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RUSH: Arne Duncan, the education secretary, is the latest regime official caught in an out-and-out lie about this sequester. On Face the Nation Sunday morning, Major Garrett is talking to Arne Duncan. The question: “How soon could that happen, these 40,000 teachers could lose their jobs?” That’s what Duncan was saying. So 40,000 teachers lose their jobs because of the sequester. “How soon? ‘Cause I read differing accounts. Could be immediate, could be until the fall. Is there a sky-is-falling aspect to any of the things that you’re talking about here?”

DUNCAN: Well, some of this stuff happens earlier. Some of this stuff happens this fall. But what it does, it creates tremendous instability. And there are literally teachers now who are getting pink slips, who are getting notices they can’t come back this fall.

RUSH: That was last Sunday. Last Sunday there were already teachers getting pink slips saying they can’t come back this fall. There hadn’t been any budget cuts. Yesterday at the White House during the daily press briefing, Arne Duncan actually spoke, and there was a Q&A. And a reporter said, “So you’re confident teachers are already getting pink slips, as you said?”

DUNCAN: That, just to be clear, is Title I teachers and Head Start teachers. So it’s these funding sources that are being cut. Whether it’s all sequester related, I don’t know. But these are teachers who are getting pink slips now.

RUSH: So he was forced to admit that he was really exaggerating on Sunday. Now, folks, there’s something else going on here. As is often the case in Washington, what they put right in front of our eyes and focus on is actually designed to camouflage, and I think that’s what this is. The sequester, all of these fearmongering panic stories, even Obama last night said, “You know, we’re not even gonna notice it for a month.” The reason is because I think it’s mission accomplished. I think the overall objective here has been about establishing the premise that the country cannot get along unless the government gets bigger, because the continuing resolution comes up at the end of March. I think we’re being played for fools again, and I think everybody’s swallowing it whole.

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