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RUSH: Hi. From NBC News: “A county in Maryland is putting limits on some of the trappings of elementary school…” I’m not making this up. A school district in Maryland has now banned hugs of children from grown-ups who are not their parents. An adult cannot hug a child in school if it’s not his or her child. Birthday party invitations have been banned because not everybody is invited to every birthday party. There will be no more bringing cupcakes to school for the whole class.

“Parents who visit the 17 elementary schools in St. Mary’s County are still allowed to hug their own children, just not other kids. Only parents registered as volunteers are allowed on the playground, and even then they can’t push other people’s kids on the swings.” Kids, in school, get on the swing, right? If you’re not a kid’s parent, you can’t push them and help them gain speed on the swing. You can’t touch ’em.

You know why?

‘Cause you touch their derriere in a lot of cases when you push them. Can’t do it. Now, who is it doing this? This not a bunch of conservatives getting in the way here and limiting people’s freedom, is it? This a bunch of liberals. This is a bunch of liberals putting limits on the fun people have. This is a bunch of liberals putting limits on the kind of comforting affection than adult can provide a child. No birthday party invites anymore in 17 elementary schools, Saint Mary’s County, Maryland.

No more, because not everybody gets invited to every party. Nobody can send out birthday invitations. No more cupcakes brought to school. Even if you bring enough for the whole school, no more cupcakes. Sugar! Fattening! Obesity! No more bringing cupcakes for the whole class. That can lead to obesity and then lesbianism, apparently. I told you I sensed that school was jail back when I was in it, and once again proving what ahead of my times I was.

Anyway, this is not a bunch of conservatives doing this. This is not a bunch of conservatives putting limits on normal human action. It’s a bunch of libs doing this, folks. It’s not conservatives who want to deny all of this childhood fun and all of this childhood joy. It’s the liberals doing this. Here are “the new rules: ItÂ’s fine to send a homemade cupcake to school for your own child, but not for the rest of the class. District officials are concerned about food allergies and want parents to send only store-bought treats that have the ingredients listed.”

Processed food, exactly right!

Don’t bake your own cupcake for your own child. “As for party invitations, the district suggests that PTA groups develop phone and email lists for parents. ‘If there are 20 individuals in the class and someone brings in seven birthday invitations, it was creating an academic disruption,’ Kelly Hall, the district’s executive director of elementary schools said. ‘People were getting their feelings hurt.’ Not everyone is happy with the restrictions. One member of the school board, Cathy Allen, told NBC Washington that they’re horrible,” but she’s in the minority.

Most everybody else thinks this is hunky-dory. So I’ll run through this list again: Parents are only allowed to hug their own children when they visit school. Nobody else’s kids. Only parents registered with the school as volunteers are allowed on the playground, and even those registered volunteers cannot push other people’s kids on the swings. You can send a homemade cupcake to school for your own child, but not for the rest of the class, and district officials don’t want you to send a homemade cupcake because they’re concerned about food allergies.

So they want parents to send only “store-bought treats,” processed, that have all the ingredients on there — and no more birthday party invitations. You think that’s bad? Try this from the UK. This is from the Sun newspaper. Maybe you want to take this with a grain of salt, but I’m not doubting this, actually. The schools in the UK, certain schools are banning children making best friends. “Teachers are banning schoolkids from having best pals — so they don’t get upset by fall-outs.”

You cannot make a best friend in the UK school anymore because the friendship may not last, and when the friendship falls out, or when you break up with your good friend, the emotional pain may be such that you can’t deal with it. So to eliminate the potential pain of a busted friendship, students will not be allowed to make best friends “Educational psychologist Gaynor Sbuttoni said the policy has been used at schools in Kingston, South West London, and Surrey. She added: ‘I have noticed that teachers tell children they shouldnÂ’t have a best friend and that everyone should play together,'” and that is working out very well.

It doesn’t matter where the left is.

This is how they screw up.


RUSH: I want to just go through this again. The 17 schools, the elementary schools in Saint Mary’s County, Maryland. No hugs of anybody’s kids but your own. You have to be a registered volunteer to go out on the playground during recess, but even if you qualify, you are not allowed to touch the children, including helping them gain momentum on the swing set.

Cupcakes. You have to bring store bought cupcakes and only one for your child. You cannot bring cupcakes in for everybody. There will be no more birthday party invitations. The reason for that is not everybody gets invited, and so they’re trying to spare hurt feelings. In the UK, a spreading phenomenon of schools banning children making best friends. They want to protect the children from the emotional stress and pain of a friendship breaking up. They want to reserve all of the emotional attachments for the school, for the state. The student is supposed to have all emotional attachments to the school, to the teacher, to the government. No best friends, not being permitted.

Some might say it’s related; I don’t know. Kevin Clash, the ex-Elmo puppeteer on Sesame Street and The Children’s Workshop, the Elmo puppeteer, Kevin Clash, who previously faced allegations of sex abuse, is once again at the center of another lawsuit. The man behind the Sesame Street character Elmo is named in a sexual abuse lawsuit filed by Sheldon Stephens, who was the first individual to accuse Clash of abuse in 2012. It’s not a conservative that is engaging in this predatory behavior. This is a liberal, a good liberal. Ex-Elmo puppeteer with yet another allegation. This story is not widespread. It’s a good thing Kevin Clash is not a religious person or a conservative, otherwise this story be all over the news, nonstop. As such, it’s being hidden.

In more education news from a website called Campus Reform. There’s an upcoming workshop at Brown University. “A group of Brown University students appear to be preparing an on-campus workshop in which ‘queer’ participants will separate by race to work past their sexual attraction to Caucasians. We ‘find ourselves falling always for the white queers… wishing we could have more agency in the process, be more intentional about who we desire and how,’ reads the official Facebook description of the event.”

How many of you have kids going to Brown University and do you know that this kind of stuff is going on? “We are invested in generating a politics of sexuality that compels us to interrogate beauty as privilege and constructed by systems of white supremacy, ableism, capitalism, and heteronormativity.” Heteronormativity. “The workshop called ‘Protect me from what I want: a workshop on privilege, power, and desire’ is sponsored by an organization called the …” Comprehensive Allyship Network, according to the Facebook event page.” What is the name of the organization? I didn’t print the second page. I only print one page of anything I look at ’cause I got too many pieces of paper anyway.

Anyway, it is Brown University helping queer minorities overcome their desire. And it’s their usage of the word “queer.” I’m just quoting them. It’s an on-campus workshop in which queer participants separate by race to work past their sexual attraction to Caucasians. There is a problem, in other words, in being attracted to Caucasians. This is a workshop to help people deal with that. Here’s the headline from the Brown University piece itself: “Upcoming workshop at Brown Univ. set to help queer minorities overcome attraction to queer whites.” Brown University. Ivy League. Brown University. Ivy League.

“What is Rush doing?” I sit here every day, and we have to listen to all this cockamamie BS about how we conservatives are stifling and no fun and old-fashioned and fuddy-duddy and we’re denying people a good time and so forth. I’m trying to sit here and illustrate, these are the people that have come to define freedom as peer hedonism, the pursuit of pure sybaritic delights, no boundaries, no limits on it whatsoever. The country can’t survive that way. Freedom defined that way is gonna lead to the total moral collapse of the society at some point.

So these are three little stories, and individually you laugh at ’em, no big deal. But the Maryland school thing, that’s absurd. All of that’s ridiculous, totally absurd. No best friends in the UK. It’s a bunch of liberals doing that. So, once again, what we’re engaged in here, folks, is simply an attempt to inform and educate people about who liberals are, what they do, how they think, what the world would look like, what the country would look like if there were no checks and balances on these people. In this country you can go to any city that has been run by elected liberal Democrats without any opposition for years and years and you can see the results. They’re bulldozing these cities. These cities are absolute disasters, precisely because there are no limits on anything.

Freedom is designed as whatever you want to do with other people’s money. And there’s no limit on how much of other people’s money you are entitled to. Now, Bernie Marcus, cofounder of the Home Depot, talking to fellow businesspeople, employees are blaming the employer for their paychecks being smaller in January when the payroll tax holiday ended. So there was basically a federal government tax increase that most employees are blaming the employer for, which is not possible. And we sit here and we just marvel at it.

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