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RUSH: El Rushbo, behind the Golden EIB Microphone. You had what? (interruption) You had a drive-by caller who said…? (interruption) Really? (interruption) Really? But she’s not on the phone now? She hung up? (interruption) So she’s a drive-by caller. Snerdley said… See, this is it. A 27-year-old woman just called and said, “Man, this Rush guy is cool. It would be great if he had a phone app and we could DVR his radio program!”

Snerdley said, “There is. He does.” In fact, we just activated the Android version of the Rush app yesterday. So if you use Samsung, Nexus… Hell, I can’t think of all the brands. But if you’re on Android and you want the Rush app, it’s there now at the Google Play store, and the Rush app at the Apple Store has been there for a year. It took us a while to roll out the Android app. We weren’t convinced there was that big a demand. (I’m just kidding. I love jabbing you Android people.)

I’ll tell you what, the Rush app, we just upgraded it, and it is like a DVR for the radio. You can be watching this program right now, if you’re a subscriber to my website. The app is free but if you’re a subscriber to the website, you’d be watching it right now on the Dittocam. You get transcripts of the program every day for free, so you don’t have to remember what I said when you want to tell somebody what you heard. You just go get the transcript and show them.

If you don’t want to get the transcript, get the actual segment of the program. The audio, it’s there. The clips are available to subscribers, and there’s a Rush in a Hurry feature we mail out a half hour after the program. That’s highlights and a recap of everything that happened. It’s all accessible with the Rush app. “It’d be cool if this Rush guy had an app.” We do. That’s another thing. I do not tout my own stuff. I should. I should do that. We have a Limbaugh Letter app as well. We’ve digitize the most widely read political newsletter in the country, the Limbaugh Letter.

It’s now available.

We don’t have the Android version of that yet. I assume that’s coming.

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