’s new single marks a change in direction for the independent woman the US president handpicks to play at his parties.

LANE BAJARDI: Rush is not the only one piling on BayBay. Singer Keyshia Cole tweeted her displeasure with the song saying, “First, women need to stick together. Now (blanks) better bow?” Followed by “SMH,” which is Twitterese for “shaking my head.”

RUSH: If you didn’t know anything about it, would you have learned anything in that story? Not much. (laughing) No. Snerdley just said, “You didn’t hear her song title.” It’s not hers; it’s mine. That’s my point. They’re all accusing me of writing the song. They’re accusing me of titling the song. The only thing they haven’t accused me of is singing the song. The song is Bow Down, B-i-itches, and it’s about how women go ahead, like I did, go get married, bow down, rich guy, everything’s cool now. Forget being independent.

That’s the thing. The UK story was all about this yesterday. I just read the story, and I just read the title of the tune. But it’s as though I created it. That’s what I mean by you hold a mirror up to the left, they see themselves in it and blame me for what they see. Continuing now with 1010 WINS in the morning in New York, you give ’em 22 minutes and they’ll give you the world. This was news on this radio station, New Yorkers driving to work, this was a big story. This is why, folks, I’m telling you, you gotta stick with me. You may be scratching your heads here but this outreach to the low-information crowd is working.

JUDY DEANGELIS: Beyonce deep in controversy over her newest single, it’s called Bow Down.

BEYONCE CARTER: (music/singing) … I took some time to live my life, but donÂ’t think IÂ’m just his little wife.

JUDY DEANGELIS: Some say the song’s an expression of anti-feminism. Among her critics, Rush Limbaugh.

RUSH ARCHIVE: Beyonce is now saying, go ahead and put up with it, and you know why? I’ll tell ya why. ‘Cause she got married. She married the rich guy. She’s even calling herself Mrs. Carter on the tour.

JUDY DEANGELIS: Carter is the last name of Beyonce’s husband, Jay-Z. Singer Keyshia Cole blasting Beyonce’, tweeting, “First, women need to stick together.” No comment yet from Beyonce, but in the past she has gone on record as a feminist.

RUSH: I know what you’re saying, folks. “Why are we spending time with this?” Because, folks, we’re succeeding here, and I’m illustrating a point. You listen to this program, I’m telling you, you’re on the cutting edge. This is a big deal to the low-information crowd. The outreach is working. At least this report got it right. She wrote the song, or it’s her song “Bow Down.”


You mean adding b-i-itches to the Bow Down? I don’t know, well, you know, it’s a family oriented radio station. Just say it’s Bow Down. We’re still not through. In Houston on TV this morning.

RON TREVINO: Stars like R&B singer Keyshia Cole are calling Beyonce a hypocrite since she normally promotes girl power. Twitter is still going crazy with fans who refuse to bow down. And Rush Limbaugh even weighing in here claiming it’s bad for the president since Beyonce rubs elbows with the Obamas. People here in Houston say the rest of the world just doesn’t get it because the song pays homage to Houston’s “chop and screw” music style.

RUSH: What?

LILY JANG: Twitter. A lot of people think she’s overexposed. Let her just be.

RON TREVINO: Chop and screw. All right.

RUSH: That was Houston television. I didn’t say it was bad for Obama. I don’t know. That’s not the point. I’ve given up being accurately portrayed in the media. That’s not the point. What I’m curious about here is what they’re doing in Houston, chop and screw? What is that? Houston, the chop and screw music style that Beyonce’s obviously very close to, very much a part of.

And we’re not through. I am now part of the Jay Leno being fired from The Tonight Show story on CNN. They’re gonna move The Tonight Show to New York City. They’re gonna give The Tonight Show to Jimmy Fallon. They’re worried about younger demos. Even though Leno is still the king of the roost in the numbers, they’re gonna take the program away from him next year when his contract perspires, give it to Jimmy Fallon. They’re gonna move the show to New York, which is where it started in New York 40 years ago, and one of the complaints about Leno is that he tells jokes for the other half of the country, i.e., conservatives, and they don’t like that. He actually tells Obama jokes. Not supposed to do that. He actually tells Hillary jokes. Not supposed to do that. He tells jokes for the other half of the country, and that’s where I somehow find my way into this story. Here it is on CNN morning. They actually went out and they got Hiram College political science professor Jason Johnson to talk about this.

CAROL COSTELLO: One of my favorite topics this morning. It turns out Jay Leno is a conservative darling, at least for blogger Matt Drudge. Drudge tweeted his anger over reports Leno may be replaced by Jimmy Fallon, writing in part that Leno dared to offer jokes for the other 50% of the country and not just liberals. Actually, Leno is doing what Rush Limbaugh and others have done all week. They are mocking that recent Republican autopsy in a plan to broaden the party.

RUSH: So, my friends, no matter how hard I try, I can’t keep myself out of the news on things I’ve got nothing to do with, although the Beyonce thing, I did purposely enter that fray. But I just read a UK newspaper story. That’s all I did. I didn’t invent one thing, but it’s fascinating. It’s an object lesson. Snerdley is saying, “So the bottom line is do these women now want to bow down or not?” That’s what Beyonce’s urging them to do. We don’t know, Snerdley, from any of the news treatments. By the way, this is a major gossip story in the New York Daily News today as well, too. It’s as though I wrote the song. It’s as though I called the UK newspaper and gave the quotes. It’s as though I’m on tour singing it. You hold up a mirror to these people, they see themselves, and they blame me.


RUSH: Let me tell you the next thing that’s gonna happen. Somebody is gonna get hold of Beyonce, “What do you think about what Rush Limbaugh is saying about you?” And of course they’re not gonna tell her that all I’m doing is quoting from her own lyrics. So she’ll have the predictable response: “Well, you know, he’s a racist misogynist. Nobody should listen to what he says.” That will be the next thing to come here. To which my reply is, “Mrs. Carter, I have the same kind of car your husband does, and, just like him, I ride in the back of it. So, be careful.”


RUSH: Sterling in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Hi, Sterling. Welcome to the EIB Network. You’re up first today. Great to have you with us.

CALLER: Great to be with you.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: I wanted to comment about the Beyonce song.

RUSH: Beyonce song. Bow Down, B-i-itches. Yes.

CALLER: Yeah. I mean, I just wanted to make a comment saying that’s not the first song she made like that.

RUSH: It’s not?

CALLER: No. I think when she was with Destiny’s Child, she had a song talking about pay my bills and pay my rent and all that stuff.

RUSH: But she wasn’t talking about the other two singers in the group; she was talking about guys?

CALLER: Yeah. I mean, how they gonna pay the bills if she kicked them to the curb?

RUSH: Well, that’s a good point. How they gonna pay the bills if she kicked ’em to the curb? And that’s what she was advocating. The early Beyonce, Destiny’s Child, was all about you don’t need a man, you don’t need a guy.

CALLER: Yeah. First she’s independent. Then she needs somebody to pay her bills. Then she wants somebody to put a ring on it, and now she’s gonna bow down.

RUSH: Exactly. That’s exactly right. She got some guy to put a ring on it, now she gonna bow down. Sterling, you’re right in there, man, I mean, you got it, you just nailed it.

CALLER: I try to.

RUSH: I’m glad you called. Thanks. That’s Sterling in Fredericksburg, Virginia. And he gets it. Hey, it’s outreach, folks, and it’s working. And it has to happen. We’re making inroads here. Can’t talk about it too much. It’s one of the things we’re just gonna do and not talk about. You gotta hang with me. Stick with me on this, like you have throughout these 25 years. I know what I’m doing. Hang in there, be tough. Go and scratch your heads, try and figure out what the hell is going on, but just hang with me.

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