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RUSH: We finally got it done. The Rush Android app is now available in the Google Play store. We’ve had our App Store app for the Rush Limbaugh show for, I don’t know, a year or two. And we’ve been working diligently on the Android app for the five or six of you that use it, and so we wanted to make it available. We’ve been working very, very hard, and it’s there, and it’s free. Now, the Rush Limbaugh Android app is just like our iPhone app. It’s identical. You can read transcripts of the program for free every day.

If you become a subscriber to Rush 24/7 — that’s what we call the website — then you can watch the Dittocam live or on-demand every day, or you can stream the audio live or on-demand every day. You can watch the video of the Morning Update. This is our massively popular early morning commentary heard on our 600-plus radio stations all over the country. All of this is available to you as a subscriber on either the iPhone app, the iPad app, or now the Android app at the Google Play store.

You can send e-mails to the host. You can send e-mails to me from the phone via the super-secret private e-mail address. And guess what? I know when you have sent me an e-mail from either the iPhone app or now the Android app because it says in my e-mail inbox “from the app.” That’s how I know that I’m getting mail from the app. We get tons of it, but it’s a way to distinguish yourself and set yourself apart from others. Kind of like the people who have a Reagan.com e-mail address, same thing.

So the app requires Android 4.0 and above. What are they up to now at Android, 4.2? What are they up to, Jelly Bean, ice cream sandwich, what are they up to now on Android? You know what? The problem with Android is it depends on what the phone is as to what your operating system is. Not a problem. I don’t mean to be ripping it. I mean, after all, they’re approaching a thousand dollars a share on the stock market, so who am I? Google is. Well, $800-plus now on the stock market. They’re just quietly trending up. They’re going gangbusters. Check it out. You haven’t noticed that? Well, it’s happening. Anyway, it’s Android 4.0 or above that you need. So if you have an outdated phone using an older operating Android operating system than 4.0, you have to buy a new phone.

So we can say we’re engaging in economic stimulus here courtesy of the EIB Network. We seriously have been working on this for a long time. The Android app is now available for the Rush Limbaugh program at the Google Play store.

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