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Listen to it Button RUSH: Low-information outreach, I’ve had people tell me it’s not working. Let’s take you to the audio sound bites. Last night, TNT network. The coverage of the NBA’s Oklahoma City Thunder at the New York Knicks game. In the third quarter we’ve got Marv Albert play-by-play, color commentary is Reggie Miller, and they’re talking about a play that just happened.

ALBERT: How about the foot race between Jason Kidd, who will be 40 years old (laughter) in two weeks from now, and Derek Fisher, the 17-year pro who is back with Oklahoma City after a short stint with Dallas.

MILLER: That’s like Charles (Barkley) versus Rush Limbaugh right there.

ALBERT: Three-pointer from straight away.

MILLER: I apologize, Charles.

ALBERT: No, you don’t.

MILLER: You would beat Rush Limbaugh, maybe by a step.

ALBERT: Where does Rush Limbaugh figure into this? As Smith hits a three!

RUSH: (laughing) Where does Rush Limbaugh figure in? Low-information outreach is working. So they see couple of guys on the court, couple of old bulls, Jason Kidd, 17-year pro, Derek Fisher, and they imagine me in a footrace with Charles Barkley.

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