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RUSH: The unemployment news comes today. They’re highlighting the fact they got a 0.2% drop. I guarantee you… I don’t know that it has begun yet and I don’t know that it will.

But if it does I’m not gonna be surprised if the regime tries to say that the stimulus from 2009 is finally now kicking in. Obamacare’s being implemented and that’s causing the economy to book and that’s creating jobs just like they said. “It just took a little longer than expected because of the deeply embedded economic problems Bush left us that we didn’t really understand. It was much worse than anybody told us,” and then there’s some people that are just gonna think, “Well, this is the way the economy is.

“They’re always gonna be 8% or 9% of the people unemployed.” That’s a danger, too, that this becomes to be seen as the norm. ThePolitico.com has done some fact-checking. I’m kind of surprised at this, but they’ve done some fact-checking on Obama’s sequester claims. They found six of them, six lies too big and too obvious to escape the attention of even the White House stenographers. That’s how big these are. I can’t really blame Obama for this litany of disaster that he recited.

I can’t blame him for telling people all these disasters were gonna happen, because he hasn’t been called out by his buddies in the media for lying about the stimulus or lying about Benghazi or not telling the truth about anything. He hasn’t been called out, period, so why would they start now? But some of these claims he made are such whoppers that I guess the press is concerned about their own credibility. There are six lies here: “6 Obama Administration Sequester Claims Shot Down by Fact Checkers.”

Politico’s first one: “‘You know, those Capitol janitors will not get as much overtime. I’m sure they think less pay, that they’re taking home, does hurt.’ –Gene Sperling, director of the White House economic council, on ABC News’ This Week.” They were going to lose jobs, right? It didn’t happen. There was nothing in the cards for the janitors. “If the sequester hits, federal prosecutors will have to ‘let criminals go.’ –President Barack Obama.” Nope. Didn’t happen.

“‘Federally assisted programs like Meals on Wheels would be able to serve 4 million fewer meals to seniors.’ — White House fact sheet on the impact of sequestration.” It didn’t happen. All these things have been fact checked. None of these things have happened. “‘There are literally teachers now who are getting pink slips’ because of sequestration. — Education Secretary Arne Duncan on Face the Nation.” That was the education secretary. He said that before the sequester!

It hasn’t happened! “‘70,000 young children would be kicked off Head Start’ -White House fact sheet on sequester. ‘Up to 70,000 children would lose access to Head Start and early Head Start services.’ -Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.” But that didn’t happen. All of those things. So they went and asked Steny Hoyer about this. There’s some concern out there among Democrats that the sky hasn’t fallen.

There’s concern out there that Obama overshot. There’s concern out there that he painted such a bleak picture, there’s no way it can be that bad. For the Democrats, the worst thing that can happen is for nothing to happen. There has to be some pain out there or they are in trouble. Unemployment went down. It didn’t go up! Obama said it would “tick up,” and then Obama had to cover his bets.

He had to say, “Weeeell, it might not happen the first week, two weeks, three weeks. It might not happen the first month.” But then he said (paraphrased), “From now, for the next six months, anything bad happens, it’s gonna be because of the sequester.” So on the Fox News Channel, Neil Cavuto said to Steny Hoyer (he’s the Democrats’ second in command in the House) “Steny, the world has not changed overnight. The bottom hasn’t fallen out. What do you think about that?”

HOYER: This happened, uh, what, a few days ago, Neil? (nervous chuckle) This is not shutting down government. This is a slow erosion. Uhhh, so it will happen.

RUSH: Oh, yeah! Yeah! Yeah. Just because disaster hasn’t hit yet, don’t get confident. It’s gonna happen. You’re gonna suffer. You are gonna feel it. There will be pain! There will be blood! Just maybe not right now. But it’s gonna happen. Why, hell, Neil, it only happened a few days ago. This is not a whole government shut down. We’re not gonna do that for another three weeks. This is a slow erosion comes before the government shut down.

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